YEP Letters: March 21

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I BELIEVE that many of your readers would, like myself, agree with Mr Wood’s critique (YEP, March 4) concerning the Leeds-Bradford Cycleway as yet another example of bureaucratic profligacy taking no account of cost/benefit factors.

Unfortunately, whilst Mr Wood’s financial projections for a Cycleway along the A65-A647 corridor are correct (eg £46,153 capital investment per commuting biker), the total figure of £18m he quotes is incorrect. This only represents the Government grant. The true expenditure is £30m - give or take the usual few millions overspend.

It seems that “Le Tour” has gone to the heads of our administrators, and any project that can be linked to the two day July jollifications gets an uncritical go ahead with little concern for basic common sense in recognising the nonsense.

Meanwhile, I will have to pedal four miles along major roads to Crossgates before gaining access to the Superbikeway for the last three traffic-free miles into city centre. Does that make sense?

Rather reminiscent of the paltry few pedestrians who will be able to access the Trolleybus.

William Varley, Leeds Road, Kippax

Fine chance of democracy

AS THE western world focuses on the Crimea referendum when people there can decide to be with Russia or Ukraine, many in England must think it would be nice if they ever got the chance to vote on such an important issue.

Because despite living in a so called Parliamentary ‘Democracy’, our choice is limited to a general election now at fixed five year intervals, with manifesto promises not legally binding, so often reneged on, and new policies introduced without any public consultation!

Devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with their ‘Parliament’ or ‘Assembly’ given the right to spend billions of English taxpayers’ money on provision of superior terms and conditions, eg free NHS prescriptions or university tuition fees etc was - never - put to the vote in England, only in those other regions.

Even now, the incentive to vote against Scottish ‘Independence’ offered by David Cameron, is of yet ‘powers’ and money for Scotland to enjoy, but yet again no one in England will have any say on the matter...

Plus of course the situation of the EU where it is now 40 years since we had any vote on our membership of it, with in between times, Treaty after Treaty affecting our lives entered into without reference to the millions here affected by them, unlike in France, Holland or the Rep’ of Ireland etc where repeated votes have been held. It is precisely for such reasons that less and less people vote in elections at all here, because in reality we have no real choice on anything.

DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds

Time to phase out tower blocks

IT WAS interesting reading Peter Thorpe’s letter (YEP, February 15) regarding problems with a lack of security at Pembroke Towers.

What good is living in these high rise flats if anyone can get in and do what they want? When I pass blocks of flats on Oaktree Drive at night less than 15 per cent have lights on so how many are occupied?

It is time we thought of phasing out these blocks as most of them are just a dumping ground for problem families making life hell for the other residents.

AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds

Clarification over Bob Crow

KEVIN PRESTON and Bob, Armley (YEP, March 19) should read my letter about Bob Crow and Cameron again.

What he said about Thatcher is irrelevant; what I pointed out was that Crow was a hard working man (who was actually responsible, in part, for real improvements in the London Underground system, for example).

I should know, I lived there for a good number of years.

Why mention his salary? He represented his members and not himself as so many of Cameron’s cronies do with their manufactured images and cliches.

I pointed out that Boris Johnson had acknowledged his hard work, even though they disagreed politically.

The other point I made was that Cameron is constantly saying he values “hard working people “ so why not do what Johnson did and at least acknowledge that about Crow?

As I stated, he’s only interested in “hard working people” he might lure into voting for him. Thank you for making the effort and time to reply, though.

R Kimble, by email

Happy days of local cinema

THE RECENT letter about the Tatler Cinema on Boar Lane in the 1940s/50s reminded me that it was notorious for showing “rude Continental sex films” (as they were described to me as a child).

When they showed a very graphic film “The Birth of a Baby”, the dirty mac brigade queued all along Boar Lane!

Several of them came out midway through the film, feeling queasy and looking green!

Later the Tatler showed classic films such as Jacques Tati in “M Hulot’s Holiday”, Moira Shearer in “The Red Shoes” and Tito Gobi in “The Glass Mountain”.

Happy days!

Name and address supplied

There’s more to sport teams

Looking on the Leodis website I noticed they had a tour guide of Rugby in Leeds over the past 150 years.

After going on the site the clubs included in this tour were Leeds RLFC, Roundhay and Headingley RUFC who became Leeds Carnegie, and a number of amateur clubs from both codes. I was amazed to find no mention of Hunslet RLFC’s contribution to this city’s sporting heritage on this site.

The YEP have also started a column “Leeds rugby in the Community” which involves Leeds Rhinos and Leeds Carnegie. No mention here again of Hunslet Hawks who as a community club do tremendous work in the South Leeds area.

The last time I looked Hunslet was still part of this city and the Hunslet rugby League club has brought great pride and honour to this city, many of this city’s greatest sporting achievements were made by Hunslet RLFC, but you will never read of them in the local media. Having read the YEP for the last 50 years it has been noticeable that over recent years it has become obsessed with teams with the name “Leeds” in their title - to the exclusion of others.

B Raftery, by email

Saddened by loss of doctor

I WAS sorry to hear about the death of Dr Ian Adams (YEP, March 18). He was our family doctor in the sixties and he was a lovely person who really cared about his patients.

No one had a bad word for him. His patients’ respect for him was well deserved and I hope that he rests in peace. I know he will never be forgotten.

Susan Whittaker, by email

Drain on money for charities

I recently received a letter asking for support for that very deserving charity, the Red Cross.

Just the letter is adequate for recipients, so I would query why the organisation needs to enclose (which I got) a pen, two glass coasters and two greeting cards. These, plus the cost of postage, are a drain on their income and really are not necessary. Just the letter would suffice for willing donors.

Edna Levi, Leeds

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