YEP Letters: March 20

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ON CALLING at the Royal Mail parcel office last week to pick up a small package I was horrified to discover that new double yellow lines had been painted outside the Coal Road Parcel Offices, with notices threatening a £100 fine – even for a short stay – and telling me that Blue Badges were not valid on this road.

The private company who own the road have painted four parking bays further down the road with a 15 minute parking limit.

Do they not realise that Blue Badge holders such as myself can’t walk even a couple of steps without extreme pain – that’s why we are granted our badge?

It took me more than five minutes to walk to the office and five minutes back.

Thankfully there was no queue, but what about December, when the queue at the office stretches out on to the road with a waiting time of around 35 minutes?

I am in my late seventies with a severe disability and no family to drop me at the office and pick me up later.

My car and Blue Badge are my lifeline and I am furious that this company is allowed to ignore the plight of people like myself.

This is a warning to all your readers – watch out for this shameful fine for only a short stay.

The fine of £100 applies per day or part of a day and there are cameras watching so that the road owners can pounce on drivers for the shortest of visits.

Fellow motorists beware!

Name and address supplied

Cyclists on pavements

THE ‘SAFER to ride on the Pavement’ assertion of Nick Keer (YEP, March 14) on cyclists who do so, including himself, is bound to attract a deluge of adverse comment.

While most people now and then appreciate the truth of some of his views I’m afraid far more will condemn the ‘cyclists on pavements’ part of his argument.

Also, the sentence where, as a reason for so doing, he said: “Cyclists need to understand their vulnerability and act accordingly – I do”.

Unfortunately he seems to ignore the susceptibility of pedestrians, especially old people and the infirm who have no choice but to use them.

Think again Nick.

I’m certain your views are well intended. You have just put them badly.

EA Lundy, by email

Crow, Benn, and Thatcher

YOUR MORE right-leaning correspondents must be delirious: Bob Crow and Tony Benn, two of those Communist-Socialist thingies, both shuffled off this capitalist mortal coil and in the space of a few days.

Still, I hope they’re both smiling down on Margaret Thatcher as they enjoy their hard-earned after lives up there!

Given Benn’s opinion of Blair, I expect she’s looking forward at some point to sharing her lonely state with the latter.

T Maunder, Leeds

RL missing out on Tour fixture

LAST YEAR at the same time that it was announced that Yorkshire had been awarded the start of the 2014 Tour de France cycle race the YEP Rugby League writer Peter Smith wrote an excellent piece in which he said that this would be a wonderful opportunity to promote both the city and the county if the Rugby League fixture list could be arranged so that the Rhinos v Catalans fixture could take place on Friday July 4, the day before the start of the race because the eyes of the world will be on Leeds that weekend.

Obviously no one at the RL headquarters at Red Hall reads the YEP for when the 2014 fixture lists were published the Rhinos are due to play Wakefield away on that date.

I feel that a great opportunity has been lost here but surely it is not too late to rearrange the fixture list for this is happening all the time for the convenience of Sky TV.

Surely some pressure should be put on the RL people for they still have over three months to alter the dates of the fixtures and to do so would probably bring a few hundred more French fans to the game.

Dennis Lemmon, Broadway, Leeds

Upgrade empty council homes

COUNCILLOR PETER Gruen is urging private house owners to bring their unused stock up to date and not leave them empty in the initiative “Leeds Empties Week”.

Before urging the private sector to get their properties back in use, shouldn’t Leeds City Council be looking closer to home and get their own house in order and look at upgrading and getting all the empty council properties back into usable stock?

Gary Heaton, Cross Gates

Beware stolen Yorkshire stone

IF ANYONE is fitting a Yorkshire stone path for you it may be stolen from St Mary’s, Micklefield.

Keith Rhind, by email

Failing to grasp the Co-op model

THE CRISIS at the Co-op Group is not a failure of the co-operative model of business but a failure of governance which is the reason Lord Myners was invited by the Co-op to conduct a governance review.

Your report of the comments of Lord Myners in the interim report of his review (YEP, March 13) indicates the wisdom of much of his analysis but also that his proposed solutions are fundamentally flawed.

The failure of elected directors of the Co-op Group to scrutinise, supervise, and hold executives to account is the root cause of the worst disaster in the history of the co-operative movement but the answer is more democracy and not less.

The resignation of Euan Sutherland as CEO of the Co-operative Group after less than a year in office shows a lack of bottle and of leadership and his rant against those who challenged his disregard for democracy and accountability is unworthy.

Mr Sutherland failed to understand the co-operative model of business and introduced obscene pay increases for top executives including himself whilst thousands of staff in stores in Yorkshire and across the country exist on less than a living wage.

To remove the accountability of executives and introduce a culture of shareholder ownership would further damage the governance of the Co-op Group when there is a desperate need for directors with the capacity to hold executives to account and more democracy.

Lord Myners appears to be unaware of the success of co-ops across the globe and throughout history besides the growth of the many successful co-ops and mutuals in Leeds and across our region.

Michael McGowan, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

Question Time in poor health

A RECENT edition of the BBC’s Question Time was the most appalling yet in terms of left-wing bias.

Ever since the coalition came to power, each edition has been carefully selected for a left-wing venue, with an anti-coalition audience.

On the panel Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was treated to a snarling, jeering mob packed with NHS and public sector workers.

The scandalous state of the NHS residential and nursing homes for the elderly with one in five found to be negligent to the point of criminality, didn’t seem to bother the NHS workers in the audience.

If ever there was a case for closing down the NHS and employing people who resemble human beings, it was this edition of Question Time.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

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