YEP Letters: March 2

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Wind turbines are alien to our city landscape

Gordon Dewar, Swillington

What on earth are our City planners thinking about?

The wind turbine installation around the Stourton Grange/Crossgreen area of the City, is a visual eyesore for visitors coming to Leeds or indeed those passing through.

With every large wind turbine development approved by the planners, we lose more of our visual amenity and countryside.

They are tall alien constructions which are uncharacteristic of the area and interfere with long distance views.

The City planning department website indicates, further planning consent is now being sought to erect another monster on Bullerthorpe Lane in the Swillington, Newsam Green, and Woodlesford areas of the City. This area of green belt is enjoyed by many local people and others, because of its peacefulness and the surrounding wildlife and woodland walks. This would be destroyed if this new development is allowed to go ahead.

The proposed development would be of no benefit to the area. The only people to benefit from this would be the land owners, in terms of financial gain from the power generator involved, whilst the rest of the community has to suffer noise pollution, loss of view or amenity and reductions in property values.

The Bullerthorpe Lane area of Leeds is already a relatively developed area and the limited green belt is constantly under threat from further development.

Lets hope the City planners will resist further intrusion by wind turbines in this part or indeed any other parts of the City, in order to retain the openess which is essential to the characteristics of green belt and how our City is viewed by its citizens and visitors alike.

Refusing to be pilloried

R Kimble, Hawksworth

So Rifkind won’t be pilloried about his questionable activities (and loathsome comments about his steady income. and, by association, his substantial pension), he stated on Monday. Now he’s gone.

What a fightback.

Council on the wrong road

Gary Marlow, Whinmoor

With regard to the YEP article from 26/02/15 – No U-turns as budget is stamped, we learn that council tax is going to increase by 1.99 per cent and council rents are to rise by 2.88 per cent, all in the face of a reduction in government funding for local councils.

It would appear however that there is no lack of funding for road junction reconfiguration projects in Leeds. I have recently noticed a number projects in North East Leeds where junctions are been altered for what appears to be little or no improvement. If it is a case of surplus money to spend in the budget for road repairs / improvements before the end of the financial year, then surely it could be spent on repairing the many pot holes ? Better still if there is a surplus money in one budget then can’t it be moved to a budget where it can be used to better effect? If the answer is that once money is allocated it cannot be moved to other budgets its high time the many councillors we have change the rules to allow this to happen. In these times of financial cut backs wasting money on unnecessary road works is totally unacceptable.

Our highways are just hell...

Margaret Thompson, Leeds

Oh how I agree with Jane Taylor. To me nothing illustrates our descent into a third world country quite as much as the state of our highways.

To me the A 64 from Leeds to York and Meanwood Road from town to Meanwood seem to be the worst that we see, as well as the slip roads from the motorways.

Of course “cuts” will be named as the reason for this-but I don’t believe it.

Goodness knows if she wants to start a campaign I’m right behind her.

Showing his true colours

John Hartley, Roundhay

IN reply to your correspondent John Wells (YEP, February 25) criticising my letter on soccer shirt colours, may I correct him by stating that John Charles was re-signed by Leeds United at the beginning of the 1962-63 season from Juventus for a club record fee of £53,000 after five highly successful seasons in Italy and was part of the all-white stripped United team of the time.

The move was highly controversial as the Leeds club grossly increased ticket prices in order to pay for Charles but the move created a 27,000 crowd for the opening game of the season at Stoke. I agree the team was known as the Peacocks as I have supported them since the 1940s when a boy.

Unfortunately the move proved unsuccessful and ‘Big John’ was transferred to Roma later in the season, later finishing his League career at Cardiff City.

MPs should pay to register

T Maunder, Kirkstall

Nurses have to (re)register on a yearly basis to stay on the Register Of Nurses & Midwives.

They also have to prove their fitness for practice. Currently they pay £120 per year – one of few professions who have to do this.

Perhaps MPs should have to do the same and also have full CRB checks ? Just when will their public fall from grace abate? And why do so many seem surprised by the latest revelations?

Longing for the dancehall magic

Mrs V Harden, Leeds

IN RESPONSE to Simon Peters’ letter (Your Feedback, February 16), I too have fond memories of the ballrooms in Leeds. He mentions a trio at The Majestic, I think that might be Dave Dalmout. I also went to the Mecca on a lunchtime when I worked in Leeds.

The Astoria was mainly for works dinner and dances. He also talks of the Tower in Meanwood. I don’t remember that one but I do remember the Capital at Meanwood.

That is where I met my late husband in the 1950s. It was a lovely ballroom and the music was supplied by Jack dan and his band.

Happy memories. I wish these dance halls were still here today. By the way, my husband and myself were still dancing up to 2009.