YEP Letters: March 19

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After stumbling across the Match of the Day repeat on Sunday morning on the telly, I was reminded of the reasons I turned my back on football a long time ago.

“The Beautiful Game” it is not. It is now a game played by over-paid thugs.

Chelsea were lucky to only have 2 players and their manager sent off and Manchester City were similarly fortunate to only have 1 player dismissed. I’m sure when I was a kid we were told football is a non- contact sport, apart from the shoulder charge. It is like watching all-in wrestling now.

Arguments with the officials are common place; spitting and swearing likewise. It was amusing when a West Brom player was interviewed and praised his manager saying he did well considering the he couldn’t speak English and then the player went on to prove that he didn’t speak English either by telling us ‘wot he finks’.

It’s no wonder players are paid repulsive wages since they are unlikely to be employable once their football career as ended (apart from perhaps being the main character in the ‘live’ film version of Shrek).

Martin J Phillips, by email

People think of themselves

In reply to the letter regarding the reason people do not give up seats in Saturday 15th March YEP. I believe there are a number of reasons.

A lot of children only travel by car and are not taught when young how to behave on a bus as you only have to travel on a bus with school and university students to appreciate that the majority have no idea how to behave. They are not prepared to consider older people and give up their seat, take their feet off the seat, move down the bus if it is busy or stop talking on their mobile phone when speaking to the driver.

I have often seen young people and families who instead of sitting together are spread across and number of seats and shout to each other.

When I was young in the 1950’s we had bus conductors who not only took your bus fares which kept the buses moving but would not allow bad behaviour and would ask a young person to stand if an adult need a seat.

I am sure if First Bus brought conductors back it would make a big difference to the speed of bus travel in Leeds but would help people to feel safe whilst traveling.

Unfortunately people now a days only appear think about themselves and I hope they remember that one day they may get old or disabled and may need a seat. Good manners should start at home.

Name and address supplied

PM is keeping his counsel

In the YEP Friday 14th March Mr Kimble a Communist Socialist draws attention to the fact that David Cameron has not made any comment regarding the death of Bob Crow, perhaps Mr Kimble should be reminded of the comments made by Crow on the death of Margaret Thatcher.

‘I won’t shed a one single tear over her death’

‘as far I am concerned she can rot in hell’

Crow renowned for saying what he thought, perhaps Mr Cameron is maintaining a dignified silence rather than doing a Crow and sayin g it like it is. Were he to do that I doubt it would receive the same tolerance as Crows comments, imagine the headlines!

Kevin Preston, Wakefield, WF2

I won’t mourn union leader

A little note to R Kimble, the communist socialist who asks why Cameron has not paid his respects to Bob Crow on his death.

Why on earth should he? Please remember Bob Crow’s comments on Margaret Thatcher’s demise - ‘’I won’t shed one single tear over her death, she can rot in hell’’.

This is the man who has caused untold misery for thousands of people in this country with his rail and underground strikes and bully boy union tactics.

This while living the Life of Riley on £130,000 a year, living in publicly subsidised housing.

No Mister Kimble, I for one ‘’won’t shed a single tear’ over Mr Crow’s death. You can fill the rest in yourself!

Bob, Armley

Explanation is necessary

COULD ONE of our councillors please explain a recent article in the About Leeds paper?

In the article it says Leeds needs to build more houses, distributed fairly?

The master plan has a strong focus on building on brownfield sites to promote regeneration and protect greenbelt and ensuring services are provided to new developments.

Question: why has the outer south been allocated 11 per cent? This council has given planning to more green sites in the outer south area and has not pushed any developer to use the brown sites that already exist. And could this council please show us the plans for the services to be provided which so far has NOT existed and where the plans for the schools, health centres and traffic arrangements please.

To this end I would welcome the information which so far has not been forthcoming.

Dave Paul, by email

Memories of 1959 season

AS I made my way to Burnley on Saturday to see the mighty whites, I remembered that Burnley was my first away match in 1959.

At the age of 12 my parents had finally allowed me to go on my own to an away match.

My Dad worked on Saturdays therefore it was no good asking him to take me.

So it was off to the Corn Exchange to pick up my Wallace Arnold ticket and down to The Calls to get on the coach.

Not as easy for me in 2014 as I live in Hertfordshire - by car to Milton Keynes Railway Station and then change at Manchester and Preston.

The programme was three old pence in 1959 - £3 in 2014. In 1959 we won 1-0 thanks to Jackie Overfield. Sadly that season we were relegated. As to 2014 - let’s hope Cellino or somebody stumps up some cash soon or we might be in a similar position. John McCole was my favourite player then. It has to be Ross McCormack now.

Mike Gill, by email

Cyclists must be proficient

I NOTE recent letters about cyclists. On March 17 I was at the crossing at Sheffield Railway Station when the lights changed from green to red.

Myself and another man stepped forward as the green man appeared opposite and then equally quickly stepped back as a male cyclist zoomed past. I had already noted him approaching the lights at speed.

“Cheers lads” he uttered as he went past.

Were you being sarcastic or do you really think that red lights do not apply to you and pedestrians should get the hell out of your way, moron? You clearly have NO idea of cycling proficiency despite all the trendy gear.

R Kimble, by email

Amused by Scargill link

I HOWLED with laughter as I imagined Mr M Nicholson’s face when he read the letter today (17 March) from Amanda Lilliu comparing him to an “Arthur Scargill” type. I hope he didn’t choke on his tea. Unless, of course, she is being supremely ironic and she’s actually an unemployed, single mother who lives on benefits and Russian vodka?

Either way it was very funny.

T Maunder, by email

Riding on the pavements

SO, NICK Keer thinks it is alright to ride his bicycle on the pavements? That confirms what a big kid he is. If he is so frightened of the roads he should walk.

It is after all unlawful to ride on a pavement.

Mrs V Bedford, Pudsey

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