YEP Letters: March 11

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What A sad YEP headline of 7 March made. According to findings that one in three young people will suffer from mental health problems in childhood and one in five do not enjoy life and are turning to alcohol is staggering.

As recently reported, over the last year Children in Need has supported projects in Leeds for £1.2m, 400 girls from Getaway Girls has also received support, Leeds Children’s Charity has raised thousands of pounds for over 100 years in support of children from poor backgrounds and still there is a massive problem.

Poverty is not new, as when I was growing up in the 1950s probably half of my friends would have been classed as from poor backgrounds but we were happy coming from loving homes and time spent with us and I can’t recall anyone with mental health issues.

Family life has been allowed to sink into the abyss with the authorities picking up the financial pieces allowing far too many to become dependent on the state safety net instead of taking responsibility for their own families.

Whilst it is admirable that Leeds Community Fund and so many more organisations are now embarking on a new fund raising drive, the real problem lies with poor parenting.

Educate the parents to abandon the apps, ipads, social networking sites with the so-called delusional “thousands of on-line friends” and to take their children out and show them the real world instead of fantasy land and we may just get somewhere.

The state of our nation today is truly shocking. Wake up!!

Name and address supplied

Idiot cyclist ignored lights

CYCLISTS maintain that motorists cause them a lot of problems in various ways by bad and inconsiderate driving.

Well, recently I drove through Otley Town Centre towards the bridge over the river and towards Weston Lane.

The bridge was reduced to one-way traffic which was controlled by lawfully placed temporary traffic lights at either end.

When my line of traffic was passing over the bridge a male cyclist dressed in all the gear – lycra, helmet, and on a sports cycle, came in the opposite direction towards the town centre.

He rode on the outside of the lane of traffic that was waiting to cross the bridge towards Otley, straight through the red traffic signal without reducing speed and rode toward oncoming traffic over the bridge.

If he had come a cropper no doubt he would blame the cars!

A pedal cycle is a ‘carriage’ and has to obey traffic lights like any other vehicle.

Either this feller didn’t know the law, or he was an idiot. I think it was the latter!

Graham Harland, Leeds

Sadness at ‘left alone’ plight

I am a volunteer in an OAP care home, and have been going there for many years.

There are a lot of volunteers that come in at different times of the day.

They are kind, and talk to the elderly, which puts a smile on their faces.

The staff and carers in the home are wonderful, and would not leave any person alone too long, if they needed attention.

It has saddened me and my husband, to read in the Evening Post about this woman left alone all those hours.

I hope there is something can be done about this.

Mrs Fineberg, by email

Hypocrisy in foreign policy

WHO was it that said: “History repeats itself, but not exactly.”

And who said: “Those unable to learn from history are bound to repeat it.”?

Answers on a postcard please to David Cameron, Londongrad, Britain.

Here we go again – our foreign policy compromised by being in debt and in hock to the new Soviet Union and our joint hypocrisy with the United States of Capitalism unbelievable.

Dear old Winnie must be spinning in his grave.

And another question: name two countries recently invaded by so-called democracies on the flimsiest of pretexts?

In case of extreme dumbing down in your area – here’s a clue: one begins with the letter ‘I’ and the other with ‘A’. Geddit?

James Robson, West End, Kirkbymoorside

Question of road widening

DOES anybody know what all the new paths and road widening on Meanwood Road and Regent Street are for?

John O’Brien, by email

Building homes on green land

I have reservations about those opposing green land development.

Whoever gets to see this green land?

Only very briefly, motorists, and those looking out their windows.

Is it not more just that the claims of the greater number for housing should prevail over these others?

As to the objection that the new occupants will be destroying that which they have sought – I answer that these would rather have a house in a pleasant location which meets their requirements without surrounding fields than not have one at all.

What if the green land preservation argument had been used against those now objecting to further development when they moved in?

The brown land argument is the strongest, but many would not choose to live in these ex-industrial areas – even at the cost of a longer journey to work.

Anyway, I always suspect the green land preservationists are really dog-walkers wishing to preserve Rover’s toilet arrangements.

Finally, cities with increasing populations will expand outwards. I have long believed the situation is a massive voluntary-induced population displacement along the entire length of the UK coastline.

Paul Kilroy, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds LS16

Where is money coming from?

PEOPLE could be forgiven for thinking Leeds City Council sometimes speaks with a forked tongue.

Because, if there is a genuine cost of living crisis, how does putting Council Tax up help those who are struggling to get by now?

Also, if money is so hard to come by, with services under threat and staff being laid off, why does Leeds City Council want to buy lots of freehold property in Holbeck area, and where is the money to come from?

Because, even if the purchase money was borrowed on the usual long term i.e. 50 or 60-year mortgages used by local authorities, there will still be an immediate on-cost of interest payments to be met.

Although Holbeck in particular is plagued by being now known as Leeds’s premier red light district, which must be an ongoing nightmare for respectable local residents and female staff at local business premises who have to run this gauntlet of prostitutes openly soliciting in the streets and their kerb-crawling potential clients, while both Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire police along with its commissioner seemingly turn a blind eye?

Instead of playing civic monopoly with taxpayers’ money on property speculation, why don’t they make Holbeck a decent place to live in again, with a new zero-tolerance approach.

But perhaps it’s like the drugs problem, i.e. both police and politicians argue we can’t stop it so why not legalise it?

Maybe it needs a few miscreants to be strung up from lamp posts pour encourager les autres as the French say.

DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds LS13

Kirkgate Market, Leeds

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