YEP Letters: March 10

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Celebrating with Vinnie, a Leeds ‘legend’

Keith Ingham, Leeds

Although Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Jones only played a season and a bit at Elland Road he left a big impression on the fans, this one especially (YEP, March 6).

As season ticket holders we were invited to a ‘do’ to celebrate the winning of the Second Division title with all the players there and the trophy.

As we waited to go up to Elland Road a few of us went into the Queens Hotel for a pre ‘do’ drink.

Within a short time in walked Chris Kamara and he was greeted by lots of Leeds fans singing his name.

Moments later in walked Vinnie flanked by three of the biggest bodyguards I’ve ever seen in my life.

He shouted over to the barman “If they’re Leeds fans, I’m picking up the tab”.

We had around 30 minutes with him before he disappeared out of the door with a very pretty lady on his arm.

Such a nice, ordinary guy who is still labelled a ‘legend’ today.

Reel deal before we could dance

Jean Hickinson, Belle Isle

READING Mrs V Harden’s letter (Your Feedback, March 9) reminded me of dancing in the 1950s and 60s.

I used to go to different places in Leeds – Mecca, Majestic, Scala, 101, Mark Altmans, Starlight Roof, Capitol.

In the Scala we couldn’t rock and roll until the pictures underneath finished as the floor was sprung and they couldn’t hear the film.

Jack Mann was the bandleader

John Hartley, Roundhay

V HARDEN has her facts slightly wrong. The Capitol bandleader was Jack Mann (not Dan).

He used to catch the same bus as me in the ‘50s on Scott Hall Road all dressed up in his Tuxedo on his way to the ballroom.

We must tackle climate change

Philippa Lloyd, Farsley

I HAVE just been watching the excellent BBC Four programme Climate Change: A Horizon Guide.

Scientists explained in detail all the complexities affecting climate and showed that, despite discrepancies, the overall trend shows definite increase in average temperature. I just hope Paul Thompson (Your Feedback, February 17) and Terry Watson (Your Feedback, March 4) also saw this programme.

It is so important to understand what is happening so that we can agree to all the resources necessary to prevent the worst consequences.

The longer we put off action to reduce carbon emissions the more difficult and expensive it will be.

A Leeds motto ‘for the people’

Kevin Wilson, Cottingley

Reading your short item ‘This is Leeds’ (YEP, March 7), regarding the Leeds motto. Currently this is ‘Pro rege et lege’ (latin for ‘For King and the law’).

Isn’t it time this was changed and brought more up to date?

Given the diverse population, antipathy towards the royal family and growing republicanism I would suggest a better motto for the 21st century would be: ‘For the people and law’.

No sign of reply in bus lane row

Peter Smith, Leeds

To support Howard Walker’s Bradford bus lane experience (Your Feedback, January 21), my son also received a penalty notice for entering a Bradford bus lane.

My wife paid the £30 by return post. A few days later I discussed the photographic evidence with my son who said that he didn’t know Bradford so used his sat nav.

But the crucial point was that diversion signs were displayed and this threw him completely and he ended up in the trap.

Had I known about the diversion signs I would have appealed.

On examining the photo evidence and comparing it with Ministry of Transport guidelines, I concluded that the bus lane did not meet their requirements and that all the signage and marking were not helpful to drivers, particularly strangers and visitors to Bradford.

I wrote to Bradford Council by recorded delivery only nine days after the breach – not for the return of the £30, but to point out my concerns as to the legality, and fairness, of the bus lane and its signage to drivers.

The council have not responded to the points I raised and no help has been forthcoming.

It is interesting that the Traffic Penalty Tribunal upheld Mr Walker’s appeal and yet they are still issuing penalties.

Yes Mr Walker, Bradford Council do lack integrity, have no transparency and an overwhelming arrogance towards motorists.

Defeated Clegg will be a Lord

Mel Smart, Farsley

Paul Kilroy need not worry about Nick Clegg (Your Feedback, March 5) because in May he will no longer be an MP.

The people of his Sheffield constituency are not daft and have seen through the hypocrisy of Clegg and his cronies in the abandonment of all Liberal principles so that he could become Deputy Prime Minister and his cronies members of the Cabinet.

The Liberals will be devastated in May and be lucky to get 10 seats.

The only way he will be back at Westminster will be as Lord Clegg which is what David Cameron will allow to happen.

Savings just add up to discontent

Ernest Lundy, Beeston

I MUST fully agree with Graham Branston (Your Feedback, March 9) when he condemns the banks and building societies for their treatment of savers who are mainly older people.

There is no other section of the community who have been disenfranchised as much.

Interest on their saving is nonsensical, and the value of the savings they need to spend to keep pace with costs is worth only a fraction of what it was when invested.

Is it any wonder there is discontent especially when company profits, bankers salaries and bonuses are blatantly published with what at times seems to be bare faced effrontery?