YEP Letters: Leeds United away days

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Ashamed of loutish behaviour

Phil Roche, Garforth

Regrettably this season following Leeds United, especially away, I have witnessed an upsurge in so called fans lacking the ability to think for themselves with individuals tending to follow their leader like sheep under the influence of both alcohol and peer pressure.

At the recent MK Dons game I chatted with one of their fans who informed me that their bar would be closed as “you know what Leeds fans are like?”

I asked for a more detailed explanation but to no avail.

Standing near their ground enjoying the warm sunshine and accompanying beverage I reflected upon my earlier conversation and thought shame about the opposition fans beliefs and experiences of LUFC.

Suddenly two Leeds buses parked up and several drunken louts appeared and immediately wanted to take on the police horses and attendant officers.... I realised that the MK Dons fan was right; I was ashamed at this loutish behaviour which encouraged others who did not have the willpower nor brains to think for themselves.

A similar experience was witnessed at Middlesbrough, and the sickening part about it is that if you don’t behave or act like these people you are the “strange” individual!

This mass behaviour and “idiots abroad” approach does absolutely nothing for Leeds United; by the time the match commences these “people” are ready to return to the bar for yet another pint and cigarette.

Without doubt the vast majority of fans go to the game to support their team, enjoy the game and experience.

“All Leeds aren’t we?”... unfortunately yes but sometimes I would like to say no! As in most walks of life the minority tend to leave that lasting stench of a memory and create a bad name for others. Come on Leeds