YEP Letters: Leeds Bradford Airport link

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Rail link would be best idea

Graham Robinson, by email

I must say I agree with your comment in the September 30 edition of the YEP regarding the road options to connect Leeds-Bradford Airport.

A rail link from Leeds centre to the airport would be the best idea for all interested parties. It would be swifter for visitors to the airport and cause less congestion for communities on the road route to the airport and goodness knows that area of Leeds does not need any more road traffic.

I, however, feel that Leeds Bradford Airport will be opting for road improvements rather than rail as any perceived reduction in their iniquitous £3 charge for simply dropping off passengers would not be popular with this money grabbing organisation.

If a rail link is to be the preferred option they could, I suppose, charge people for alighting the train!

YEP Letters: April 16