YEP Letters: June 9

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Just watch the body language

R Kimble, Hawksworth

Both Cameron and Johnson claim that either choice in the referendum will damage the economy.

They both claim that our freedoms depend on exit or stay. Either choice will result in war or reduce the likelihood of war. Nothing like scaring the electorate as a strategy. Both are from the Tory Party. Think about that. A Party that tried to reduce ESA Benefit by £30 a week, that is planning to limit our freedom of speech and human rights. They are attacking our labour (small “L”) rights. They are refusing to reform the House Of Lords electoral system and are still, in some cases, guilty of expenses fiddling whilst attacking vulnerable people.

Both are from elitist, upper class backgrounds and have never wanted for anything. Why should I trust either of them? As for their body language : that speaks volumes, just watch carefully.

Hospital stay was first class

Pauline Watson, Adel

On Friday June 3 I was sent by my GP St James’s A&E with breathing problems. The treatment I received was excellent although they were very busy. I was seen in minutes by a doctor and after all the tests and treatment were completed, I was admitted for an overnight stay in ward j22. The nurses and doctors were very kind and attentive and I couldn’t fault the treatment I received.Thank you all so much.

Let us be free from EU Yoke

Beryl Heslington, Pudsey

After enduring months of arguments on whether to leave or stay in the EU which has only served to create an atmosphere of fear and confusion amongst voters, nobody knows with absolute certainty, including MP’s, economists and big business, what will happen whichever way the vote goes.

What should concern us all is the safeguarding of our Sovereignty and Democracy, and the only way to achieve these goals is to free ourselves from the yoke of the EU.

I love John Lewis building

Gillian Clements, by email

I think the new John Lewis building in Eastgate is beautiful and in no way detracts from the existing Victorian buildings in Leeds city centre.

I would be very disappointed indeed if a modern architect used Victorian designs. After all, it is 2016.

The Victorian era is long gone. How boring if all new buildings followed the same old pattern.

What’s wrong with variety?

Sonic Boom cash claims

This week we reported that people were claiming compensation for damage or inconvenience due to the sonic boom, and, judging by your comments on our website, Facebook post and Twitterfeed, you are less than impressed.

Sentry57, via YEP website

I don’t think anyone claimed compensation in the Battle of Britain.

I mean, all those noisy Spitfires and Hurricanes disturbing the peace in an effort to prevent the Nazis taking over our country!!

zac-leeds, via YEP website

Whilst I can understand if property has genuinely been damaged, that people would want to be recompensed, I have an absolute hate of the whole ‘claim for anything` life, that we live in now.

snapper2, via YEPleeds website

I AM going to put in a claim for new underpants. All it did was scare me.

Amy Dixon, via YEP Facebook page

Absolutely ridiculous! Compensation culture gone mad. Responding to what could have been a matter of national security, keeping us protected and all people are bothered about is claiming compensation? Pathetic. I don’t care how many sonic booms it takes as long as we’resafe.

Sue Ives, via YEP Facebook page

Money grabbing scroungers! They should be ashamed of themselves. It was a bang. Had the threat been real you’d have had more than a shaking house.

Freeman Leeds, via YEP website

TALK about making a claim just because you don’t wanna pay for it yourself.

Lindsey Bell, via YEP Facebook page

If a sonic boom genuinely caused damage to property then half of Yorkshire would be claiming. This sounds like a very small minority who probably already had damaged property and are just trying it on!! Never ceases to amaze!

Janette Carrington, via YEP Facebook page

Can’t believe people are so into money rather than into safety of other people .

Stephen Cunningham, via YEP Facebook page

Get a grip UK. Absolutely stupid. I’d rather hear a sonic boom than have a plane or missile in to my house .

Jill Bradbury, via YEP Facebook page

I am thankful we have trained armed forces to act ASAP against a threat to our country. A sonic boom might be loud and cause a few shudders which is nothing compared to having a bomb dropped. Let the armed forces use any compensation money to continue to protect us !

EU failed to act over VW

Will Podmore, by email

Jeremy Corbyn claims that the EU protects our environment and protects consumers. But the EU didn’t do much about Volkswagen, did it? Volkswagen used default devices – algorithms that gamed the testing system – deliberately and massively violating the legal limits on nitrogen oxide. So 11 million European vehicles each emitted nine times the allowable amount of the deadly gas.

What did the European Commission do? It refused to act. It then agreed with Volkswagen to let Volkswagen exceed legal limits by 110 per cent until 2020. After that, the Commission will let Volkswagen exceed the legal limit by 50 per cent, indefinitely.

This helps to explain why air quality in Europe has not improved over the past fifteen years. This scandal shows how little the EU really protects our environment, the consumer and public health.

Chance to visit the battlefields

David Raw, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria

THIS year marks the centenary of the Battles of the Somme and Verdun in the First World War. There were over a million casualties – many from the Pals Batallions of the north of England.

Between 22 and 27 September I will be leading a coach party from the north of England to the Somme and Verdun battlefield in France. There will be an opportunity to visit a relative’s grave as well as to see important areas of the battlefields.

We still have a few places left. If any YEP readers would like more details they can contact me by phone on 01368 866 826 or on 07710 270 640 or email me on