YEP Letters: June 7

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We need incentives to buy electric

Ivan Kovacks, by email

Regarding the article about all electric cars, yes, I want one.

I am one of those people going round in a nasty diesel car, as advised to by governments of all shades. Yes I’d like to buy one as I have bought my last few cars i.e. from one to two years old so they are more affordable and with a choice of styles, and we all know that will not happen for five or more years until they become far more common.

I’d like one that, like mine, will do 450 miles plus on a top up. I know the cost per mile will drop considerably, as will tax servicing and possibly insurance, but to get a car that I need in electric it will cost two to three times the price of getting another the same.

There could be a few thousand pounds incentive to buy a new car and possibly a couple of thousand in scrappage of mine, again only if I buy a new car.

People who have cars as old as mine will never be able to afford a new car, even with these awards, so those with all the money will get the cash and those who cannot afford to change to a new car will be hit by clean air tax, higher insurance. I’d like an electric car but help people like me get one, the incentives go to the rich.

Should all police be armed in UK? Your views...

After the Manchester and London attacks a poll has suggested that that three quarters of Johnston Press readers would back the routine arming of police officers in the UK. Currently most police officers in the UK do not carry firearms. In the event of a terror related incident a specialist unit of armed police will be called to the scene. But should ALL police be armed as a matter of routine? We asked YEP readers for their opinion and here’s what they said on social media..

Neil Watson

No not all, we just need more police and of them more armed, along with using armed police for patrols and rid of this ridiculous culture of ‘won’t someone think of the children!’ when they see armed police in everyday life.

Johnny Harmer

Yes but only after a even stricter training system that is in place today and more regular assessments that would go some way to not have a nation of trigger-happy officers.

Alexander Crixus

No. There is a reason we have the best armed police in the world. They are highly trained and not everybody can do it.

Lynne Day

No, our rapid response police seem to be doing a great job.

Nelly Noo

No and what would be the point if they then have to face an IPCC investigation each time they use it?

Jade Donachie

Yes definitely. With training, no doubt about it.

Rob Rowley

No. We have specialist police for that and they are good at it.

Natalie-Asha Comrie

Try asking yourself if they ended up murdering your child or family member while conducting a stop and search as they reached for an inhaler 
and the officer thought it was a gun! Ask yourself that before you say yes.

Claire Coates

No we are not America, we are England and have got by without every police officer in the country having a gun.

Martin Todd

What do the police officers themself want? 
I don’t think all want to be armed.

Rick Dobo

I CAN’T believe they’re still unarmed.

Mark Watson

Yes, times are a changing.

Paul Oneil

No just have more highly trained officers available.

Christine Young

Yes. It’s about time! Police have guns everywhere else but here.

Darcy Johnson

Yes they are in other countries and people don’t moan about that.

Matt Robinson

Yes, yes and yes again. Times are changing people, long gone have the days of the good old British bobby.

It’s time our police came into the 21st century. Batons cannot stop a bullet, they can only do so much.

The fact that we do have probably the best armed response teams in the world, how much longer will those response teams be able to deal with a major incident once Theresa May makes more cuts, ask yourselves that.

Believe these cuts are coming. Once she makes the cuts and there are not enough police officers to join the armed response teams. What happens then when a major incident happens down your area and you ask where the armed police are?

Oh wait, sorry there’s not enough of us, we were down in another area dealing with another situation.

Sharon Blackmore

Get the army and armed police out there, they do in other countries and no one flinches.

Denise Vause

Definitely not, would hate to see guns all over the place. Tougher laws and sentences, more police on the street. We need our 20k officers back.

Ashley Shearn

Every uniformed response/traffic officer should be issued with a sidearm, a taser and baton is just not enough.

Anyone suggesting it will make us just like the USA, quite clearly do not understand the subject. After all there are no mass shootings in Germany, France and Australia by police.

Plus you are forgetting all officers in Northern Ireland are armed on and off duty just look at the issues they have there. Yet they can go more than a year without firing a shot.

Barbara Marsden

It would be a very sad day indeed when all policemen were armed but I would understand why if it was decided to do so. Rather than asking us it is for the police themselves to make this decision.

Steven Wilson

No. This will be a defeat to the terrorists.

They will have forced us to change a long cherished standard in our country.

Dave Barlow

Is there anywhere in the world that has armed police that have prevented this kind of thing? You can`t just shoot people with rucksacks randomly as prevention.

Once a suicide bomber or planted device goes off, what use are armed police?

Paul Cobley

But in this latest attack, the first officers on the scene were unarmed.

If they’d had a Glock 17 in their hand rather than a stick, far fewer people would have been injured or killed, because they would have been shot dead instantly.

Dave Nicholls

My dad told me this day would come back in the 60s and God bless him he was right.

Jackie Thompson’Fairburn

Definitely not- not every police officer wants to carry a gun.

Mark Whitaker

Yes all police forces in the world have a sidearm. Also I think troops should now be deployed onto the streets until this threat is wiped out.

Peter Pinder

We already have an Army that is trained for this

Gareth Bray New

I think they should all have firearms training, they should work in strict pairs and one should be issued with taser and pepper spray along with their baton and the other with side arm and baton, you have you non lethal and lethal.