YEP Letters: June 6

Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp.
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Are Johnny’s problems news?

Edna Levi, Leeds 17

My goodness-not only have I to worry about in or out of the EU, now I have the additional problem of the matrimonial problems of the Johnny Depp marriage!

It really is ludicrous how the TV news media is devoting so much time to this stupid matter-sometimes ahead of one of the most important decisions we B ritains have to make.

Sounds like the (soon to b ex) Mrs Depp wants alimoney on par to what we pay to be a part of the EU.

Maybe we can use the same attorney!

Can people please form an orderly queue

Roger Bates, Shadwell

FURTHER to recent letters complaining about inconsiderate behaviour on public transport, my own particular complaint is directed at those people simply gathered around a bus stop, rather than forming an orderly, argument avoiding, queue.

Might I suggest that bus companies adopt the practice from years ago of each bus stop carrying the words ‘queue this side’.

Incidentally, according to Jerome K Jerome in his 1926 autobiography, My Life and Times, it seems queueing is not actually of British origin.

“Circa 1890 theatre first nights were generally on a Saturday. With experience some of us learned the trick of squirming our way past the crowd by keeping to the wall. The queue system had not yet been imported. It came from Paris. We despised the Frenchies for submitting to it.”

Let’s bury these annoying ads

Olga Twist, Whinmoor

These constant adverts to ensure one has a decent bural do annoy me.

How to they think one was laid to rest many years ago - the insurance man called weekly for a few pence, so that just enough money was there for any birth or death, neighbours were on hand to help out in many ways, as there was usually enough money from the insurance man to pay for a decent funeral and as long as that bill was paid everyone was satisfied.

That scheme gradually stopped as the insurance men were recruited into the services. Now it seems that dependents feel there should be more than enough left for them to receive a good share out - or am I being too cynical?

Planners should hang heads

Ivan Kovacks, by email

I was very pleased to read the letter today from Dr Kevin Grady, the director of the Leeds Civic Trust, talking about the architectural abomination which is growing into the new John Lewis store in Leeds.

I’m glad that he, and no doubt the Trust, supports mine and others letters complaining about inappropriate, ugly and environmentally ill-fitting new store. His history about the evolution about the design, planning and construction of this new building is very enlightening. From all that he says it is clear, that for the councillors on the planning committee, they pay more attention to the big bucks of the commercial sector than they do to the people who voted for them and whom they are supposed to represent.

I’ve no doubt that a vast store and car park can be built in an aesthetically pleasing way that will fit in well with the existing classic buildings and would be a credit to the city, but it looks like the planning committee feel no responsibility. May they hang their collective heads in shame?

Sad that people will vote remain

Brenda Williams, Birkenshaw

IT saddens me to think that on June 23 there will be people voting to stay in the European Union.

In the Second World War we fought for our freedom against the Nazi aggression at great sacrifice and cost to our nation and the Commonwealth. With the help of the Americans we also liberated the countries of Europe.

Please vote with your heart

Jack Taylor, Leeds 10

MANY thousands of words have been written and spoken about this referendum on June23, but none have really said anything about our future, our children’s future, which is more important than trade.

We will always trade like we have for over 300 years, but once we have been swamped with millions from overseas this country is doomed.

Who will educate this hundreds of thousands more children because millions breed millions, it’s human nature, and one thing everyone forgets, the lifeblood of this country and it is water.

Where are we going to get it from, you can only go to the well so many times, so remember this.

It’s our last chance as a once great country so vote right, with your heart.

Why can’t we have monorail?

A Hague, Harehills

I support the suggestion of Martin McFadden (May 17) that Leeds needs a monorail system.

It’s the only alternative to blocked roads. Other countries have them so why can’t we?

Regarding the spending of £30m for cycling lanes from Leeds to Bradford, from Old Pool Bank to Otley there is only one lane on the left for motorists who cross over the line when passing cyclists. There is grass on the left which could make a cycle lane to Otley for only a fraction of the money thus avoiding this dangerous situation. An alternative is to put the line in the centre of the road, like it was years ago, as cars leaving Otley to Leeds use it as a race track.

No wonder MPs want to stay in

Mrs Denman, Leeds 10

WHEN Europe has taken our industries, ie ship building, fishing, mining and steel, there is massive redundancies but for all we have a lot of our laws made in Europe now we still have 600 plus MPs and a house of lords. So come on you people who don’t usually vote, vote this time and vote no in the referendum.

Our MPs have got shorter working hours, given themselves big pay increases so let’s get them working for their money.

No wonder the majority of MPs want us to stay in Europe, it makes their job easier.

Corbyn just an EU mouthpiece

Derek Barker, Moortown

I have just finished watching Jeremy Corbyn’s remain campaign address in which he promotes what he describes as the benefits of staying in the EU, stating that the leave campaigners want to tear up the employment protections for workers that have bean introduced by the EU Parliament and to enable employers to override employment protection legislation introduced by a democratically elected government.

I would like Mr Corbyn to tell that to the tens of thousands of private industry security officers who have to sign a legal document wavering their protection in respect of the EU working time directive as a condition of their employment, if they refuse to sign it they don’t get the job.

Also the many tens of thousands of local council manual workers who have had their pay reduced from an average of £8.60 an hour to the minimum wage of £7.20 an hour.

In addition I fail to see what protection the EU provides for those who are on zero hours contracts.

I would also like to know what has happened to the trade unions that were created to negotiate and if necessary organise industrial action to bring about the creation of workers’ rights, rights that since we joined the EU have been eroded to the point that trade unions today are little more than social organisations that provide advise to workers on employment matters.

When I voted for Jeremy Corbyn I thought he was a political figure who was still in touch with the Labour Party’s grass roots working class supporters but I am clearly wrong, he is just another EU mouthpiece who is out of touch with the reality of the daily lives of the ordinary people.