YEP Letters: June 6

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Peter Haddington, Eccleshill

IN response to Mr Kimble’s letter about 18 piles of dog dirt in the Hawksworth area (Your Feedback, May 22), sadly this scenario is far too common and goes to prove that the real culprits of this crime are getting away with it.

Unfortunately, dog fouling will always remain an issue because Leeds City Council are not doing the right things to solve the problem.

Instead of trying to stop the problem they are trying to make money from it.

Why else would they be fining people for accidents? I know a few people who have accidentally missed their dog in bushes who have been willing to clean up and have still been fined. I was convicted of this alleged offence some years ago, found guilty on the flimsiest of evidence and forced to pay an obscene amount of money.

I have spotted many people accidentally missing their dogs and they have thanked me and cleaned up. Would a genuine dog fouler bother to do this? I don’t think so. Littering is another problem that will always be there. There will always be selfish people who throw litter from their cars and deliberately drop litter.

The idea of asking for the public’s help with the clean-up operation to save money is a good one, but why wasn’t this done in the first place instead of employing a team of alleged non-cash cow litter detectives who raised over £44,000 in three months some time ago?

To have the city looking a lot cleaner and tidier would be a massive improvement.

It all added up to a Tory victory

Henry Grogan, by email

Some people are sore losers, aren’t they? Dave MacFadyen (Letters, May 28) claims we have a Conservative government chosen by only 25 per cent of the eligible electorate and opposed by the other 75 per cent.

Allow me to correct both his arithmetic and his logic:

Turnout was 66 per cent, so who knows or cares about the views of the 34 per cent who couldn’t be bothered to vote? Of those who did take the trouble, 37 per cent chose Conservative and only 30 per cent Labour.

Conservatives plus other right-leaning parties (UKIP, Ulster Unionists) between them took over 50 per cent of the actual votes cast. Labour plus other left-inclined parties (nationalists, Greens) managed just over 40 per cent. (I’m ignoring the LibDems, as no one really knows where they stand.)

So I’m delighted to have a Conservative government that represents not only my views, but also (more or less) the views of the majority of voters.

Store must win back our trust

C Pollock, Carlton

MORRISONS are, by their own admission, losing customers. A high street store has to have the trust of its customers and Morrison’s will not gain trust whilst it continues to use cheap, devious methods with regard to in-store price labelling.

A current example. “Down in price, now £1 reduced from £1.39,” printed in exceptionally large bold black capital letters on a red background.

Written underneath in small black letters: “per lOOg”.

Not unique, but misleading. The employment of psychology, found to work no doubt, but lacking integrity in my opinion.

Time and time again the “special offers” on the shelves are not always special offers but full price.

Once the limited “special offer” has sold out, they refill the shelves with the same item, now at full price. However, they leave the “special offer” price label on.

Customers buy the so called “special offer” on trust.

If they later check their receipt they will find that they have been misled and have paid full price. At best an oversight, or dishonest?

Come on Morrison’s, lead the way and start having some respect for your customers.

The night they blew up museum

Mrs J Bennett, West Park

IN RESPONSE to Edna Levi’s letter (Your Feedback, May 28) re the bombing of the museum, I remember this quite well (I am 97).

I was in my early twenties and worked in an office in Marshall Street, Water Lane, Hunslet and used to get the tram from Headingley to City Square and then walk under the Dark Arches to work.

The morning after the raid I set off as usual but approaching Park Row we had to get off and walk. It was quite bizarre – there were stuffed animals all over the road and one on the overhead wires and police and firemen were everywhere.

When I arrived at the office firemen were checking the buildings in the area. They let me through as the building I was in was safe. There was no water, electricity, gas or telephone working. Most of the streets were cordoned off until proved safe.

Fortunately things were more or less back working in two or three days thanks to the hard work of the services involved. It could have been a lot worse – we had much to be thankful for.

Pub do was a real rocker

Neil Duffy, Kirkstall

COULD I please extend my thanks through the YEP to the organisers of the Rock ’n’ Roll, Rockabilly do at the Broadway pub on Dewsbury Road on Saturday May 23.

Also to the management team and the bar staff for making it a great success – £2.49 for a pint of bitter must have been the cheapest in Leeds! Also, to all the people who came from all over the British Isles to make it a good day out.

Thank you!

Save old stamps for the RSPCA

Brian Clark, Stalybridge, Cheshire

WOULD kind readers of The Yorkshire Evening Post please send me any unwanted used stamps, old picture cards and similar, to assist the RSPCA.

My full address is Mr B Clark, Flat 9, Springs Rise, Stalybridge SK15 1HH.

Thank you.