YEP Letters: June 5

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Temple Newsam events threats and bad parking

Margaret Cliff, by email

I have just read Wednesday’s opinions (litter louts). We residents in Whitkirk wish thats all we had to put up with, but with events at Temple Newsam on at weekends we are left to our own devices.

Cars/vans dumped outside homes, on pavements, no bollards, no big signs or even a policeman. Drivers believe they have the right to dump vehicles where and when they want, whether they block our cul-de-sacs or not and threaten and abuse us.

The last threat I had was a Mercedes driver parking on the pavement, even though a notice from Leeds City Council was on a lamp post near him saying ‘no parking’. He said when he got me he would flatten me. Other comments are unprintable.

The organisers of these events have been well aware of our distress , treatment and abuse for years and no-one is helping us.

Will they be waiting until we are flattened - or worse?

Leeds City Council should also help. I am still waiting for the Labour MP to contact me from five days ago. All we need is better information and some organisation from all the groups putting on events.

There is no duty of care for Whitkirk residents.

Hi-tech toilet on your doorstep

Ray Wincup, Rothwell

Your correspondent Steve Canavan was highly impressed in his opinion column on 2nd June with the high-tech hand washing facilities in public toilets in Cresswell, near Newcastle. I was impressed that Steve bothers to wash his hands after a “visit”, as I reckon circa 50% ignore washing facilities.

Steve said he was so impressed he went to the toilet five more times, and that the facilities wouldn’t be out of place in New York.

Good news Steve, you do not even have to travel to Cresswell for your next “go”, let alone New York. Identical hand washing facilities are available in Morrisons Store at Rothwell.

Please let me know when you are going though, as I do not think I could wait whilst you make 5 visits!

HS2 will drain north’s lifeblood

Bill Dicks, Headingley

So the Transport Secretary believes the General Election was a ‘massive vote of confidence in favour of HS2’ - I am puzzled as I can’t recall much reference to this project in any of the debates at that time.

However, supporters, including our own local newspaper need to be careful what they wish for where they hope for an effect on the North and South divide - I understand trains will run in both directions so expect the economic lifeblood to be finally run out of the North when the keen business types from London can do all their work in a day trip without the inconvenience of having to stay over.

Streetlights - the only way to see

Peter Nothard, Gledhow

ONE OF the cost cutting exercises adopted by Leeds City Council is to switch off a number of streetlights between midnight and 5.30am. I fear that most of the cost saving has been spent on the production and placement of signs in affected areas. This seems strange, especially for late night pedestrians who will not be able to see the signs as the streetlights are switched off.

Selling our best assets to Europe

B.Leonard, Bramley

So Kim Ingle thinks the only thing Thatcher got wrong was the Poll Tax?

Well, why do we pay so much for gas, lighting, railways and buses and all else she sold off to every Tom, Dick and Harry across Europe when she privatised everything that the Tories did not want to take responsibility for?

When we now complain all we get from this Government is ‘nothing we can do’ because they are not run by the British people.

We just get ripped off by the rest of Europe as we do by the Tory Government.

It won’t be long before the NHS goes the same way - sold off by the back door. Safe in their (the Government’s) hands? I don’t think so. As for the free bus pass? Best thing since sliced bread.

Stately homes not family homes

Judith Harris, Moortown

I have been reading in the media with interest the future of Ledston Hall and Spenfield House.

I think it would be a tragedy to turn them into another block of apartments when we have so many in Leeds already.

It would be more fitting to turn them into museums or Stateley Homes so people can learn about the heritage of them.

They could be financed by fundraising, donations or admission charges.

Did fighter come from Norway?

B Johnson, Crossgates

REGARDING THE photo of the Me109 German fighter (YEP, May 16) and the reply by G Hall, this aircraft did not have the range to escort bombers this far north unless from one of the bases in Norway?

Many of these enemy aircraft were mostly shot down further south and displayed in cities to boost morale.

As for being shot down by “ack, ack” at Dewsbury, the damage looks much like the 303 and 20mm cannon damage and not anti-aircraft fire.

CCTV to stop abuse in homes

A Hague, Harehills

THE LETTER suggesting that CCTV is operated in all care homes to stop abuse (May 16) is a good idea. Things won’t change unless we tighten all loopholes. Management can turn a blind eye just to keep the peace and cameras that can’t be tampered with or turned off would go a long way in preventing abuse.