YEP Letters: June 4

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While it is right that coverage of the 100th anniversary of the Great War focuses on the terrible loss of life on the Western Front, it must not be forgotten that there were other theatres of the war.

There was the Gallipoli fiasco, for instance, and also the Salonika Campaign in Greece, which became known as the ‘forgotten war’.

It is where my father served in the Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

He was severely wounded twice by successive Bulgarian shells, the second set of injuries inflicted while he was laid on a stretcher being treated.

After being hospitalised in Salonika, now Thessaloniki, he then had the added hazard of being transported to Malta for convalescence by hospital ship – some these were either mined or torpedoed by German submarines.

He was one of the lucky ones and arrived safely, but thousands more in this campaign died or were incapacitated by malaria which was rife.

Therefore let us honour all who served in this terrible war and not just those who fought on the Western Front.

Keith Brooks, Wakefield

Pre-70s photos of pub wanted

WE WERE re-housed to Meanwood as part of the slum clearance policy in Leeds in the mid-fifties.

The area in general was a little careworn, but our house was a large, well-appointed Victorian dwelling of some quality.

We had no real desire to move but were almost immediately beguiled by the green oasis that was Meanwood Park.

Having been born on Camp Road (now Little London), less than a mile from the city centre, I had only ever known urban life.

Once I turned 18, if not slightly before, I became aware that Meanwood was blessed with two wonderful old-style pubs. I refer to The Bay Horse and The Myrtle Tavern.

Both hostelries are still doing well, because they still do things well.

The current manager of The Myrtle, Scott Westlake, is currently trying to find any photographs of the pub, inside or out, prior to it being extended in the early 1970s when the landlord and landlady were Arthur and Doreen Critch.

If anyone has any photos then Scott would be delighted if they could contact him via the Myrtle’s website – – or, better still, pop your head round the door and say hello.

You will receive a very warm welcome, I am sure.

Jack Banner, Leeds

Coalition no good for anyone

AFTER THE recent elections we now have politicians telling us the success of Ukip is down to a protest vote.

Once again these MPs show just how much disrespect they have for the voters.

It was not a protest vote but a vote of intent.

At the next General Election I am sure the upsurge in support of Ukip will continue.

It is a ridiculous situation when we have a Deputy Prime Minister whose party could not achieve seven per cent of the votes at the last General Election.

A coalition government does not do any good for government or country.

Cameron and Clegg can only agree on one policy, to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Proportional representation is the only fair way to form a government.

R Chester, Rothwell

Too easy to come to UK

What absolute rubbish Dave MacFadyen would have us believe about immigration (YEP, May 31).

We are a small island and the people here have worked hard paying taxes and National Insurance in order to achieve what we have.

Yet immigrants are arriving here daily demanding child benefits, housing, schools, hospital treatments and so on without ever having paid into the system.

The electorate are not fools, Mr MacFadyen. We can see with our own eyes without listening to ‘ideologies’ from anyone.

At the present time none of our party leaders are looking forward to the next election.

They are running scared because someone has stood up and voiced the very things that the majority have been feeling for a number of years.

We do not want any more immigration, and we want to be out of the European Union which demands more of our money every year.

We want our sovereignty back, to be able to trade where we want and to be governed in our own country.

The whole system of immigration needs to be reformed. It is far too easy for anyone to come here.

We need a system where those who have a trade and possibly a job to come to would be welcomed.

They must be healthy, have enough money to survive at least six months, and be able to speak English.

No criminal convictions and any transgressions would see them deported immediately whether they have a cat, a family, or any other excuse for hanging on here.

June Green, Pudsey

Run marathon for meningitis

WE ARE pleased to offer places for the popular Yorkshire Marathon – around York’s historic sights and scenic country lanes – at £400 minimum sponsorship instead of £500.

Places are no longer available via the race website, but we have slots for the 26.2 mile run, which is flatter and faster than London, Paris, Chicago and Berlin’s events, on Sunday, October 12.

The charity, which has almost 30 years’ experience, exists to save lives and rebuild futures by funding research, raising awareness and providing support. Our vision is a future where no one in the UK dies of meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need.

To run to help us achieve this, call me on 01453 768000 or email

Liz Gough, Events Manager, Meningitis Now

Clean Town Hall before the Tour

Could our city fathers please tell us if there are any plans to clean up the Town Hall before the Tour de France Grand Depart?

The windows are dirty and the steps need scrubbing. A world class building needs to look smarter than that.

D Leek, Shadwell

Bones of contention

WHAT PLANET is Councillor Andrew Carter living on?

There are people struggling to live from day to day and pay their bills.

Genuine folk are having to use food banks, are on zero hour contracts, there are criminals walking out of open prisons on a daily basis, the NHS is being squeezed relentlessly... I could go on.

So what is our leader of the Conservative Group worrying himself with? The bones of Richard III not being buried in Yorkshire (YEP, May 30).

Say no more.

Kevin Jones, Gipton

Pole painting

In response to Mr Baurley’s letter regarding the issue of painting sign poles (June 2), obviously both poles should have been painted.

Due to a misunderstanding on the part of the contractor employed to carry out the work, this didn’t happen. Words have been had with the firm and they will be putting things right at the earliest opportunity. The only thing we have to wait for is a day without rain.

Coun Richard Lewis, Leeds City Council

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