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Litter louts who ruin our streets touch a nerve

A letter published by a YEP reader yesterday about the state of his rubbish-filled street, blaming private landlords and their clientele, provoked a huge reaction among readers and social media viewers. Here are some of your responses:

Sarah Wilson:

I’m a private landlord and I don’t know what checks I could do to ensure my tenants aren’t slobs.

I drive past my properties every couple of weeks to make sure they are tidy etc, but I fail to see what else I could do. And as for dog dirt that’s not unique to rented houses. I live in Pudsey and I think I might be the only person picking mine up. It’s all over the place and I can’t be the only person who doesn’t rent their house. I’d be interested to see where this gentleman lives that a landlord can get £850 a month paid rent from the council, I could barely break even on mine at the set rates the council would pay.

Julie K Smith

i got a new mattress last year. To get rid of the old one I just phoned the council and they booked me an appointment when they would collect it and sure enough on the day in question they had collected it by 8am, so there is no need for them to be thrown on the street.

Lisa Presley

I can’t help feeling this is yet another blanket attack on benefits claimants, tarring everyone with the same brush.

I am unfortunately in need of housing benefit and it was very hard for me to find a house in my area (Bramley) for myself and my children with a landlord who would accept it and I am grateful to have somewhere and take care of my home.

My children are respectful and know not to throw litter. In my street it is the working 20-somethings next door who cause noise pollution, throw cigarettes into the street, leave beer cans on my outer window ledge etc.

It is the working 30-somethings further down who just leave nappies and other rubbish anywhere in the bin area or street (including my recycling bin). I put the bins out on bin day and brings them back in.

These problems are due to people who for some reason do not respect their homes, neighbours and environment – but to assume it is only benefits claimants who act like this or to assume that all benefits claimants act like this, is wrong and quite offensive really.

Sarah Wilson

I agree Lisa. I rent houses and of all the tenants I’ve had, single professionals are by far the worst.

I’d rather have a family any day of the week

Nicola Walker

It’s down to consideration and respect and these individuals clearly have none.

This doesn’t just apply to benefit claimants it’s working families too!

I agree we need more bin collections for general waste as fortnightly isn’t enough and maybe council should enforce fines for people who don’t take their bins in.

Adele Burrows

At the end of the day some people live like they are animals (benefits or not).

They are the dregs of society and respect no one and nothing.

I feel so sorry for others that have to live next to such disgusting filth...

Lisa Savage

I couldn’t agree more (with Adele). I grew up in a council house on a council estate and my parents did work but weren’t on big wages. I knew a lad when I was about 20 and his mum and dad had a bought a house and she commented a few times about her son being better than me. Then I saw the disgusting dirty pig sty they called a house, so it’s not what you can afford to live in.

Danielle Brady

I live in Woodhouse and believe me it’s worse when students move out!

Becci Harris

Not sure which part of leeds this is, but where I live all I see is bins that have this kind of rubbish in them and nicely swept streets.

Dawn Julie Baird

I live in private rented accommodation and have never seen anything of this type.

Maybe if the bins were emptied more often and the council actually came to collect things like sofas on time then this wouldn’t be as bad. As for cigarette butts – put bins on streets. Dog mess – fine the owners. Drinks cans – bins. The council’s hands aren’t tied, they just can’t be bothered.

Ronnie Ward

You’ve hit the nail on the head there. Tenants don’t bother like owners do

Caroline Lee Ferreira

I do sympathise, but as a private tenant in a building of other private tenants (who all appear to be working and have nice cars) I do think you need to broaden the net to include everyone.

Lynne Fordyce

This is not the domain of benefit claimers but of people who have no commitment to the community they live in. Making newcomers welcome would be a start, developing a sense of community in people needs investment in individuals by councils and locals. Blaming is easy

Matthew Sorrell

Woah! This makes out like all private tenants are on benefits!?

I’m certainly not! I’m struggling along on barely any money, clean up after my dogs and I’ve never dumped a sofa in my life!

Jacqueline Hamilton

It’s everywhere now. I say fine the landlords then they would be more choosy on who they want to live in their houses.

Joanne Hoult

it isn’t necessarily a benefits issue, more a case of 20 somethings who have been spoilt and mollycoddled by their parents and now have no understanding of independence and having responsibility for their own life and possessions.

Dan Gire

How about the tenants take responsibility for their surroundings?

Angela Walshaw

I’ve been a private tenant and now a council tenant and have always had pride with my garden and property.

Wendy Britton

Some areas are bad and fly tipping is a pest there are some streets in our area where suites and other rubbish is just dumped because the people are too lazy to arrange for it to be collected.