YEP Letters: June 3

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I READ with interest that new stations are to be built at Kirkstall Forge and Apperley Bridge – and especially the end remark that it was a ‘triumph for agreement’ (YEP, May 28).

Can we, the travelling public, be assured that this type of agreement will be carried forward so that future transport facilities in the area match the requirements?

It is to be hoped that complementary ideas of providing stations to supplement those already mentioned will be fulfilled.

It would also be beneficial if plans were made public at the ideas stage before anything concrete is decided.

This would allow for more discussion about the plans with those who would be most affected and a chance to consider whether they are feasible.

There are plenty of contributors to your letters pages who have ideas to improve transport within West Yorkshire, some practicable and feasible and others just the opposite.

The implementation of ideas though, is down to discussion between the new transport group and the MPs and councillors and that is where agreement is paramount.

We can but hope that the individuals who represent their constituents realise that it is the whole picture that needs agreement and not just their own little kingdom.

D Angood, Leeds

A dangerous direction

Many people have commented on the video released by a newspaper allegedly showing two members of the pop band One Direction, both from this region, possibly smoking a ‘substance’.

Comments seem to mainly concentrate on the fact that using this substance in Peru is legal, up to a point.

Nobody, however, seems to have grasped the fact that young people might now be tempted to try a substance which, while apparently not physically addictive, is nevertheless clearly linked to the onset of psychotic illness in individuals with a certain type of ‘premorbid personality’, to use psychiatric jargon.

That is surely the point, isn’t it? Not whether it’s legal in another country so must be acceptable.

The stuff can be dangerous irrespective of some medical benefits.

I, for one, am sick of people where I live openly driving cars under its influence with no consideration of how lethal it might be.

Terry Maunder, Leeds

Plenty view UK as a free ride

IT WAS interesting to note the comments of Dave MacFadyen (YEP, May 31), when he decried people’s opinions and observations as ‘baseless tripe’ and then went on to produce statistics to denigrate the vast majority who voted throughout Europe in a wave of anti-immigration fervour.

What amuses me most is that he states that ‘millions died in the Second World War, giving their lives to defeat this sort of ideology’.

Perhaps he could produce a member of his family who fought during the war to substantiate this?

I have a late great uncle through marriage, who won the DFC and his pilot the VC during the war. Uncle Cyril’s words to me, when I visited him were: “I don’t know why I bothered”.

And before Mr MacFadyen jumps on the ‘racist’ bandwagon, I have Afro Caribbean friends and Ugandan Asian friends who came over to this country in the sixties and seventies who feel the same way.

They feel that their taxes are being wasted on people who just see the UK as a free ride.

Funny Mr MacFadyen, I don’t see hordes of British people rushing to Poland, Romania, or other EU countries to take up jobs which pay five times what we do.

Mark Hall, Pudsey

Make country equal for all

THANK YOU Dave MacFadyen, for stating the truth about this country’s financial situation.

Perhaps John Browne and Bernard Duffy haven’t the mathematical background and knowledge of Alan Slomson or they would realise that the Tories and Ukip don’t want people to know the facts. As David Cameron says “we are a very rich country”.

Let’s hope that in May 2015 we will have a Labour Government again who care about everyone so there are equal opportunities for all - not just the wealthy and privileged.

Pauline Brearley, Chapel Allerton

£1.4m on booze a sobering read

I HAVE definitely got hold of the wrong end of the stick by supposing that the Palace of Westminster is a place for sober decision making (YEP, May 29).

Some £1.4m spent on booze, including private events!

I have some decision making to do this evening and it’s my birthday, so I think a glass of sherry won’t go amiss.

Mavis Harrison, Oakwood

Missing a sign of Yorks arrival

I DRIVE up and down the M1 most weeks and I have always wondered why there is no sign when you cross into Yorkshire from Derbyshire.

All other counties mark their boundaries with a sign so you know where you are.

On the M62 there is a small white and red rose sign, so why not a big sign on the M1 saying ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’?

As most people are looking forward to the Tour de France shouldn’t people know when they are in Yorkshire?

Paul Drysdale, Horsforth

Deafening noise on visit to pub

LIKE YOUR Taverner columnist Simon Jenkins, I enjoy visiting different pubs to see what beers are available, preferably real ales, and assess the ambience.

However, I have to take issue with him regarding his latest visit, to the Angel Inn at Rothwell (YEP, May 29).

When I visited, the televisions were so deafeningly loud that no matter where you tried to sit or stand the noise level was uncomfortable.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there were several family groups with children whose intent appeared to be to shout even more loudly than the televisions when not running up and down causing mayhem.

It is not pub etiquette to use the dining end of the premises simply for a quiet drink, so I supped up as quickly as possible and beat a hasty retreat.

Either Simon was lucky when he called, or I was unlucky.

Sadly Simon won’t be able to make his planned return visit to Hoagy’s Bar in Eastgate as the doors closed there in January. My memories of this one go back even further than his, as during the 1960s I regularly used the upstairs music room in the days when it was called the Yorkshire Hussar. As Hoagy’s it will be sadly missed by many people I knew who used it as a popular meeting place. It is so depressing to see the entire south side of Eastgate, such a fine parade of buildings, now blocked off by barriers and covered in scaffolding prior to ‘redevelopment’ simply to construct yet another characterless shopping precinct that nobody in my acquaintance is likely to use, as it is unlikely to contain a traditional drinking place like Hoagy’s.

John R Mollett, Harehills

Great show of human kindness

MAY I say a big thank you to the ambulance, medical and security staff, even the customers of the White Rose Centre, for all their help and kindness shown when my husband suffered a stroke.

They say human kindness has disappeared but certainly not in this instance.

Mrs J Howdle and family, Leeds

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