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A look back at 1970s album charts

Terry Maunder, Kirkstall.

music is a big interest in my world: many different styles, Africa, Cuban, blues, jazz, soul, rock, classical, roots reggae/ska/Blue Beat and so on but never opera.

One thing I’ve enjoyed in the YEP’s Retro section is looking at the album charts and how varied they can be. 1970 had the biggest selling albums, so we got Paint Your Wagon in the same list as Led Zeppelin 2 and what a contrast with the other soundtrack, Easy Rider.

This week, 1972, it’s a critic’s choice and there’s the largely acoustic Pink Moon by the superb, and sadly gone, Nick Drake, which will not have sold many copies at the time, although he now has a strong cult following. First pressings of his first album Five Leaves Left sell for a lot of money now (the solid Island pink label version). Nestled alongside this, all that heavy progressive rock (Genesis, Yes etc), another singer-songwriter Neil Young and Lou Reed’s Transformer, which sold more than any of The Velvet Underground albums ever did.Interesting and so many new sounds to come: the arrival of punk/New Wave, disco and 2 Tone emerging at the end of the decade, to mention just three.

New rail station for airport: your views

PLANS for new railway stations serving Leeds-Bradford Airport and Elland are set to take a significant set step forward this week.Council leaders in West Yorkshire are set to agree to spend £15m developing a package of transport and other infrastructure improvements including the two stations. The proposed station for Leeds-Bradford Airport would be built on the existing railway line between Leeds and Harrogate. The ‘parkway’ station would act as a park-and-ride scheme for commuters and connect to the airport via bus services. Critics of the proposal have argued a direct rail line should be built to the airport. If it goes ahead the station - which could cost up to £25m to build - would be served by trains stopping at least every half hour. Here’s how YEP readers reacted to the proposal on social media...

Lee Ellis

They are on about this ‘parkway’ station for the airport connected by bus links a mile away. If I am not wrong the Horsforth train station is roughly 1.1 mile from the airport so why can’t they simply just place another track connected to the Harrogate line, cut through the fields? Would cost far less and be a simpler solution if it went straight to the airport.

Colin Sorrell

A COMPLETE waste of public money. How many travellers will use the “parkway”?

Not enough to justify the spend, I guess. The airport charges £3 for a pick up but no shelter for those waiting. Is the Arrow taxi franchise and priority access fair when in these days an open market would provide competition and allow passengers greater choice?

Only three baggage collection points when as many as eight flights land at busy times, try landing at 11.30pm on a Friday night and joining the queue through passport control. If the airport cannot provide for its passengers, why should the public provide for the infrastructure?

Vicky O’Halloran

I wonder if LCC actually bother to listen to anyone about this new station! What is the point when it’s a mile away? Guiseley station not far away but no one uses it for the airport, so why would they use this when it’s the same as travelling in your car, parking up and getting a shuttle bus....the amount of times the airport is affected by weather is crazy too!

Chris Butler

one of the reasons I use Manchester airport is that the rail station goes directly into the terminal. Why bother spending a lot of money on a “parkway” halfway house solution? Manchester will continue to offer a much better solution to rail travellers.

John Salt

Leeds Bradford Airport will probably start charging trains to stop at the new station. Manchester will remain the leader with Doncaster 
catching up. The latter has vision. LBIA is stuck in dreamland.

John Hanson

Better spending the money on a new airport in a better location.

The place is a hell hole. They keep increasing passenger numbers yet the place can’t cope as it is. Any more than a few flights out within a hour of each other and the place is carnage and coming back through passport control is even worse. Even though it’s only 20 minutes from our house, much prefer to go from Manchester.

David Holdsworth

LCC will spend millions on plans and consulting fees then shelve it. Just look at the tram/trolley bus project, how many times have the people of Leeds been promised better transport net work? Build a mono rail, something that no other UK city has.

David Lockwood

Waste of time, really, building a station to the airport when you’ve still got to catch a bus from the station to the airport! Would make more sense to have a junction at Horsforth station and tunnel under the fields to the airport.

Steve Waterhouse

Leeds has a golden opportunity here and needs a station at the airport. Manchester is overgrown and a nightmare to get to at times.

Gary Endeacott

Believe it when I see it. Manchester still better no matter how much our council throw at this project. A total waste if you ask me.

Ants Lee

Just build a direct rail link to the airport and stop messing about with these half hearted schemes.

Winston Kodogo, via website

Time and time again we are let down by the powers that be, what a mad scheme!

I won’t be using it, what a hassle getting off trains with luggage then onto buses. Manchester Airport will continue to get my custom, easy to get to Manchester,by car or a train direct from Leeds right into Manchester Airport itself, a much more pleasant and hassle free journey than LBA.

loinerbornandbred, via website

From east Leeds I would take my suitcases for my holiday to the station get them on the train, take them off at Leeds, drag them across the platform, carry them onto the Harrogate train, take them off at the new station, pull them to the bus, carry them onto the bus, take them off at the airport and then to check in.

Or I could get them on a train in east Leeds and take them off again in Manchester Airport and you know what, the journeys would be the same time. Which service should I use when, by pre-booking, my train ticket to Manchester is around £7?

Davidsneddon, via website

Like I have said before, this is a waste of time hairbrained scheme that no one will use.

A disgraceful waste of Leeds folks’ money. We all want to support LBA but schemes like this just leave 
us continuing to use Manchester Airport, an airport easy to get to from most of Yorkshire across the motorway or by rail.

Robert Stebbings

Surely there must be a way to build a line that goes direct to the airport itself though. The road access also needs addressing. So far behind Manchester airport in every respect.

Pontefract Civic Society

I wonder if other parts of the regional rail network with greater passenger number will also take a step forward for improvements on stations and services – Leeds to Castleford on to Glass Houghton, Pontefract Monkhill railway station and Knottingley.

Can we shut up and get on!

PJ Blackshaw, Cleckheaton

I AM now getting thoroughly sick and tired of all the discussions surrounding Brexit.

Everyone and his dog seems to have a different idea of what we voted for.

We had a referendum on June 23, 2016, and the vote was – simply – to leave the EU.

We didn’t vote for a soft Brexit or a hard Brexit. We voted to leave, full stop. The result of that referendum stands.

Can everybody, please, just shut up and let the Prime Minister get on with doing 
what the referendum gave her a mandate to do? Leave the EU.

Support our emergency services

John Appleyard, Liversedge

BBC Radio 4 last week celebrated 80 years of our emergency services which were set up in 1937.

Our 999 services covered fire, police and ambulance and this was in an era when not many people had the use of a home telephone, so imagine the chaos that existed in those days as people struggled to find a phone box to report fires, crime and accidents.

Today there is hardly anyone without a phone but we are still reliant on our emergency services to operate in a speedy fashion and it’s important that our government gives them the support they need.

Join the Big Stitch for BHF

Linda Puchala, Area Manager at the British Heart Foundation

If you want to stand out from the fashion crowd, improve your sewing skills or just want a fun way to raise money for charity, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has the perfect solution.

I’m calling on all keen and novice sewers to take part in The Big Stitch this July by heading to your nearest BHF shop, buying an item and injecting your own 
fashion flair to it by practising sewing and dressmaking skills.

Every item bought and revamped throughout July will bring us one step closer to ending the devastation caused by heart disease.

Every year, heart and circulatory disease kills around 14,000 in Yorkshire and the Humber and currently, 616,000 people in the region are living with its burden so the need to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat these terrible conditions is more urgent than ever.

If you post your ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture on social media throughout July, tagging the BHF on Twitter, Instagram or on the BHF’s Facebook page and using the hashtag #TheBigStitch, you will be in with a chance of winning a special night out at a London West End show with YouTube sensation, Just Jodes for you and a friend. For more information visit bhf.org.uk/TheBigStitch

Urban fox culling

Tod Bradbury, Campaigner, Animal Aid

While fox hunting is a very relevant political topic at present, it is also important not to forget other horrors facing foxes in urban environments – namely culling by “pest” controllers.

Animal Aid has been inundated by concerned members of the public who are horrified at news of urban foxes being culled near their homes. Foxes are generally trapped and shot.

What’s even worse is that at this time of year, fox cubs are still reliant on their mothers to survive – if a mother fox is trapped and killed, her babies will starve to death.

Culling foxes is not only cruel, but ineffective. If a fox (or indeed a family of foxes) is killed, the vacant territory will quickly be taken over by new foxes – thus resulting in an endless cycle of trapping and culling. As such the government recommends the use of non-lethal, humane deterrence as the most effective way of resolving any conflicts one may be having with foxes. Humane methods of deterrence are not only better for wildlife, but they are often cheaper in the long-term and satisfy everyone – those who do not want foxes to be unnecessarily killed, and those who do not want them on their property.

Animal Aid produces fact sheets on humane wildlife deterrence for foxes, birds, rats and mice, moles, and squirrels. For more details email info@animalaid.org.uk.

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