YEP Letters: June 20

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Proud of new generation

Maureen Beddow, Leeds

Has anyone else noticed that we have a new generation of children coming up? Pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable, very pleasing to know.

Well, I live in St James Walk, Horsforth and believe me there are some super kids down here, due, I am sure, to parents and the great schools in the area. The old “as a 
child, keep your place” has passed.

They always acknowledge people, a young person delivered an Avon book to me one day, I was not well and said so.

Later in the evening she came back and asked how I was, that was such a caring act.

We are now firm friends with her parents and little sister aged six who wouldn’t speak at all at first, now she chatters all the time. We are pensioners and the girls visit a lot.

Two brothers up the street have always sent us Christmas cards, even before we really knew them except to say “hello”.

One day I was limping down the street and one of them ran across and asked if I needed any help and we have been friends since, the boys have nice parents.

We live on a hill, quite steep for us, my husband is housebound so I was going up the hill every day for the paper, one of the boys is bringing my paper now and I know the other one will help if we need it.

We would never expect them to do it or ask them but they offered and we are grateful. We won’t mention names as they would probably be embarrassed but they will know who I mean.

The other children in the street or visiting are the same, they all get on together.

So well done mums and dads, Horsforth teachers, St James Church, who also do so much for the youngsters today and people of all ages. It is a good community.

Look around you and see what I mean. It hasn’t always been like this, believe me.

I am so proud to know these youngsters.

Help through a stressful life

by email

The subject being born gay is on the news again.

I have three brothers and between us we had five sons of which two were gay.

By a freak of nature born male but with a female mind is not your fault and adults who cannot understand it need to go back to the drawing board.

Children at school should be taught the facts of life so they know everything which explains we are not all born normal and why.

A person’s set life is or should be private so it is irrelevant to most of us what other people do in their bedrooms and be thankful if you were born normal.

Parents of gays or lesbians should give them their approval as they need it to help them through a very stressful life that they did not ask for.

What’s the solution?

M Meeson, Leeds

In reply to the Rev R Paterson (YEP, June 18) he states that various websites give clarity to the asylum seeker and illegal immigrants, but does not give any information himself whilst condemning known facts.

There are, at any one time, 2,400 illegal immigrants at Calais using any methods they can to reach Britain.

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart blames Britain’s black market economy and “cushy benefits system” for the illegal immigrant crisis in Northern France.

Italy has threatened to grant European Union travel permits to thousands of African migrants thus allowing them to travel anywhere within the EU’s borderless Schengen zone, this would then create a greater flow of migrants at Calais.

The solution is to stop the flow of the African migrants and return them back to the country of origin, the message would then reach those thinking of making this dangerous journey across the Mediterranean.

I would appreciate the Rev R Paterson’s solution to this problem, or hasn’t he got 

Creams is cream of crop

A grateful senior citizen, by email

I visited Creams with a friend on Wednesday lunchtime.

We were shown to a table by a charming young waiter. After much deliberation as there was so much to choose from, we placed our order.

Our choices came beautifully presented, and we both enjoyed what we had. We caught up with our news and I suddenly felt faint, so I told my friend that I would just slip to the toilet.

I took a few steps and collapsed. When I came round I was surrounded by concerned staff two of whom where frantically fanning me with menus, and glasses of water were presented to me.

An ambulance had been sent for, but seemed to be taking a while, so a member of staff rang again another went look for its arrival. The ambulance service asked to speak to me to check how I was and I was able to tell them I felt much better.

I reported to A&E and received a complete health check before being allowed home. I just want to publically thank the wonderful staff of Creams, and the hard working staff of A&E. We hear all the stories of long waits etc but I was seen within a few minutes of arrival.

Despite being rushed of their feet all the staff I saw were reassuring and helpful, and although I had waits between each, none were excessive. A big thank you to all of you.

Help needed for technophobes

D Rodgers, Leeds

Please can we have a service which provides advice and a home visit to ensure total satisfaction and understanding when changing from an old TV and digi recorder the latest flat screen TV as my recent experiences when upgrading were not pleasant and the stuff of nightmares.

I paid out to an aeriel maintenance man three times for help but he was not really interested if I understood how to record programmes etc.

I am sure the experience would have been a lot worse if I were elderly or a lot more ill than I am already.

Such a service would be a great money maker and a godsend for technophobes like me.