YEP Letters: June 2

Looking towards the Gledhow Wing at St James's Hospital, Leeds.
Looking towards the Gledhow Wing at St James's Hospital, Leeds.
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Leeds hospital staff are ‘amazing’

Marie Nelson, Leeds

I was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago and spent many times in hospital and as an outpatient attending appointments.

I would like to say thank you to all staff on wards 38 and 39 at the LGI, the care was outstanding. The plastics department who helped aid my recovery. The dedicated and caring staff in the breast unit at St James’s who supported me so well and the remarkable breast care nurses that took fantastic care of me during my visits.

I unfortunately had to visit A&E in 2016 the staff were so busy but the care I received was outstanding.

I want to say a massive thankyou to all the doctors and nurses on ward 23 in the Chancellor Wing and the excellent observation of Rachael that got me the medical help I needed. The kind lady that bought me coffee and offered her kind words of comfort. There is also Ward 98 in the Bexley Wing the nursing team were so caring and dedicated and my every need was met nothing was too much trouble even on the hottest day of the year. Thankyou to each and every amazing member of staff with my recovery. What a team.

Plans for new apartments in south Leeds

Big plans for a major new housing complex in south Leeds have been submitted. X1 Developments Ltd has lodged an application to build 928 apartments and ground floor commercial plots along with car parking and public space over five buildings between six and 20 storeys in Hunslet.The application site is at 123 to 125 Hunslet Road which is being regenerated as the city’s South Bank area. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

John Blair

and will there be a school and doctors, dentist and other services or shall we just hope the already overloaded ones in Leeds will cope?

George R Carman

They meant multi-storey flats, there’s loads in Leeds, and nobody wants to live in them. Going back to 1960s!

Melissa Jay

I’ve lived in a high rise for five years. I have not come across any flats empty. If you’re single or a couple without children then there isn’t anything wrong with a high rise flat.

People cry about homelessness but people ‘won’t’ live in flats? If I was homeless I would take anything given. Flats are a good stepping stone for people, and I believe if we stopped the stigma of ‘druggies and drunks’ living in flats and give working people /single people a chance to live there then community would be healthier and happier.

Sharron Walker

And will these be affordable for everyone?

Rob Chesterfield

More investment opportunities for the many not the few.

Jonathan Charlish

Just what Leeds needs, more people, more cars, more congestion.

Katrina Nanna Kat Burnell

Sort out the traffic problems, it’s already bad on busy mornings and considering kids have to get to the schools down there it’s not good when traffic is at a snails pace, never mind adding to it.

Better traffic management is needed, people are parking their cars on the small estates in Hunslet where residents live and getting the buses into Leeds taking up residents’ parking spots all day.

It’s out of order, sort out the other problems instead of creating even more.

Dawn Halliday

It’s right next to the school. Can’t they develop the land for school use?

Second thoughts, that won’t bring in any money.

Andy Britton

Affordable housing what is needed not more apartments.

Sonia White

I lived in a block of flats for a number of years with my daughter and husband, I loved it.

If I could have moved my flat when I moved I would have taken it with me.

“Drastic” measures are being considered to stamp out disrespectful behaviour including football games and picnics at a burial ground. Otley and Yeadon councillors met the head of Leeds City Council’s bereavement services last week to discuss what could be done to tackle the mistreatment of Yeadon cemetery. They say a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) which would prohibit certain “inappropriate” actions at the site could now be drawn up. An area in front of the cemetery is used as an ad-hoc viewing space by people watching planes at nearby Leeds Bradford Airport. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Dave Stankler

About time the airport did something to provide proper viewing facilities so people would not need to use this site.

Mark Allan

Agreed, there should be a place for people to observe. Not that I’m condoning disrespectful actions of some, it’s always the actions of a few that spoil things for the many.

Jake Robinson

Nobody needs to use the site, they want to. An afternoon looking at planes seems to be more important than respecting people’s ancestors.

Josie Beaumont

There’s a cafe you can go to at the side of the runway already. I don’t think it would make a difference if they purpose built another viewing point people would still go here. We have been loads of times to this spot and sat on the wall or in the car. Never played football or had a picnic though.

David Irene Hill Woodward

We visit this cemetery on a regular basis and this is not a one off situation, it happens regularly and something needs to be done about it.

Ben Butterfield

A sad reflection on today’s society.

No respect for any thing other than their own.

Jo Martino

My mum is buried in there. Disrespectful in so many ways. Hope they feel ashamed of themselves.

Liz Gilboy

I visit my dad regularly, and nearly always people having picnics if the sun is out.

Joanne Murdoch

Been up a few times to watch the planes, never ever used the cemetery, always used the little dirt road behind the airport. How disrespectful.