YEP Letters: June 2

Licensee Scott Westlake in the beer garden at The Myrtle pub Meanwoo who is having no smoking in the beer garden 31st may 2017
Licensee Scott Westlake in the beer garden at The Myrtle pub Meanwoo who is having no smoking in the beer garden 31st may 2017
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A pub landlord in Meanwood is promising his beer garden will be a breath of fresh air for families in north Leeds after making it a smoke-free zone. Scott Westlake has decided to take the controversial step of stubbing out smoking at the Myrtle Tavern’s beer garden in what is believed to be a first for Leeds. Smokers at the Parkside Road boozer will no longer be allowed to light up while supping a drink in the sun as part of his bid to make the pub more family-friendly. It comes 10 years after smoking was made illegal inside pubs and other public buildings across England. Here’s how YEP readers have reacted to the news on social media...

Jackie Griffiths

He’ll lose business of smokers but probably gain business from non-smokers.

As a non-smoker, given the option of being sat near smokers or not then I’ll opt not. Smokers can still smoke in the designated area or there are plenty of pubs that allow smoking in the beer garden.

Smokers have a right to smoke, non smokers have a right to sit outside without having to breathe smoke.

Seems a good idea to have a mix that is best each.

Jane Tomlin

As my mum used to say, pubs aren’t for children. I do however take mine to the pub, but that’s my choice, and I think family pubs are a good thing and no smoking areas are a good idea. However, adults go out, they drink and smoke and swear. Pubs are for adults, if parents don’t like their kids being around drunk people, swearing and smoking, don’t take them to the pub.

Robin Perkins

Interesting - what about an area outside for smokers and an area for non smokers - keep them separate like they used to do in some pubs before the ban - seemed to work for the majority.

Dave Hope

Good on him, a brave landlord.

Andrew Kelly

Not sure about this one, even though I’m a non-smoker I think the smokers should be allowed to enjoy a beer and a cig outside.

Pauline Anne-Marie Gilmore

There is still a designated smoking area, just not on the grassed area where the children play. Good on you Scott. Thinking of everyone.

Allen Bowers

Ridiculous. As an ex-smoker, I think this such a stupid idea. Why not just ban smokers from the pub? I’d drink elsewhere.

Paul Brooksbank

Good lad. Sick of getting a lung full of that rubbish if I want to sit outside a pub. It’s like going through the mist on Stars in their Eyes entering a pub from smokers hanging around the doors. Smoking should be banned in all public places. Well done.

Carol Barrow

Years ago smoking was accepted even on buses and trains. Children were not allowed in pubs but were in the Working Men’s Clubs, where people still smoked. The point I am trying to make is did passive smoking have such a bad effect on my generation or not? The tests were never even a consideration. I am sick to death of this nanny state that tells you how to live your life, by their rules. It is also a fact alcohol isn’t good in excess but will they close their breweries next?

Nicola Ream

I don’t smoke but this is unfair people need somewhere to smoke when visiting a pub. I really feel smokers get a bad run, it’s not on.

Emily De Luca

Personally I’m glad. As a non smoker who genuinely can’t stand the smell of smoke I’m glad I can go to a beer garden and enjoy food and drink without feeling sick! I’m sure there’ll be a designated area for smokers to do so.

Siobhan Ami Bocking

As a parent who rarely goes out, I like this idea. Very rarely I will meet friends for one drink and sit outside as I feel the atmosphere in general is better for kids. I will actually try this place now. For people who don’t like this smoking ban, it’s in one pub. In the whole of Meanwood, in the whole of Leeds, in the whole of Yorkshire. You get the picture. I don’t mean to be rude but drink somewhere else.

Carol Wilson

I am sure his profits will make him rethink. I have never smoked. People smoking outside in a beer garden doesn’t bother me so long the fag ends are disposed of properly.

Sarah Carney

Those pesky non-smokers only want our beer gardens when the sun is shining! If they were all weather users like us smokers then it wouldn’t be an issue but they only claim our seating in the sun.

Shona Boyes

I’m a non-smoker and I couldn’t care less. If people want to smoke then that’s their right to do so. Even as a non smoker it’s getting to stage where we are being told how to live our lives and what we can and can’t do.

Gemma Holroyd

If the beer garden is near a children’s play area then yes I agree.

Can you imagine a lovely hot day, going to pub with kids to go sit outside and play and it’s full of smokers?

Quentin William Mills

we smokers are sick to death of being treated like second class citizens - can’t smoke inside, can’t smoke in the car, can’t smoke in hospital grounds, can’t smoke in pubs and clubs and now can’t smoke in a beer garden.

We pay huge sums of money to the government in tabacco taxes.

Let’s see how public services suffer if people suddenly stopped smoking. If smoking is considered all that bad, just make it illegal! But the government won’t do that because of all the taxes we pay. People want to enjoy a pint and a cigarette in peace without screaming kids running about the place.

Can we have a dedicated, fencing off area for children, too? Or maybe parents could take them to a more children friendly place, for example, the park?

James Alexander Phillips

I only like smoking when I drink... going to another spot to smoke and come back is just daft. Why can’t we have pubs for smokers and pubs for non smokers? Why do non smokers have to go to every pub?

Joanna Cooper

Of course smokers have a right to smoke, to increase their risk of heart disease, all cancers, lung disease, vascular disease in fact pretty much every disease can be linked to be more at risk if you are smoker.

That’s your choice, but it’s not the choice of non smokers who would have to put up with your cigarette smoke increasing their risk of 

Those of you who think people just go to pubs to get drunk whilst their children play are clearly trying to justify their smoking being okay.

Those of you who moan about not being able to smoke at hospitals etc just think about how offensive it is for patients who are undergoing chemo etc for cancer who have never smoked who have to walk through your poisonous fog to get to the door and there you are increasing your risk.

Smoke yourself to death but do it in your own home.

Edwina Brooksbank

Great idea - I want to sit outside sometimes and not be forced to smoke.