YEP Letters: June 2

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Fine landlords over behaviour of their tenants

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I can’t remember the last time I set off to work at 5.30am on a Monday morning and didn’t trip over an old sofa or mattress that been dumped at the end of the street over the weekend. That’s after tackling the minefield of dog mess on the pavements.

The root cause of this ‘phenomenon’? Private landlords and their clientele.

My street was once clean, tidy, and a safe and happy place for children to play.

Now it’s just a haven for landlords to fleece taxpayers in the form of housing benefits (they can get up to £850 a month if it’s a non-working household - here the majority are not working).

No-one has any pride or consideration for others: dirty nappies, discarded drinks cans, cigarette butts just thrown out of doors and windows, overflowing bins that are never taken back in.

The council’s hands are tied. They can warn and fine the tenants (and they have) but as soon as they move on, the grabbing landlords just move more of the same in.

Maybe if the council started fining the landlords then they might be a bit more choosy about the tenants.

Better still, get the councillors or the MP to live amongst them then they might be concerned enough to do something positive.

If I could afford to start again I would, but the only interest I would get for my house would be from a landlord and probably £20,000 less than its value so I’ve no option but to stay put, surrounded by lazy, dirty, inconsiderate ‘people’

Stank Hall needs council help

Philip Crowther, Bingley

Leeds City Council hang your head in shame!


On your doorstep is the unique Stank Hall and Stank Hall Barn at Beeston which had a public open day on Saturday.

The site in general stands on the location of a hunting lodge visited by King John and evidence of earlier artefacts raise the importance of the location to a high status in English history.

In particular the magnificent barn has ancient timber columns, tie beams, trusses and posts whilst the Hall has a rare example of an external chimney stack which was used to dry and fumigate clothes, something only well-to-do occupiers could have owned.

At the open day I was surprised to see these buildings in a sad state of neglect and in need of financial input as well as the recognition of the appropriate national bodies to raise awareness of the plight Stank Hall is in.

The few volunteers, who bravely and enthusiastically were so helpful and informative on Saturday, are working with meagre funds to create medieval planting examples in the grounds and rely on commercial enterprises to provide occasional labour.

The raising of awareness and funding could bring into play exposure the like of Time Team brings and the usage of the site for the film industry could bring in cash to assist the project.

Where are you Leeds City Council on this irreplaceable gem?

Withdraw from 2018 World Cup

Jack Banner, Meanwood

Only the most naive amongst us will not have realised long ago that FIFA was a totally corrupt organisation.

How else could Russia and Qatar have been selected to hold the World Cup?

For a long time I have thought that the world of politics was the most corrupted on earth.

How wrong was I! Sepp Blatter, as the head of the organisation cannot claim ignorance of what was taking place within it.

Nothing will change until the companies pumping millions into FIFA insist that the organisation be run properly and equitably .

As I write, Mr Blatter has been re-elected.

Nothing will change until major European countries agree to withdraw from the World Cup until Blatter is history!

It can be done if the will exists.

Too many using all the freebies

Kim Ingle, Gildersome

We write in response to the letter from Colin Proctor of Cookridge (Letters, 29 May). He is totally deluded if he thinks the late Mrs Thatcher brought Britain to its knees.

Only Labour governments have so far done that!

We were beginning to fear the election because we seriously thought Ed Miliband was going to win. Thank goodness he didn’t!

The only thing Mrs Thatcher did get wrong was the so-called poll tax.

Abolishing free bus passes, heating allowances and TV licences would be great. Far too many people take advantage of all these freebies which most don’t need (including us), and at the end of the day someone has to foot the bill which must be huge!

Just to illustrate this; we happened to be in Meadowhall one day last year and a number of OAPs were demonstrating at the loss of free train travel. Their audacity knows no bounds!

We’ve only ever had free bus travel in West Yorkshire. My wife and I thought their behaviour was absolutely deplorable.

And needless to say we didn’t sign their petition!

Well done, you did so well!

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