YEP Letters: June 16

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MANY OF the elderly in Britain have noticed the rise of the Muslim faith in this country and the gradual loss of our Christian way of life.

Gone are the religious themes of Christmas, Easter and Whitsun and most now think such dates are to receive gifts and chocolate eggs.

Everyone used to look forward to Whitsun Walks and all the young bands that used to turn out.

Now they are just distant memories – yet the Muslim festivities and parades go from strength to strength.

Isn’t it time that Old Sleepy Bulldog shook himself and realised just what is happening to this country?

Britain has had immigrants since the beginning of time, and all have helped to make England great.

But it was also the case that all religions were respected and everyone had his or her own views to follow.

I believe that was what made England ‘Great Britain’.

Many of us oldies are wondering why this latest news of the attempted takeover of some schools by hardline Muslims took those in authority so long to recognising the situation.

Olga Twist, Whinmoor

In the recent television reports regarding the alleged teaching of extreme Islamic views to children in schools in Birmingham, I noticed a few disturbing sights.

Most of the parents interviewed were Muslim and the back views of the children showed them to be in Muslim dress with their heads covered.

I would be interested to know if any Christian children attend these schools and, if so, why were their parents not on camera and asked their opinions?

Edna Levi, Leeds

Bus lane will add to congestion

In response to Angela Dale’s question about the magic route that will take people from the new Elland Road park and ride to the city centre in six minutes (YEP, June 12), I reckon I can provide the answer.

It will be called a bus lane. A permanent one at that.

It will narrow the dual carriageway to a single lane, thus creating twice the congestion for motorists trying to access or even circumnavigate Leeds city centre.

There will be cameras and fines for transgressors.

There will be no second chance, just a lumping great fine.

There will be one, two, maybe three buses using this piece of road while hundreds of cars, vans and trucks sit in a queue twice the length it needs to be.

The queues will foul up the preceding roundabouts, restricting flow on to the adjacent motorway.

The whole road system will, once again, come to a halt.

And all so that five minutes can be shaved off a bus journey into the city centre.

Think I’m joking? Just look at every other bus lane in Leeds and try to prove me wrong.

Bob Green, Armley

The failings of Theresa May

How much longer can the beleaguered Home Secretary Theresa May hang on to her position?

She has been proven incompetent in so many of her areas of responsibility that it must occur to her colleagues that she is just not the right person for the job.

A few days ago, she insisted that there was not a problem with the processing of passport applications.

Subsequently she has introduced what amount to ‘emergency measures’ to resolve what she did not perceive as a problem.

I came to the conclusion long ago that there is the real world, inhabited by you and I, and another, set aside for MPs.

If it wasn’t so serious, this situation would be hilarious.

Jack Banner, Meanwood

Unite in support of England

What a sad world we live in when Harry Potter author JK Rowling is subjected to a vile torrent of abuse after donating £1m to the fight against Scottish independence.

I suspect that these are the same morons who will go out and buy an Italian, Uruguay and Costa Rican shirt, sit in the pub and hope England get beaten.

Being the only country representing the UK in the World Cup, wouldn’t it be nice if the other three got behind us to cheer us on?

Pigs might fly.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

MPs are far from ordinary

On the matter of the debate over the closure of the grammar schools in respect of its effect on the make up of social representation in British politics (YEP, June 11), I would like to add my two pence worth.

It is the front-bench members of the political parties who formulate and, if in government, implement policies.

Most of these individuals – since John Prescott, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s token working class front-bench member – come from private educational backgrounds.

The obvious exceptions are those who benefited from a free university education before getting into Parliament and promptly voting to scrap it.

The chances of any back-bench MP who comes from an ordinary educational background making it on to the front benches and exerting any influence that may be in the interests of the majority is about as likely as a donkey winning the Grand National.

Derek Barker, Moortown

Prince’s medals belittle heroism

WATCHING coverage of the recent anniversary service from Normandy to commemorate D-Day, I noticed Prince Charles sporting a chest full of medals.

It made a mockery of the whole event and belittled the heroism of all those who took part in the landings.

I imagine the nearest Prince Charles ever came to conflict was dodging cups and saucers thrown at him by Princess Diana.

Martin Phillips, Cookridge

Golfers pay for park upkeep

IF THE council closes Gotts Park Golf Course (YEP, June 12), they will lose revenue from season ticket holders and also from the paying public.

This amounts to thousands of pounds every year, which in turn pays for the machinery that cuts the grass and supports the upkeep of the park.

If the golf course closes, the park will still need the same machinery for the maintenance of the public park area.

The council will then have to find other ways to pay for this.

How can the council claim that by closing the course they will be able to save money?

Surely they are going to have to spend the same amount. Without the golfers, where will the money come from?

Furthermore, and this is my main concern, they are depriving the golfers of their preferred sport and in doing so, a lot of the older veterans will not find it easy to relocate to other golf clubs.

This could mean that they will have no form of regular exercise or a chance to socialise with their friends or other competitors on a weekly basis.

Not only that, but Gotts Parks Golf Course is a Leeds landmark and it will be a very sad day for everyone should the council get their way and close it.

In this day and age, when so many things are being lost due to lack of funding, surely this one little piece of our heritage can be saved?

So may I respectfully request that you take all this into careful consideration before casting your vote on this issue.

I am a long time member of the Gotts Park Golf Club and I cannot believe that this situation has arisen.

Peter Brier, Wortley

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