YEP Letters: June 14

General Election 2017.'Conservative's Andrea Jenkyns regains the Morley and Outwood constituency at Leeds Town Hall.'8th June 2017.'Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe
General Election 2017.'Conservative's Andrea Jenkyns regains the Morley and Outwood constituency at Leeds Town Hall.'8th June 2017.'Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe
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When is campaigning harassment?

Maria Spadafora, Morley

I WOULD like to know at what point political campaigning can be classed as harassment?

As dramatic as it sounds, my son and I feel somewhat stalked by Andrea Jenkyns and Theresa May.

On June 7 we received a sixth direct mail addressed to my son from the Conservative Party, courting his vote, despite me writing to them on more than one occasion asking them to stop.

Whatever algorithms they use to generate mail outs seem unable to do simple maths 
and calculate that, at age 16, he’s not eligible to vote.

Charges for diesel cars by 2022? Your views

A LEADING academic who advises Leeds City Council on vehicle emissions and air quality believes it will be at least another five years before diesel car owners face the prospect of paying to drive in Leeds city centre. Associate Professor Dr James Tate of the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds said the Government should increase road tax for diesel cars before introducing clean air zones in city centres in a bid to reduce the numbers of diesels. Here’s what YEP readers had to say on the subject on social media..

Diana White

can we remember it was the government that encouraged people to buy diesel cars as they were better than petrol and now they have decided it’s the other way round.

How long is it before they change their minds again and diesel cars are not as bad as they make out, especially the modern engines?

Bill Palfreman

This is a very bad idea. Diesel pollution is real enough, but you don’t tackle it by grossly disproportionate taxes. That’s worse.

At most insist that new buses, taxis and private hire after that date be petrol or LPG. These are hugely expensive pieces of equipment. You can’t expect people to slough them off in one go.

Not necessary to restrict lorries and vans at all. They don’t make up a large proportion of traffic (it is mostly buses and taxis) and are of vital commercial importance where cost will be directly passed to consumers.

Niall Wilson

I DRIVE an older diesel but even if they put road tax up or charge to drive in into cities I will still drive it as I can’t afford a newer car of same spec and power.

Chris Hardwick

Maybe invest in public transport before even thinking of another tax. People trying to making a living and find cause of congestion, cars sitting in traffic are the biggest polluters. Easy way out for the council rather doing proper job again. They want this city to be great but without good public transport Leeds will be a second rate city.

Tom Jackson

My Caddy van is 17 years old. 300k on it. And can run it 
for another 17 and it will produce less emmisions than what a new one will cost to make.

David Watson

It is said that a Toyota Prius is worse for the environment that a US military Hummer.

But then again, the UN IPCC state that a medium sized pet dog has a bigger carbon footprint that two Range Rovers.

For every green argument there is a counter to shut up the ecomentalists.

Dawn Sheldrake

If diesel cars are that bad why are some zero tax or only £30 a year to tax? How about all the buses that pump out black smoke?

Mandy Upton

Does that mean taxi fares will go up as a lot of taxis are diesel.

Stall holders at Leeds Kirkgate Market have been given a business boost by council bosses who have slashed their rent for the next six months. Leeds City Council has announced it will give all stall holders a 20 per cent reduction in rent for six months from July 1 to allow them to “invest in their business and help contribute to the market’s long-term viability.” Here’s what YEP readers had to say about the news on social media..

Veronica Prefers Viv Anne

Leeds City Council should be wholly ashamed of themselves. If they hadn’t made the market look like such a debacle there would be more customers, tills ringing louder, longer. Instead it’s a total waste of space.

Bill Palfreman

Why is the whole back part just empty apart from a few food stalls? It needs to be full to bring in trade.

Also sick of the market car park being full of commuters with a preferential rate before 9.30 so I have to drive up much further to park. Market parking should be the priority.

Diane Wilson

The market’s nothing like it used to be. Rents too high and goodness only knows why they got rid of half the stalls and made a great useless space.

Linda C Gill

Recently visited and got some real bargains but it cost me £5 to park.

Margaret Hibbitt

Should get them free 
instead. It’s rubbish there now, used to be a great market. No one wants to go now, such a shame.

Robertson Cherrie

Love the market – great news for the stall holders.

loinerbornandbred, via website

Have the councillors in Leeds ever visited markets in other parts of the world to work out why these are always packed out compared to Kirkgate?

I have visited markets in many cities and recently visited Pike Place Market in Seattle and was more than impressed.

The markets on the continent are magnificent in their variety and character which Kirkgate has lost over the last 20 years or so.

Please pull your finger out Leeds City Council and work to restore our market to the magnificent place it was. Without further change I can only see the market deteriorating.

The smoker, via website

This is just a gesture. The business rates for years have been based on rental levels.

The rents have been too high and thus the rateable values have been too high. Acting on behalf of clients I have submitted appeals on the 2010 rating list.

Let’s see where it goes.

Spending on election leaflets

Mrs J Green, Leeds

I RESPOND to Barry Norman’s letter (YEP, June 12), I can only assume that the costing of Labour election leaflets must have been centred on the delivery to my address. I must have received over a dozen, including a letter personally addressed to each of us from the Labour candidate, all of which were consigned to the recycling bin.

I received only one leaflet from our Tory candidate from which I learned who was actually representing the Conservative Party in our area.

I too would be interested to know why Labour outspent their money on me.

Manifesto wasn’t costed

Chris Sharp, Leeds 25

In reply to Mr Appleyard (YEP Letters, June 12), how he can state that Labour’s manifesto was fully costed beggars belief!

Corbyn and co could say what they wanted in the belief they would not have to deliver. But costed? Never! By the way the Tories won!