YEP Letters: July 9

ITV's Team: Mark Pougatch is joined in the Moscow studio by Gary Neville, Lee Dixon, Ian Wright and Slaven Bilic, with pitch-side inserts from Jacqui Oatley, Ryan Giggs and Eni Aluko and commentary from Clive Tyldesley.
ITV's Team: Mark Pougatch is joined in the Moscow studio by Gary Neville, Lee Dixon, Ian Wright and Slaven Bilic, with pitch-side inserts from Jacqui Oatley, Ryan Giggs and Eni Aluko and commentary from Clive Tyldesley.
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We need more female commentators

T Maunder, Leeds 5

I note the BBC had a female commentator on the panel for the Sweden/Switzerland World Cup game. The ITV panels have had a token female presenter.

Mostly though they are relegated to the side of the pitch to interview a former player. Not good enough.

These days there should be a female commentator on every panel or commentating on every match itself with a colleague.

They would do a better job then the two men who kept going on about what the German papers would be saying when they crashed out in the match with Sweden.

They jinxed it, of course, and Germany won.

Season ticket problem adds to rail woes

A Dawson, South Elmsall

I HAVE been reading the stories about problems with rail – and experiencing them first hand – but the other thing which needs addressing is season tickets.

I have a M-card which I use to travel by both train and bus.

My problem, and I have written to Northern, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and my local MP about this, is topping it up. If you have a product, you need to make it easy for people to purchase.

I live in South Elmsall. There is a new ticket machine. The last three times I have been to top up, it hasn’t worked. I generally top up my card in the machines in Leeds City Station.

New machines have recently been installed. I managed to top up the card twice, but the last couple of times I have been, the machine says my card is invalid, and to speak to a staff member.

There are no staff to ask. I went in to the travel centre to ask if they could top up the card and they don’t have a card reader.

I went to the little bus travel office at the bottom of Vicar Lane where they did top up the card for me – but I understand that this little office is closing in a couple of weeks time.

As a passenger, I simply want to get to where I am going easily.

I don’t really care who owns the company as long as the trains and buses actually run – and run on time.

Speed humps add to fumes

Peter Horton, Ripon.

AS a regular road traveller throughout Yorkshire, I write to object in the strongest terms against the imposition of yet more hideous humps upon the motoring public in Leeds.

The wording on signs refers to “Highway Improvements”. How on earth can damaging back-breaking road humps possibly be classed as improvements? A classic example of Orwellian doublespeak.

Published research has shown that road humps are responsible for local increases in exhaust fumes pollution, a fairly obvious conclusion when you consider the need for a driver to slow to a snail’s pace to avoid damage to vehicle components and then use lower gears to move on.

A lot has been published lately about problems of vehicle emissions and poor air quality in Leeds with various fatuous proposals to bleed more money out of drivers in a vain attempt to combat the problem, and yet the city council persists in this misguided policy of creating even more pollution!I despair of the blinkered mindset of the responsible (or should it be irresponsible) officers and members of Leeds City Council.

Organise proper transport system

Peter Haddington, Bradford.

I SEE that Leeds City Council is planning on making Leeds a fairer, more prosperous and wealthy city, and they reckon that doubling the size of the city centre will help towards achieving this.

More prosperous and wealthy for who after plans are being proposed to start charging certain vehicles that are said to have high levels of exhaust emissions for going in and around the city centre.

I don’t think the companies or people who own these vehicles are going to be any wealthier. If the councillors had got their act together and organised a proper transport system instead of wasting fortunes of taxpayers money on failed attempts, as well as an almost redundant cycle track, it is unlikely that this problem would be anywhere near as bad as it is.

Keep Me Posted campaign

Judith Donovan, via email

The Keep Me Posted Campaign, which I chair, is celebrating its fifth birthday this July.

We have campaigned since day one on behalf of your readers, and consumers everywhere, for their right to choose, without additional financial penalty, paper bills and statements as it helps them manage their finances more easily - or indeed if they, for whatever reason, can’t go online.

A coalition of more than 120 charities, trade unions and consumer groups support our campaign, many of whom will be familiar to your readers.

The bottom line is that we award the Keep Me Posted ‘Best Practice’ Mark of Distinction to organisations who promise to do the right thing by not forcing their customers online or forcing them pay to stay offline.

I would like to say ’thank you’ to your readers for their support over the last five years.

If they would like to help even more could they a) write to their MP asking if he/she supports our campaign and will sign EDM 909 ‘Keep Me Posted’ and b) write to their bank, their energy supplier, their phone company and ask them if they are signed up to Keep Me Posted and, if not, why not?

Should WYCA be scrapped?

DS Boyes, Leeds

IN 2016, the people of this country were given a unique opportunity to choose to leave the EU - an unelected dictatorship. However there is a similar organisation a lot nearer to home, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Did anyone in the five West Yorkshire councils get a vote on its formulation, constitution, who serves on it, who manages it or how much money each local authority gives it? Every week, jobs on Ministerial wages are advertised, also decisions made on millions of public spending, with the public excluded.Should we have a referendum to scrap the WYCA? Many might say yes!

Visit over simplifies situation

Bernard Goldstein, Alwoodley

The recent visit to Israel by Prince William oversimplifies the situation that exists there.

Israel has powerful enemies like Syria, supported by Iran, Russia and terrorists Hezbollah, Isis and Al-Qaeda.

Iran’s support allows Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to keep attacking Israel at its borders.

It is easy to waive Palestinian and Gazan guilt until you realise that not only are they trying to attack Israel via tunnels, but are using rockets, mortars and Molotov cocktails ( delivered by drones or kites ) to destroy millions of pounds worth of crops. They even destroyed installations which supply Gaza with electricity from Israel, and bombed the entrance which supplies Gaza with food, fuel and materials — shooting themselves in the foot. Israel has tried to make piece, but the Palestinians want the land of Israel.

Share support for Prince’s plea for peace

John M Collins, Leeds

I share the support by Ivan Kovacks (YEP, July 3) for Prince William’s appeal during his highly successful visit to Israel and Jordan for a negotiated peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

That appeal was received with enthusiasm by the Israelis. William was urged by the leaders of Israel to press Mr Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian administration, to negotiate and he is said to have done so. But Abbas refused. Instead he increased the pensions of the terrorists who have carried out murders of civilians in Israel.

And they are terrorists, Mr Kovacks. I am left speechless by his shameless attempt to equate the courageous attempts by the resistance groups during the Second World War to weaken the Nazi forces occupying Europe with the terrorists whose attacks upon innocent civilians which both we and the Israelis have experienced in recent years.

As those mowed down on Westminster Bridge experienced, as did those massacred in Nice, a motor vehicle is a lethal instrument, as those waiting at bus stops in Israel know all too well. Mr Kovacks calls such people “freedom fighters”.

I call those who seek to massacre crowds of children whether they be in Manchester or Jerusalem terrorists.

No other term will suit either those who carry out such acts – or those who encourage or pay for them.

Derailing a Brexit deal

Derrick Bond, Shadwell

Some of our MPs are like children in the playground: if they can’t go in goal, they’re taking their ball home.

That is the impression I get when the Remoaners are expected to support the Government. All they want is to derail a Brexit deal as it doesn’t suit them to leave. But they need to remember their action will reflect on how we vote at the next General Election. We have the power that could see many become ex-MPs.

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