YEP Letters: July 9

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Improving cycling facilities across county

CityConnect, by email

Thank you to M McGlashan (‘Concern over city cycling, YEP letters, July 7) for raising these issues and we would like to take this opportunity to respond to some of the points that have been made.

CityConnect is a scheme to improve cycle facilities across West Yorkshire and encourage more people to choose walking and cycling for short journeys. West Yorkshire Combined Authority is working in partnership with Leeds City Council and Bradford Metropolitan District Council to deliver projects that include the following:

* Upgrading the canal towpath surface from Kirkstall to Shipley

* 23km of segregated cycle superhighway connecting Bradford to East Leeds via Leeds Centre

* Improvements to City Centre Cycle parking

* 20 mph zones on streets adjacent to the cycle superhighway

* CityConnect Walking – getting more people walking in their local area

M McGlashan states that the cycle superhighway utilises part of the towpath; the towpath upgrade and the cycle superhighway are actually two different projects.

The superhighway follows a route from East Leeds, along York Road, through Leeds City Centre, along Stanningley Road and into Bradford City Centre. A map of the route can be found on our website.

The upgrade to the towpath is a separate project. The final surface will not be asphalt; on busier stretches there is an asphalt base which is being overlaid with a tar spray and chip dressing to create a surface suitable for all users all year round.

Once the construction is complete CityConnect will work in partnership with Canal and River Trust to launch a campaign focusing on the importance of sharing the towpath and showing consideration for other users, so that the towpath can be enjoyed by all. The towpath upgrade will be finished before the end of this month.

M McGlashan’s second point asks “when will the council realise that simply painting a line along the side of a road does not constitute a proper cycle lane?”.

The cycle superhighway is a 23km cycle track that for the majority of the route uses kerbs to segregate people riding bikes from people driving vehicles and people walking. It is more akin to something you might find in Holland or Denmark than the standard UK on-road cycle lane design.

The superhighway will be opened in stages as sections are completed, starting in late autumn and through to early spring. Whilst this is the first segregated cycleway of this type in West Yorkshire we want to use this as a bench mark for new cycle ways in the future.

More information can be found by visiting our website at We will also be at Kirkstall Festival this Saturday, July 11 and at Lark in the Park in East End Park on Saturday July 25 and we would be more than happy to answer any questions in person.

Why is Beeston singled out?

B Carr, Beeston

In the recent media reporting, regarding the tenth anniversary of the London 7/7 terrorist bombings, there seems to be a lot of references to the Beeston area of Leeds.

I am puzzled somewhat as to why Beeston is repeatedy singled out.

One of the bombers came from the Beeston Hill area of the city (not technically Beeston), but the other three came from Holbeck, Dewsbury and Aylesbury.

Plus the bomb ‘factory’ was found to be in the Burley area of Leeds.

Leaders should speak out

Ernest Lundy, by email

On the anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings, naturally people are remember the awful loss of life due to the activities of a few misguided Muslims.

But the public at large has to wonder whether or not the faith’s religious leaders speak out in their mosques against the futility of following misguided philosophies in the hope of gaining rewards in the afterlife, if such there is.

Do they not tell these mostly young aspirants for glory that by committing such deeds they will never obtain what they desire, but be denied them forever?

If they truly have faith surely that should deter them. We have the right to ask.

Send in your sponsor money

Helen Wright, BHF event organiser, by email

I AM writing to thank you and your readers for supporting the Harewood House Half Marathon on February 8.

With a sell out 1,000 runners taking part in the first year, we enjoyed a successful year, so thank you to everyone that signed up.

There’s just one more very important step that we need all of those involved to take.

Whilst we are thrilled with the turnout for this event, what allows us to come back year after year is the money that the event raises; money which funds pioneering research in the fight against heart disease – a disease which claims over 15,000 lives in Yorkshire every day.

Thank you to everyone who has already sent in their sponsorship money, so far we have raised nearly £25,000, however we know there are still donations still to come.

We are urging everyone that worked so hard to achieve their half marathon goal on the day to make their achievements count by helping to fight against the UK’s single biggest killer – coronary heart disease.

The best way to raise money is to set up an online fundraising page, or should you need any more sponsorship forms, please contact us on 0845 130 8663 or email . We are excited to announce that the date for next year’s event will be Sunday February 28 so why not sign up early to secure your place?

Entry fees will be £24 and you can register by visiting

Being taken for a long ride

A Hague, Leeds 9

I was astounded to read our taxpayers paying the bill for protecting Tony Blair while he gets paid millions for his work (YEP letters, June 26).

What makes him need eight police to watch over him when even our royalty don’t get it. Blair is a multi millionaire and as tight as his wife for avoiding his dues. We mere mortals are being taken for a long ride regarding who pays what and only rebellion by the low paid will change this.