YEP Letters: July 9

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Last year the council, without warning, removed the seats from the outdoor market area, while there were posh new seats for shoppers in Dortmund Square, Briggate and so on.

Is this idiocy, or discrimination with malice?

Now the council, no doubt to flatter the needs of Victoria Gate developers Hammersons, have closed the only car park serving Kirkgate Market, causing the takings of market traders to slump by up to 40 per cent within two weeks.

No attempt at all was made to provide any sort of proper alternative.

Government Minister David Willetts has said that the Government wants to ‘revitalise high streets by making them more attractive, sustainable and locally relevant’.

This historic and vibrant market, Kirkgate Market, is at the heart and soul of our own high street’s sustainability – far more so, in my view, than any John Lewis superstore.

I therefore ask again, is this council acting with idiocy or blind malice?

Mike Harwood, Kirkstall

I was in Leeds market on three, if not four, separate occasions last month, and each time it was just as busy as I’ve known it to be.

The closure of the car park has in my opinion had little effect, judging by the number of shoppers I’ve observed.

Hundreds of buses pass very close to Leeds market each day and offer a far more convenient, not to mention cost effective, way of shopping there.

Plus, the railway station is only a five-minute walk away.

Why drive into the city centre when parking is so expensive and difficult to find? It’s a no-brainer if you ask me.

Nick Keer, Cottingley

IT’S easy to tell that Labour are in control of Leeds City Council, as their latest blunder puts the businesses of many Leeds market traders in jeopardy as takings drop by almost half.

For who in their right mind would close the main car park on which market customers depend, when there is so little alternative parking provision in Leeds without any contingency plan?

But common sense or business acumen are qualities sadly lacking in the dogmatic mindset of Labour, epitomised by them currently spending many thousands of pounds painting lamp posts which were already galvanized to stop them going rusty! God help this country if Labour get back in, we will really struggle then.

DS Boyes, Rodley

Editor’s Note: The council is now offering shoppers who spend £5 at Kirkgate Market a £2 discount on a two-hour stay at the nearby NCP car park on New York Street. A new collect-by-car point has also been set up on George Street alongside the market.

Ban TV adverts for loan firms

SURELY THE TV companies are as much to blame as the loan companies for helping to advertise the easy way to borrow money, when in most cases the interest one has to repay is in very small print.

Just how many borrowers realise the large amounts of cash they have to repay, even on a small loan?

In the old days, the pawn shop did a good trade on Monday mornings, then on a Friday the goods would be redeemed.

But that was to help keep the wolf from the door, not to pay for the sort of luxuries that some people today cannot seem to live without.

If these loan companies were not allowed to advertise on TV then perhaps people may learn to live within their means and cut their cloth accordingly.

Olga Twist, Whinmoor

How to solve Leeds’s transport problems

It’s time that all Members of Parliament within a 10-mile radius of Leeds got together and told David Cameron that Leeds is the second largest city outside of London and as such deserves a proper transport system.

I would start with an underground line from the train station to Leeds Bradford Airport.

The Crossrail scheme in London, above, has eight boring machines working on it and all are nearing completion of the tunnels.

We would only want two of these machines in Leeds.

So all you MPs,whatever party you support, for the sake of your great city, get it sorted.

And no excuses.

Frank Wright, Normanton

Shambles of the missing dossier

IMPORTANT DOSSIERS pertaining to alleged paedophile-related incidents are reportedly ‘missing’. How convenient!

We have examples of corrupt MPs, ‘fiddling’ MPs, oh, and the behaviour of MPs in the House is not exactly a shining example by any means!

What a shambles, to put it mildly.

Mavis Harrison, Richmond Hill

No reply over bin collections

DS BOYES of Rodley wrote recently (YEP, June 26) that fortnightly rubbish collections are the way forward.

I find them a nightmare. I live on Half Mile Lane and am on assisted collection.

The reason for this is that I am the end house of five with a communal path.

The ramp at the end was declared unsafe by a council surveyor, and about two years ago, an ex-neighbour fell and injured both wrists.

The council can’t afford to make it safe, especially in slippery weather.

Quite often they leave bags and today, being recycling bin day, they left four bags of cardboard, all in green bags. They often leave some of my black bags too.

I don’t drive so I can’t go to the tip like Mr Boyes.

Those who have bins leave them in the designated place on Coal Hill Lane and the refuse collectors wheel them to the wagons and the wagons lift them up and empty them.

I have phoned the call centre to report it but they never come back for missed bags and also I have e-mailed the council, however I have only ever received the automated reply acknowledging my message.

I have been told there is no restriction on how much recycling you have.

I feel the refuse collection service needs to improve, especially in view of these problems where I live.

V Boughton, Rodley

Council dances to its own tune

So Leeds City Council can suddenly find £653,000 to support the Grand Theatre (YEP, June 30) when leisure provision for the common man and woman is being slashed.

The same sort of thing happened a few years ago when £2m-plus was spent on a new training base for Northern Ballet while dance facilities for the rest of us were being closed down.

Martin Phillips, Cookridge

More people go to the theatre

In reply to the letter about a golf course being closed while Leeds Grand Theatre gets a ‘bail-out’ (YEP, July 3), since when have golf courses been the realm of the common man?

I’ve always had the impression that golf club members think they have the same status as members of the House of Lords.

I also thought I’d got away from that north and south of the river divide when I left London.

Surely more people per 1,000 of the population go to a theatre than use a golf course – and you don’t have to pay membership or know people in high places to gain entrance.

Terry Maunder, Leeds

Pleased to show Doris at galas

We would like to thank the organisers of the Guiseley and Otley galas for allowing us to give onlookers the chance to see our former London Transport Routemaster bus, called Doris.

We have owned several buses since 2001 and one was used in the last ever Heartbeat series on two occasions, but now we just have Doris.

We have had Doris nearly 10 years this December. She is a young 54-year-old and last operated in London in 2004.

The bus had been painted as a fake Samuel Ledgard bus but returned to London last year to be painted in Post Office Red.

The bus will again return to London on Saturday for the Routemaster’s 60th anniversary.

We are going to Finsbury Park in North London along with over 120 other Routemasters from home and abroad.

The new Routemaster buses costing £300,000. Ours cost us just £3,000!

Peter and Chris Heaps, Bradford

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