Police officers on patrol
Police officers on patrol
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Officers in Yorkshire’s biggest police force could be told to wear name badges while on duty so they can be identified more easily by members of the public. West Yorkshire Police is considering a scheme for its more-than-4,000 officers which could see their name and rank printed on a velcro cloth badge. The scheme already operates in a number of forces around the country, though officers in sensitive roles and those with unusual surnames are often exempted. Currently, non-warranted West Yorkshire police staff wear identity cards showing their name and photograph while working in police buildings, but constables, sergeants and police community support officers are identifiable only by their collar numbers.

Becky McGinnity

why should they have to exposes themselves? First name basis should be officer.

Christian Hobson

Easy to find people on Facebook.

Lee Mabbott

Saves everyone calling them rude names.

Jody Anderson

with social media this isn’t wise - I think officer number is safer.

Damien Richard McBarron

Also put their addresses on while you’re at it...

Jon O’Leary

To get their names and police number is like getting blood from a stone. I have asked many times and been lied to. They have made their own beds.

Paul Cross

Numbers are clearly visible or should be, no need for names.

Jasey Wasey

Why? That’s why they all have their own unique number!

More public money going down the drain. How about directing some of this money into giving public sector workers a decent pay rise like the robbing politicians give themselves.

Robert Smith

Imagine the extra cost to the tax payer - how much will 12,000 plus especially embroidered epaulettes cost (each officer gets more than one set)?

Sasher Summers

While I like the idea of being transparent with the public, I believe this may cause some danger to officers due to some less than savoury characters having a dislike for police.

If they can get their name it wouldn’t be too hard to find them on social media or, worse, get their address, which then puts their families at risk too.

Scott Howieson

We don’t see the officers in the first place. Bad idea though.

Matt Robinson

They’re already doing that in London, have been for years.

Mark Pitts

If you phone up with a collar number the police will give you the name of the officer anyway.

Richard Wheatley

Regardless of whether it’s a good/bad idea. can they afford it?

Giovanni Coupé

All well and good if your surname is Smith, but if it’s unusual you’ll be easy to find, any clown will be able to find your house.

All anyone needs is your collar number, it’s unique to the officer.

Lynne Meston

Great idea, everyone else at work has to.

Kevin Wood

Not facing the public and the criminals - safety first for the officers and their family.

Susan Harrower

Bad idea! Number is enough. Enough nutters out there with a grudge or worse!

Linda Bunce

NO no no, far too dangerous for them and their families. Staff in shops got abuse and threats so it would be worse for police officers.

Sam Hargreaves

If the police are doing their job properly they won’t have anything to worry about.

Police have got away with far too much over the years despite all the good they do. Accountability is required.

Kevin Wood

Can’t agree. What about officer safety and being tracked on social media?

WYP please think about this and protect the front line.

Jasper Peacocks Noble-Myers

What next? Address details, phone numbers and family members.

It’s a difficult enough job without opening up other avenues for the ignorant bunch who want to abuse them.

Richard Langford

This is their version of “hello my name is” which has been a success.

Unfortunately they have missed the point. It’s about starting a conversation in a friendly way. It’s not really about knowing the person’s name. A badge does not do this.

Trish Packham

i don’t think this is a wise move.

I used to go out with a policeman years ago and he told everyone he was in insurance because he got abuse at times. A name badge means they could get abuse online.

Stephen Maurice McNulty

Well they are in public facing roles so I think it’s a great idea.

Imran Aktr

I think there a security issue.

Showing your name is a risk for the officers. Why do you have to show your name when you can ask them or read the number?

Bazil Bazzer

To be Devils advocate, it’s a name badge.

Imagine if for a laugh they decide to swap name badges when out and about.

It’s a completely pointless exercise.

There are many ways to get an officer’s name so if you need it so badly, do your own work and find it out.

Richard Holmes

Money well spent - forget about PPE and more tasers for officers, name badges are a priority.

Jayne Burr

Isn’t that what your collar number is for? Money spent on unless things again, what about spending it on ppe?

Emma Reid

How are they at risk?

If they do their job properly then the criminals will be locked up, plus the officers identities are never hidden anyway and it makes it easier to identify those officers who are in the wrong.

There are plenty.