Public sector workers on strike over low pay. March and rally in Cathedral precinct, Wakefield
Public sector workers on strike over low pay. March and rally in Cathedral precinct, Wakefield
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The question of the public sector pay cap, currently set at one per cent rise per year, has sparked controversy. Downing Street has insisted there is no change in the government’s policy on the public sector pay cap, after Boris Johnson added to mounting Cabinet pressure on Theresa May and Chancellor Philip Hammond to ease the limit. A government source said the Foreign Secretary wants a wage boost for public sector workers and believes the recommendations of independent pay review bodies which back increases should be followed. Mr Johnson “strongly believes” a public sector pay rise can be done in a “responsible way” which will not put undue pressure on the public finances, the source said, with the Chancellor still aiming to wipe out the deficit by the middle of the next decade. We asked if readers thought public sector workers should be given a payrise above one per cent. Here’s what you said:

Debbie Young

Yes. Our nurses, police officers and fire fighters deserve to be some of the best paid. They put their lives on the line every day to look after politicians and this country. Do the right thing.

Fiona Sheen

Yes without any hesitation - start looking after our own people who serve this country well for a change.

James Evans

Pay them out of overseas aid.

Paul Adamson

It needs to be linked to performance reviews. I know quite a few slackers in public sector who wouldn’t last six months in private sector.

Lezli Howarth

The 1 per cent pay cap stops the salaries from keeping up with inflation.

And so public sector workers have seen their wages decrease in worth since the cap was put in place. Inflation at 3 per cent over 7 years equals salaries being worth 14 per cent less than they were. Hence nurses having to use food banks.

You know what’s even worse? They’ve already decided that nurses, armed forces, doctors and dentists are getting 1 per cent for 17/18. But they haven’t decided on senior civil servants, prison officers, fire fighters, police or teaching staff. Potentially they could do one and not the other, that’d be a blow.

Sandra Russell

Yes - and self employed and bar staff and restaurant helpers and tube cleaners and homeless and road cleaners and dustbin men and.....but definitely yes.

Terry Cowley

I thought MPs were public sector but they gave themselves a 9 per cent then an 11 per cent pay rise in two years.

Andrew Harvey

Of course they do.

I don’t know how they were allowed to get away with it in the first place. Funny how the politicians didn’t vote to freeze their own pay and then only have a 1 per cent pay rise. They made sure they looked after themselves while making others struggle, some of them are so far removed from reality it’s unreal.

Martin Whittlestone

Get the private sector economy to grow so we can pay them more so we don’t have to borrow the money.

Shaz Fawcett

Yes the whole public services deserve the rise, especially our emergency and nurses, they need it.

Sharon Wright

Definitely - the people who work within these services truly deserve better pay and treatment from our government who never fail to get there double figure percentage pay rise.

Michael Lucani

They deserve to be paid what the country can afford, just like in the private sector, it has to be affordable.

Alan Mortimer

Cut government wages and scrap expenses, it will pay for it.

Thomas Andrew Lilburn

Put the cap on MPs instead.

Alan Ossitt

If public sector workers had to have a pay cap it should have also applied to the MPs and even the top people in the police and other organisations, not just the rank and file workers.

Christian Hobson

Yes every year a pay cut is imposed. As the tide rises so should every ship.

Jim Beauchamp

Yes in certain instances. Front line staff in the NHS/police/fire etc.

Gareth Williams

Sort the waste out first and streamline the system. Let’s be honest, they go cap in hand for cash, if these were businesses they would of made mass savings and redundancies.

Martin Tee

definitely, my partner is a public sector worker and her salary is not worthy for what she does. And last year was the first pay rise she had received for 3 years.

Qaher Yasin

Yes, nine pounds an hour wage should start from the New Year

Leo Pearson

I would rather they use that money to recruit more officers in respect of the police.

They would improve working conditions across the board and provide an improved service to the public. Once numbers get back up to 2007 levels then improve pay. There’s not enough people on the frontline.

Debra Morton

Not only nurses work in hospitals - I am a full time housekeeper and the one per cent rise I got is not noticed on my payslip. I am worse off.

Nigel Bywater

They are struggling to recruit enough nurses.

Pay might not be the number one issue, but capping their pay is an obvious two fingers to them. Many workers are now on the increasing minimum wage, which stands at £7.50, it will soon be £9 an hour; so low paid workers are getting a big rise, but not everyone else.

Tim Guile

Definitely lift the pay cap. We have had no real rise in five 5 years or more. Put the taxes up and make the wealthy pay much more income tax, council tax and an unoccupied second home tax.

Murray Craigen

If their terms, conditions and pensions are reduced to match the private sector and in-work benefits are scrapped, then I would say yes.

David Moss

If politicians can have one, everyone should. We all deserve it. Personally I would not give MPs another rise, but yes, public services, council workers need one. Shame on MPs who voted against it.