YEP Letters: July 5

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I have to agree with Jamie Hanley (YEP, July 1) that things have got to change regarding the allocation of school places.

My granddaughter has three children. The two eldest, who are aged six and nine, go to Castleton Primary School.

The youngest, aged four, currently goes to the nursery at Castleton but will start school in September and has been allocated a place at Ryecroft Primary School.

I would have thought that the nursery children would have moved automatically into the same school, especially if they have siblings going to that school.

This was certainly always the case when my children were at school.

How on earth can my granddaughter get two children to Castleton School, at the bottom of Tong Road, and one to Ryecroft School, on the Stonebridge estate each morning?

With only public transport to rely on to get the children to school on time this is a ridiculous situation.

Vera Rowe, Bramley

Charities are too political

What’s happened to our major charities? Why are they allowed to get away with using donors’ cash to become so politicised?

The Red Cross turned anti-Christmas several years ago.

The RSPCA uses donations to finance anti-hunting groups.

And now Oxfam has chosen to nail its political colours to the mast and come out as leaning too far to the Left for comfort.

It’s time the charities board stepped in before irreparable damage is done and disillusioned folk stop giving.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

Terrible state of roads in Leeds

I have just driven on what must be the worst road surface in Leeds.

Harehills Lane from Compton Road to Ashley Road is an absolute disgrace and needs completely resurfacing, like so many other roads in Leeds.
I then drove along Weetwood Lane to discover 10 new speed humps in a 20 mph zone.

How can Leeds City Council justify this waste of money when our roads are in such a disgusting state?

There are people driving cars with damaged steering and suspensions all caused by speed humps or potholes, and they only find out when the cars are serviced or MOT tested.

A spokesman for the council recently said on TV with regard to the millions the Government are giving to mend potholes, that the problem was caused by underfunding in the past.

He failed to mention the wasted millions spent on those ridiculous guided bus lanes.

What are they for anyway? The ordinary bus lanes are far better because other traffic can use them in an emergency, and they cost nothing.

More money is spent on decorating our roads with pointless diagonal white lines and multi-coloured ‘rumble strips’.

The council should erect signs on all major roads entering Leeds that read: ‘Motorists not welcome!’

Terry Watson, Adel

Beggars are hounded out

The idea that the quiet beggar I watch, sitting on the cold ground outside Sainsburys in Dortmund Square, is earning £600 a week (YEP, June 28) seems further than far-fetched to me.

We appear to have become a society in which beggars are hounded out of town.

A society in which travellers – and I do not mean commuters who may have their own just cause to complain – are driven from brief respite to brief respite.

Is this where we are at?

Mike Harwood, Kirkstall

Not all care homes the same

Regarding the pensioner who was abused in a Pontefract care home (YEP, June 28), you must not judge all care homes to be the same.

One bad worker should not be a reflection of all care workers or all care homes.

My wife went into Donisthorpe Hall care home in Leeds in February this year and I cannot praise the home or the staff enough.

The care and consideration that the nurses and care workers give to my wife is over and above what I could give her at home.

The important thing to me is that my wife feels happy and comfortable, both being at Donisthorpe and with the nurses and carers that are looking after her.

Malcolm Shedlow, Moortown

Conned by chicken offer

The other day I bought a chicken at the supermarket.

An eye-catching yellow label at the side of the price ticket showed a price of £3.50 crossed out with ‘now half price’ in large letters’ and, in much smaller letters, ‘per kg’.

This ticket was clearly designed to give the impression that the chicken was half price and that the cost was £1.75.

I was conned, but not robbed.

Nevertheless I regard this as sharp practice. Shoppers beware!

Walt Emsley, Gipton

Players not fit to wear the shirt

In May 2012 you printed my letter bemoaning the appointment of Roy Hodgson as England manager and the lack of ambition that this demonstrated by the FA.

I can assure everyone that it gives me no pleasure to be proven entirely right.

Hodgson will never be a top quality England manager and far too many of his selections will never be fit to wear the shirt.

I cannot escape the conclusion that while the Premiership has 75 per cent of foreign nationals and the Championship 50 per cent, we will never again have a team fit to represent our country .

There is a very simple reason why other countries have ever improving players and teams – it’s because they are nurtured and their skills developed in England. When will the powers that be ‘wake up and smell the coffee’?

Jack Banner, Meanwood

Ask Blair to negotiate peace

I thought that Tony Blair was supposed to be the Middle East Peace Envoy, or am I mistaken?

If not then why don’t we ask him to go to Syria and negotiate a peace settlement with the ISIS terror group?

Even better, former US President George W Bush should go and stand shoulder to shoulder with him while he is doing it.

Derek Barker, Moortown

Electric cars the way forward

THE oil companies have held road users to ransom for too long – but their days are numbered with the advent of electric vehicles.

No, don’t laugh. These vehicles are capable of extreme aesthetics and speed. At the moment they are rather expensive, but just as with videos, CDs and DVDs they will come down in price dramatically. Think about it. The engine is just a relatively simple electric coil with switches – no gearbox, oil sump or radiator. The cost of recharging has been shown to be little compared to the price of petrol or diesel.

Plus, electric vehicles have no vehicle tax.

D Daniel, Killingbeck

Black and green

THERE has been a lot said about recycling in the YEP lately.

Well, I’m afraid not everyone is recycling. A family I am aware of asked the council for an extra black bin. So now no green bin gets put out.

V Bedford, Pudsey.

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