YEP Letters: July 4

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We should all remember them

Ernest Lundy, by email

If the young genuinely believe the older generation have compromised their lives for voting to exit the EU, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

On the 100th anniversary of the commencement of the Battle of the Somme, where the cream of our youth were slaughtered, the suggestion is even more reprehensible.

Survivors of that and more recent conflicts didn’t get the medals they wear just for decoration. It would do some people good to find out how they earned them, then they might just begin to understand how they and others of their generation (what’s left of them) feel. They will not grow old as we grow old, but we will remember them and so should all who reside in this sceptred isle, be they young or old. Not to do so is a sin against their sacrifice.

Time for council action on mess from bins

E Hallas, by email

If you are someone that works hard, comes home and actually enjoys being in their own comforts then you are not alone.

But unfortunately over the past couple weeks coming home has been nothing but a stinky, unwelcoming mess for me. If you live in apartments or flats then you will be able to relate to this and even if you live in a house then you will be able to too.

Rubbish and waste is something we all create, there is no discrimination when it comes to that, so why is it that the streets of Leeds have turned into something much more than a couple of empty chocolate wrappers floating around carelessly? That is because of efficiency, care and the general need of wanting to keep this place a friendly, litter-free city.

A waste removal rota is most definitely in place for nearly every street in Leeds but how sad that the one in my building has been ignored for four weeks now. There are families with children in our building and for a child to walk past this mess everyday is quite appalling.

Are the council trying to teach the young ones that it is acceptable to litter our planet? Or is it something not as ruthless as that like ...that they are just too lazy to sort this out quickly and efficiently?

Yes, the council have been aware of this ongoing issue and have still not resolved it. After discussing my growing concern for the fact we have now spotted rats I was ensured that “new bins had been ordered and would be delivered” but if they could pay attention to the multiple emails and pictures I have sent them then they would see that the bins are not an issue but the fact they have not been emptied is what has caused this.

I have to laugh otherwise I might cry because not only have they paid no care to the issue I have presented them with they have also stated that – “they will only collect the rubbish inside the bins” – not the rubbish outside which has been caused by them not following their rota.

I know I am not the only human being that expects the people who keep our streets and planet clean to follow through with their work duties. How can their replies be so unconcerning for the people of their city?

Leeds City Council have 
now told me that someone else from a different waste management team will contact me in three days to discuss this dreadful situation. Three days? There are nine apartments in our building, some with families, some with partners and some living alone, so let’s just say we all fill at least one bin bag up a day for the next three days, well, that’s 27 more waste bags to be added to this pile of mess.

I am getting nowhere with this situation so I chose to speak to the YEP which gives normal and hardworking people like me a chance for our issues to be addressed.

Dad was so proud of Leeds

George Ronal Jones, Burntwood, Staffs

My father, George Herbert Jones, was a West Yorks conscripted volunteer (no. 5/530) and survivor of the Somme battle where, we read, just a few dozen of the Leeds Pals remained alive 
and uninjured after the first day.

Hundreds died under incessant machine gun fire.

He only spoke of his sadness weeks before his death. I asked him for his memories. “The mud, blood, terrible noise and cold: the fear. The great camraderie”. Later he said the saddest memories of his life were the hours spent burying his fellow Pals over the following days. Thinking of the families involved. Nearly four months were spent fighting there.

Unable to be “demobbed” until April 1919, there were no jobs remaining in the area – he’d served his time at Kitsons Locomotives in Hunslet. Nearest work was at Noble & Lund in Gateshead commuting weekly on his Barr & Stroud sleeve valve motorcycle.

After a year on the waiting list at David Brown Gears, he later rose to patents engineer.

Years later, he moved to Birmingham, working for Moss Gear and later Alfred Wiseman Gears where he headed the design team.

In 1955 he read that the Jodrell Bank Astro Telescope needed gearing designed. The work was going to West Germany because the newspaper stated that no UK company had the knowhow! Dad was so incensed and eighteen months later, the Wiseman installation was completed. It is still working well.

His great loves were Leeds United (especially John Charles), the Roses Cricket. His parents ran Beeston Post Office. He was so proud of Leeds as we well remember.

With his wife Eleanor from Holbeck, they were wedded 43 years. They lost three children, such love and memories.

Thanks to Colonel Crosland for his great work for the Pals.

We are not all bullies

J Briggs, Leeds 16

I have been upset to read of the many reports of racial abuse since the result of the EU Referendum.

I too, have suffered abuse, but ageism rather than racial. When trying to get off a train on Wednesday I was deliberately pushed aside by two young women so hard that I lost my balance. They laughed and said ‘Yeah, she will have voted to Leave. Ha ha, die grey-head’. I have also had people swear at me in the street, expressing similar feelings. None of these people are representative of the general public. They are just thugs looking for some ‘ideology’ to hang their violent abusive behaviour on.

The BBC and other media have created much of this by hysterical reporting post-results.

It has hardly been neutral throughout the so-called campaign, but its internet headlines were apparently taken from social media comments not researched journalism. What they fail to mention until a few days later is that many young people voted to leave, and many older people voted to remain.

It was, in fact, more to do with region and class. However, I don’t know one person who voted to leave who did so because of immigration. This has never been the most important issue for most people.

No positives have been reported at all. A lady told me the day after voting that her niece had phoned from Australia that morning to say how pleased and excited the Australians were, and that their newspapers were saying how great it will be to be able to trade with the UK again. Nothing of this in the Press.

The media cannot be blamed for the behaviour of abusive people, of course, but that they behave like this is hardly surprising when we look at the example set by our politicians. I am totally ashamed of how all politicians have behaved in recent days.

One important fact they seem to have forgotten totally is that we are not here to represent and serve them, they are there to represent and serve us.

As for Mr Cameron’s bully-boy tactics in Parliament on June 29, well, that was just plain disgusting. What an example he is. I hope other nations realise we are not all bullies.

Fed up of motorway closures

Sandra Taylor, by email

I am writing to say how fed up I am with the constant closures of slip roads and motorway sections.

We were told last year the smart motorway was finished so how is it, approximately seven months later, we are still plagued with weekly disruptions.

Living in Durkar and using the M1 regularly I am really angry. Is there someone out there who can tell me if and when this fiasco will end?