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Jodie Whittaker was unveiled by the BBC as the 13th Doctor Who.
Jodie Whittaker was unveiled by the BBC as the 13th Doctor Who.
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What next? A Yorkshire James Bond?

P Rhodes, Leeds

NOW that actor Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the 13th Doctor, taking over from Peter Capaldi in the long-running TV series Dr Who, we all have to wait to see.

We have had a Yorkshire actor Patrick Stewart captaining the Enterprise in Star Trek and we now have a Yorkshire actor fighting Daleks, Cybermen and taking control of the tardis.

With a bit of luck we can have a Yorkshire actor playing Bond.

‘Fortunes’ collected in council taxes

Peter Haddington, Eccleshill

I see that Leeds City Council are talking about clamping down on antisocial behaviour and fining people for leaving bins in the street in Harehills and Armley outside certain hours as the council says it is harmful.

Were they concerned about the giant wheelie bin being harmful in Leeds that was pictured in the YEP that was full to overflowing and was there for weeks? Are the council bothered about the dog bins being harmful when they allow them to overflow?

Some years ago the council introduced new bin routes across the city in a cost-cutting exercise. If the council had real concerns about the bins being harmful these things would not happen, and they would be replacing people’s bins themselves. If the council are not saving money by cutting public services they are busy making money from public errors, while the council tax continues to rise and has become the nearest thing to something for nothing I have ever known. Talk of turning street lights off even late at night is a green light for antisocial behaviour and anyone who engages in criminal activity. If the council want to clamp down on antisocial behaviour, they need to start getting firm with noisy and nuisance neighbours who play loud music, slam doors, and like to party until the early hours. I have had these problems twice in the Leeds area, but they have little interest in solving these problems unless they are making money. Were the council concerned about antisocial behaviour when the red light area of the city got the go ahead? The residents of the Holbeck area of the city must have a lot of antisocial behaviour to contend with.

The alleged service people get for the fortunes collected in tax has been in decline for years, all people hear is the cash-strapped council.

Pensioners being ripped off

J Shedlow, Leeds 17

COULD someone in insurance tell my why car insurance companies are ripping off pensioners with ridiculous quotes of thousands of pounds for renewals when most pensioners have had a lifetime of experience driving and are rarely responsible for accidents?

We are held to ransom as there is nowhere else to go.

One day in the future we may find an honest company (joke).

Happy days in air cadets

Robert Holman, Farsley

How nice to read RM Whitaker’s letter about air cadet memories, I was in the ATC for three years, in 1493 Sqd, Crossgates School.

I received my call up in May 1943 going up to Edinburgh for three days of tests for my suitability for RAF tradesman’s course and became UT Flight Mechanic (Engines).

I next moved to Arbroath for eight weeks’ square bashing and being turned into a man!

After six months in RAF Cosford I passed out 3020209 FME 1st Class then onto 5 Group Service Section (Mobile). All my best wishes to air cadets past and present.

When Chuck came to Batley

Michael Stott, Ossett

By 1976 Chuck Berry had become a perennial visitor to these shores with only the UK recorded parody ‘My Ding-A-Ling’ and ‘Reelin’ & Rockin’ earning him any sort of pay dirt over the previous decade.

However, though overlooked in his homeland, he continued to wallow in the adulation of swathes of UK fans despite often sending them home frustrated with his minimum quota of effort, showing little respect for his own three minute masterpieces.

His cheapskate habits of not playing a moment over his contractual obligation and hiring from the most basic talents failed abysmally to do justice to his unbounded talent, serving only to magnify the chip on his shoulder.

So what to expect upon his first visit to Batley Variety Club on Sunday May 30? The absolute polar opposite as anyone present will confirm!

Accompanied for once by an adequate four piece he turned the club over, coaxing lengthy solos from the scarlet Gibson hung over his shoulder, embellishing his creations beyond the call of duty, his band undoubtedly being made aware of its place offering no more than a solid dependable rhythm section.

The front man was the star milking the situation with all the renowned attitude in place, the flamboyant routines and most of all the sublime fretwork up and down the neck producing cascading runs flying across the room, his back catalogue once again draped in the stardust and unabated bonhomie it was imbued with in the Chess studio. ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Music’, ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’, ‘Promised Land’, ‘Memphis Tennessee’, ‘You Never Can Tell’ and the immortal ‘Johnny B. Goode’, were all forthcoming. Shakespeare himself would have stood back in admiration of such audacious creation!

Hired to perform two shows over the evening to cope with demand, one can only presume he took exception to being asked to curtail his first show on schedule to the advantage of the patrons who revelled in this rare extended performance playing on and on and on leaving the management on the verge of closing the curtains on him had there been any and the waiting queue outside considering a refund!

There’s no stronger confirmation of his status than to realise he was back 11 months later, Sunday May 1, reprising another evensong of one night/two show format emphasising emphatically the box office rules!

Sentences ‘out of proportion’

A Shipman, Leeds 13

THE prison sentences imposed on the Halloween bikers are totally out of proportion to the offences, when some form of community punishment, or driving licences suspended for six months, would have sufficed.

Our jails are already overcrowded, due mainly to the short-sighted actions of the judiciary who, for some reason, see fit to impose custodial sentences, when other options are available.

Also, our police would do well to devote their dwindling resources to chasing the real criminals, burglars, muggers, etc, which is what we pay them for, but they only turn up when they are not needed.

Memories of wedding day

Keith and Christine Harrison, Armley

WE thought your readers might be interested to know that as the 1977 Yorkshire Evening Post and John Smith’s Brewery Wedding of the Year winners, we will be celebrating our ruby wedding anniversary on 27 August.

We have very fond memories of our wedding day and would like to thank the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper and John Smith’s brewery for their part in making it such a happy occasion.

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