YEP Letters: July 22

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Time for more park and ride sites in city

S Sleeman, Leeds 6

It’s about time Leeds City Council introduced Park and Ride sites all around Leeds.

It should have been done long ago. Preferably these sites should be near where the main radial roads meet the ring road and, most importantly, they should use non-stopping, express buses, which will get their passengers swiftly into the city centre.

They needn’t be huge sites for 1000 or more cars as long as there are plenty of them spaced out around the city. Plentiful smaller sites would be more attractive to commuters as they wouldn’t need to drive too far to reach one.

Too much time is being wasted waiting for a trolleybus decision instead of getting park and ride schemes up and running now.

Express buses from park and ride sites, now proving so popular at the Elland Road site, might just persuade people to leave their cars and use public transport and this, in itself, will reduce congestion and get the buses moving even faster.

People will not give up their cars, however, if the buses are going to keep stopping to pick up more passengers, thus slowing them down, or if most of them are expected to stand as would happen with the proposed trolleybus, which would not be an express bus but would make 11 stops between the Bodington park and ride and the city centre and 8 stops between Stourton park and ride and the city centre.

If electric buses were to be introduced, as has now happened in London and other towns, this would also reduce pollution levels.

Plan should be turned down

Daphne Kelly, by email

Iam writing in response to Joanna Wardill’s excellent article “ Cheeky Protest at Homes Plan”

I note that Taylor Wimpey have stated that they are working closely with consultants to resolve the council’s planning conditions, but this application has been going on for two years and the following facts reveal the opposite to be true.

Taylor Wimpey have claimed that all drainage problems can be solved by their proposed drainage system, but to date have failed to produce any supporting evidence.

Instead, they have twice ignored LCC’s instructions to carry out two separate investigations to determine whether the water is mainly rising upwards from the bedrock or flowing downwards from surface drains.

If it is found to be mainly rising upwards from the bedrock then no drainage system can be guaranteed to prevent flooding to any houses that may be built there.

Astoundingly,in view of the above, at last December’s hearing, LCC’s Flood Manager reassured the Plans Panel members, none of whom were drainage experts, that the proposed drainage system would work. Consequently the majority voted to grant outline permission, ignoring the words and report of an independent flooding and drainage expert.

One of the conditions of this permission was that there should be six months of thorough investigation into the drainage matter. Over six months has now passed, but no such investigations have taken place.

I understand that a further hearing is imminent at which Taylor Wimpey expect to obtain permission to commence immediate development.

One can only hope that the majority of the Plans Panel members will be less trusting of their Floods Manager ( for whom no qualifications have been forthcoming despite a request under the FOI act) and demonstrate an overriding concern to safeguard potential and current residents from the risk of increased flooding, by turning down the current application, and demanding that independent monitored investigations be undertaken for a period of not less than one year.

Strikes are not called on a whim

John Smith-Warren, Crofton

Blaise Tapp obviously doesn’t appreciate that going on strike is the very last thing any employee wants to do - especially as it costs him or her a lot of money - but it is only an action taken when their management refuse to talk.

Please remember that you can only resolve a problem if both parties are on the same side of the door and that their are lots of hoops to jump through before you can even call a strike and it can take months before a strike can be even be called.

The days of ‘everybody out’ disappeared many years ago. Rather than than complaining that a strike has been called, find out why it has been called and how long ago the unions started to try resolve the issue they are concerned about - and then print these reasons not just the management’s puerile responses.

Strikes are definitely not called on a whim but ONLY after all avenues have been exhausted and are NOT called by the leader of the union but by its members. No union leader has ever called a strike - they do not have that kind of influence or power.

Praise for selfless acts

Raymond Dixon, Cross Gates

Congratulations, your article on the work of the young Muslims of the Leeds With The Homeless group is masterpiece of positive publicity.

At a time when the media seems to have time only for the bad news, for stories of the Jehadists and their attrocities; it is heartening to read of these young peoples’ selfless acts.

I am English born and bred with no connection with this group or any other Muslim group, however I would be proud to be associated with these young men.

Their selfless giving and hard work in giving free meals to some of Leeds’ neediest families is straight out of the pages of the Koran, and surely gives lie to those who commit such horrific crimes in the name of their faith.

Nor is this some flash-in-the-pan gesture just to 
grab the headlines as they have already been providing these meals (as well as 
clothes and hygiene packs) 
for at least 12 months and all paid for out of their own pockets.

May the Lord bless you 
and keep you, may He shine His face on you and be gracious to you,and may He prosper your works and continue to bless you with willing supporters.