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This concept design from HS2 shows how the high-speed trains could look
This concept design from HS2 shows how the high-speed trains could look
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Government Ministers have paved the way for a Yorkshire transport revolution as they confirmed details of the route that the country’s new £32bn high-speed rail network will follow in the county. The HS2 scheme will see trains running from Birmingham to Leeds on a newly constructed line through the Dearne Valley to the east of Sheffield, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced. However the Government has warned that the Yorkshire section of the system will not be up and running until 2033. We asked YEP readers for their views on the plan and here’s what some of them said on social media...

Craig Wright

Biggest waste of taxpayers’ money this country has seen post Second World War.

Luke Senior

If it was such a good idea they wouldn’t have to hire scores of PR consultants to try and influence opinion. Hardly anyone thinks it’s a good idea.

Matt Robinson

How many billions is this going to cost? Money that could well be suited to help our NHS.

Christian Eltónyonandon Doyle

The UK infrastructure might have been good in 50s, now it’s just embarrassing.

Train travel is better in most European countries. The UK has a extensive network but it’s showing its age.

HS2 won’t make that much difference to the country, some of that money should be 
spent on the horrendous Leeds to Manchester line which at present is quicker driving at certain times of the day... that’s just ridiculous.

And don’t get me started on the roads. In short the UK has slipped behind lots of other countries in services and infrastructure and is living in the past.

Sharon Taylor

Being in good health isn’t ‘return’ enough, the NHS was never meant to be a profit making mechanism.

Railways on the other hand are, not that HS2 is a cost effective project. Not when it’s only shaving 20 minutes of travel time and there are a myriad of reasons why it (the train) could still be delayed. It’s a white elephant waste of money.

As for the ‘it’ll bring jobs’ would maintaining what we already have. Build better trains for the lines we already have; improve the lines we already have. Give the engineers their jobs back.

Rick Butterfield

What a waste of money, just to get to London 10 minutes quicker!

Philip Hallas

From what I can tell this is only of benefit to the south. No wonder people complain about the north-south gap, the brass that’s been spent on this so far would have been better spent on the NHS, police, fire brigade and MoD.

John Whitaker

Sort out our present rail system first, money should be spent on reopening the old branch lines that were closed in the 50s and 60s.

Tim Guile

£50 billion to spend on a railway but nothing for public sector workers. Guess who we will vote for!

Robert Adamson

If the country is truly to benefit let’s build it north to south to boost the northern economy.

London is not the centre of the universe, to spend a massive amount of money to improve my journey by 30 minutes makes absolutely no sense.

I would prefer better train links east to west. The NHS is just a money pit that needs to be run by a successful business person instead of a bunch of career politicians.

Jeff Holmes

And down comes the housing estate in Yorkshire to make way for this railway waste of money for sake of getting to London 30 mins sooner. Cash better spent on schools, NHS, roads etc.

Damon Suthers

They need to sort the old lines first and what happened to sorting out the housing crisis that we have? Might as well just start a fire and burn £55 billion than sorting out the problems we already have.

Julie Jones

There are more important things to spend money on. NHS, education etc.

Will be one of the biggest disasters this country will see. Could see it costing taxpayers a lot more than they’ve said.

Matthew Tittle

Waste of time and money, just improve the current lines by increasing the number of trains or simply book your meeting in London 20 minutes later.

I’d be surprised if the final cost is £55 billion, you could probably put another 10 to 20 onto that. It doesn’t even join up with HS1 at St Pancras, the 20 mins I’ve saved will be wasted trying to get from Euston.

What an absolute farce this will be.

Ann Dauny

Much needed, it’s a start, don’t knock it. Our transport system needs modernising urgently throughout the country.

Debbie Stubbs

Everyone who has to sell a house and land back should stand up together and say no, we refuse to move. That would put a spanner in works.

David Butler

Waste of money – what happened to doing face-to-face business with video conferencing via super fast broadband (or yes, we don’t have that up here either!) Perhaps the north will simply become a dorma region for those working in London.

Peter Lindley

Do not hold your breath whilst waiting – if they were really serious about the “ Northern Powerhouse” alternative investment instead of vanity programmes would already 
be in place with a view to growth.

Greg Pearce

Make flights to London cheaper and build better links to LBA, it would cost a lot less than this.

John Grogan, via website

Sixteen years away! Pathetic, and HS3 not in most people’s lifetime.

It must make the Chinese laugh, they can plan and build an entire city in three years. They suggest we can’t afford to do it all at once, but watch the escalating cost at a time of zero interest rates.

It’s a no brainer, get on with it, create jobs and efficiency. Why stall?

duckweed, via website

We have waited for 30 years to have line electrified and new rolling stock promised when they privatised the railways.

What we need more is fast trains to Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool which this loop won’t give us.

It would have been better if they had left it at Meadowhall link and less disruptive.

Meadowhall is in Sheffield and has more room for expanding businesses and new investment than the city centre.

Makes you think it is Sheffield Council is too lazy to go to Meadowhall.

There is new super factory near there. It serves the Rotherham area as well and is an area that still needs more jobs despite the Meadowhall complex so why is this strange obsession with removing business from Meadowhall as if it didn’t contribute to Sheffield’s economy?

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