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My vote goes to Gareth Southgate

Harry Brooke, Meanwood

With the resignation of David Davis, surely Theresa May’s days at No 10 are numbered.

The country needs a cool head, someone whom the public can admire, emulate and look up to in these times of need. A strong leader who has proven managerial and diplomatic skills, who is media-savvy and sartorially elegant.

Gareth Southgate gets my vote!

Time to give people of Leeds a proper service

Peter Haddington, Bradford.

What a surprise to hear that it has been revealed that cash strapped Leeds City Council owns an art collection worth over £171 million, whilst this alleged hard up organisation have continually increased council tax and reduced public spending because money has been tight due to Government funding cuts.

I use the word surprise because it maybe to some people, but not to me, because I have never believed for a minute that they are cash strapped, despite them continually telling the people of Leeds for years that they are, and I have always believed it has been conveniently used as an excuse to the public to avoid spending money.Fortunes of public money has been wasted on failed transport systems and proposed pollution charges would rake in lots more money for them. A leading councillor recently said that they want to make Leeds a fairer city. So if all these treasures were auctioned off and the proceeds divided equally between the taxpayers of Leeds as a form of reinbursement for all the millions of pounds of public money that seem wasted wouldn’t that be fair?

Now that it’s been disclosed that Leeds City Council are not as cash strapped as they would like people to believe, isn’t it time for them to start giving the people of Leeds a proper service for the fortunes that they have raked in over the years at the taxpayers’ expense?

Time for a people’s vote

Anthony Gledhill, Roundhay.

In response to your recent article on the Government’s Brexit proposals, enough is enough.

The Government has finally published a plan which it admits could well be rejected by the EU leaving us out of the EU with no deal.

Although we now have this Brexit plan, the Government is in turmoil, David Davis has resigned over his own Ministry’s plan and Jacob Rees Mogg and his team have said they will vote it down. What an absolute mess.We also hear much criticism of President Trump, justified or not, this criticism burns bridges with America and makes a trade deal with them less likely. We are a trading nation. We need to decide who we will trade with.

The British people should not have to put up with this fiasco. The time has come for the British people to have their say in a people’s vote on the Brexit deal, before we leave the EU on March 29, 2019 with no deal. After that it will just be too late. This time the debate will be informed by the facts and an informed choice can be made by the people in a people’s vote.

Breaching rules of democracy

Mr L Brook, Rothwell

This Government has breached the rules of democracy. We were offered a vote with two options only, to Leave or Remain in the EU.

There was no mention of amending their rules, compromising, or making any other changes. The vote was not a party vote, not a constituency vote, but a vote for all the people. The vote was a majority to leave. The meaning could not be clearer. No member of parliament had any right to interfere because their individual beliefs had been overruled, Instead we have suffered the indignity of accusations by the “losers” that we did not understand what we were voting for and our political representatives have steadily started to negotiate as many ways as possible to remaining under Brussels control, and in some cases requesting another vote!

The EU has been steadily moving from a trading organisation to complete political, trading and legal control of all member countries, their next step being to have a European army as we become a single state of the united states of Europe. So, I did know exactly what I was voting for. The subsequent behaviour of this Government is an insult to our intelligence and in direct disobedience of the democratic vote.

We should have made immediate arrangements to leave with no payments or commitments irrespective of whatever consequences the EU would undoubtedly attempt to impose. Yes, we would have to make new deals with other countries and yes, we will have to return to UK legal, order and migration rules. If we are incapable of running our own country than we are without hope. For all the EU bluster, they will also suffer greatly and it will just add to their ever increasing problems because their long term future of totally running 27 countries with a single set of rules is impossible to achieve.

There are many countries outside the EU who seem to be able to rule themselves and trade with other countries both in and out of the EU, so what are we afraid of?

Waste tip permit problem

Jane Dargan, by email

I agree with David Speight ‘Permits could mean more fly tipping’, (YEP Letters July 4), where is common sense? We want people to visit the tip, so why complicate it?

A permit will cost money to print, someone to oversee it beforehand and someone to check it at the tip and that is probably only part of the costs.

Fly tipping will increase. More cost. My charges go up and up yet the council seem determined to spend willy nilly. I could go on and on. I must mention the flooding problems. The council have another grandiose scheme but when were the grates last cleaned?

I have not seen this done in years and yet it was a common sight when I was young.

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