YEP letters: July 1

Undated Handout Photo of smoke. New car emissions are lower than ever. See PA Feature MOTORING Motoring Column. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Handout. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature MOTORING Motoring Column.
Undated Handout Photo of smoke. New car emissions are lower than ever. See PA Feature MOTORING Motoring Column. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Handout. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature MOTORING Motoring Column.
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Parents who leave their car engines running while on the school run should face fines as part of a drive to cut air pollution, new guidance suggests. Proposals from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) and Public Health England (PHE) say “no-idling zones” should be brought in outside schools, hospitals and care homes in a bid to protect vulnerable people from fumes. Westminster City Council is one of those to already have introduced no-idling zones, with officers able to issue motorists with an £80 Penalty Charge Notice if they leave their engines idling when they park up. According to the council, a car idling for one minute produces enough exhaust emissions containing harmful chemicals to fill 150 balloons. Nice and PHE say the move would help protect those who are most at risk from air pollution, including children aged 14 and under, people aged 65 and over and those with conditions such as asthma or heart problems. The guidance says bylaws could be introduced as a way to enforce no idling.

Dave Wrighton

The government after more money.

Stuart Wright

It will cost more to police it. Stupid idea.

Matt Birch

So you bake your dog and small child that’s waiting in the car with you because your aircon is now off.

Damian Barrett

Too many cars outside schools because of bone idle parents who park wherever they want and as close as possible to the school.

James Anthony Scully

Yep, where I live in Morley there is a primary school and I’m in constant battle with them blocking my drive, they are hell bent on parking as close as they can.

Adam Green

They should be fined for doing the school run in their pyjamas.

Philip Harrison

Make them walk to school, problem solved.

Pat Shaw

I said that (they should walk to school) but it was rightly pointed out children go to school quite a few miles away from home.

When I was young we went to the nearest school, whereas now that’s not guaranteed.

Miranda Leach

Yet approval for plans to build an incinerator within yards of a school and in a valley, and then the toxic plume drifts down the valley and pollutes the air for 100s of school children and people with breathing problems, was passed?

Darren Sally Cameron Brushwood

It’s called quitting and police can fine you now, but never do.

Richard Lodge

What about all the knackered old buses on Sovereign Street every morning for the Capita shuttles and all the taxis sat on Lower Briggate chugging away?

Rachel Hemmins

If they are powerless to deal with inappropriate parking outside schools how would this be dealt with?

Karlo Ispan

To be honest I thought it was already illegal to idle for over two minutes.

Ras-Levi Bassett-Williamson

Hopefully it would put off the lazy morons who drive a third of a mile to school then get road rage because there’s another 50 people doing the same.

Adam Jordan

I think government should be chauffeur driven in electric cars rather than a 3litre jaguar to cut pollution, how about that?

Mike Harrington

And who would police that? There’s no one to stop dangerous parking around school, let alone this.

David Watson

They can’t manage to enforce the rule already in existence, let alone creating more rules.

Every morning outside every school in the country, parents park on school zig zags, double yellows, across driveways, all the way around junctions, double park etc etc etc and nothing is done about the flagrant disregard for the safety of children. Suddenly because it’s ‘environmental’ they’re going to find the staff and willingness to enforce? Yeah, right, until the next round of budget cuts.

Christopher Ledger

Cash coming into it again, never mind about the safety of steamed up windows, a few quid is much more important.

Gary Peters Anne Peters

Don’t say nothing about the hundreds of cigarettes burning outside the school doors and gates.

Gordon Lander

Cigarettes produce nothing like the pollution that is emitted from motor vehicles. Find a proper place to park and turn the engine off!

Bill Palfreman

Trivial amount of fumes. Buses and taxis are where the pollution comes from.

Mark Laidler

They can’t even enforce parking regulations around schools never mind this, who comes up with these ideas? They need sacking.

Arron Maguire Henderson

Just another money earner for the government once again.

Sara Holmes

Quite right, how about walking.

Debbie Davis

While fuel companies continue to sell inferior products and count the profits.

John Harvey

makes me happy. I’m sick and tired of parents turning up 45 mins before the sprogs come out and sit there with engine on (summer and winter) just sat there on their phones.

Philip Stogden

Parents should walk to school if it is in walking distance.

Stephen Morton

You can’t even get them to stop parking on zig zag and double yellow lines at schools so you got no chance of them taking notice of turning their engines off.

Brendon Bremner Sullivan

Make kids walk.

Too many are lazy now and parents drive everywhere, but yeah turn engines off save yourself fuel.

Andy Dennis

If people cared enough and had conscience and care for the environment and their children, they should be able to enforce this.