YEP Letters: January 29

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I read with interest your story about Elite Parking on Whitehall Road being closed. I used to park there several days every week as I am slightly disabled and find it difficult to walk the half mile to my nearest bus stop.

The price was reasonable and it’s close to work which helps me retain my independence.

Few will doubt that Leeds City Council are in the right legally in terms of the car park having no planning permission, but there are many other factors at play which give rise to annoyance, if not anger, on the part of those who are going to lose their parking facilities. Public transport in Leeds is abysmal, with trains serving a tiny minority of the city and buses being unreliable, largely nonexistent away from main roads in my area, and sadly plagued by antisocial behaviour and all too frequently people who really need to wash their clothes! The misconceived “this or nothing” trolleybus will do nothing to help the situation.

Then we come to the darker side of things. Not a single day goes by without a story in the YEP exposing the perpetual, vindictive war on motorists which seems to obsess our city council. More cash-making cameras to punish drivers for the slightest transgression, extra parking charges, double yellow lines springing up everywhere, the list goes on.

Whilst the council clearly has enormous savings to find, it is difficult to set aside the suspicion that the filling of more expensive car parks as a by-product of throttling capacity elsewhere plays a significant part in their strategy.

Chris Sharp, The Garth, Leeds.

No harm in using land for car park

When the economy picks up no doubt the land will sell and be used for yet more offices and apartments. Until then there really is no harm being done by the using the land for parking. All the other car parks are full to bursting so could hardly cry foul on the basis of lost trade. A bit of common sense and compassion for those who have no choice but to drive to work wouldn’t go amiss. I do wonder what the council think they’re doing these days; it’s about time they started being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Jenny Trent, Pudsey

Use ‘Phyllis’ for twin tunnels

THE BORING of the first section of the 26 miles of new ‘CrossRail’ tunnel under central London was completed late in 2013 when machine ‘Phyllis’ completed the four miles from Royal Oak to Farringdon in 17 months. Seven other machines remain hard at work and in all 13 miles of tunnels have been bored. So ‘Phyllis’ might be unemployed. I suggest that she be brought to West Yorkshire and used to construct twin tunnels in central Leeds for our own ‘CrossRail’ network and later be used to tunnel under Bradford to create a direct link between the two Bradford stations.

I’ve described how our own ‘Crossrail’ network could look many times. Going underground allows for direct, large scale access for large passenger numbers to reach major traffic objectives. It is so obviously the way forward so why, Councillor Lewis, do you dismiss what every other major aspiring city in Europe, if not worldwide, aims for? Cost a ‘CrossRail’ metro system please so that we can have a system worth our status... and keep ‘Phyllis’ occupied. At present the poor thing’s probably... bored. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

James Bovington, Church Grove, Horsforth

Corrie story line brilliantly told

YOUR CORRESPONDENTS R Kimble and T Maunder have noticed the Coronation Street’s cancer storyline has been done once before in Emmerdale. Really? Over the years such a storyline will have figured in many thousands of productions worldwide. Films and TV have been with us so long that there are scarcely any new storylines left.

The Emmerdale version was good, but not in the same league as the Corrie version, which ran for several weeks and most certainly was unique in so far as the writing and acting were done sympathetically, with low-key restraint, realism and sheer brilliance. Rarely has such a story been told so well.

I speak with an element of experience, being a writer of 22 published novels as well as being a cancer survivor. I recommend Messrs Kimble and Maunder restrict themselves to critiques of Big Brother and the Jeremy Kyle show.

Ken McCoy, by email

Ask Bradford about trolleybus

A FEW thoughts of my own on the proposed Leeds trolleybus situation which I personally think will be a complete waste of money, as will HS2. My question is this: many years ago in my younger days Bradford’s transport situation was entirely by trolleybus but then they were withdrawn and replaced with conventional buses.

Has anyone in Leeds thought to ask Bradford why, for there is obviously a problem somewhere?

Dennis Lemmon, Broadway, Leeds

Cricket out, and more sports in

ALAN FREEMAN, with commendable courtesy (YEP, January 20), asks me to explain my proposal to discontinue the Rhinos and Yorkshire CC pitches. I am an ardent, passive supporter of both causes and regard cricket (having never played) as the greatest game ever devised – along with chess.

But cricket is sparsely supported, and then only on some 50 days per year, including cup competitions and the increasingly rare Test matches, even allowing for stopped play. Our city’s historical association with cricket fosters its image and reputation. But what else?

We lose a potential multi-use sports venue, athletics, basketball, ice skating, boxing, football and, yes, rugby.

Also a venue for music performances. The seating, shape, location, stands, lights and facilities are all there. It only needs a roof on Western Terrace.

If, as Alan reminds us, Rhinos own it, then they’ll have gold-plated hides and silver horns!

Paul Kilroy, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds

Less talk, more conversation

I AM watching the Rennard story develop. Have you noticed how Clegg’s beliefs are always “strong” when questioned? How procedures in political parties and organisations like the NHS and police are always “robust” these days? How PMQs are always an “important issue”? How lessons are always being learned? How TV news presenters are always giving us a “sense of” every issue? Finally, how people don’t talk to each other anymore, they “have conversations”. Like, amazing.

T Maunder, by email

Poor image for Tour visitors

CARE HOMES are being closed down in large numbers due to council expenditure cuts. The pavements where I live are covered in dog faeces and one young mother I spoke to this morning, as she and her children dodged piles of the stuff on the way to school, said what a horrible sight and danger it was. Is this the image visitors to the Tour De France will see?

Little seems to be done by the council despite numerous letters and emails and I’m sure the problem is not limited to estates in Leeds. Huge amounts of money will no doubt be spent on social occasions and councillors during the Tour De France which we are told is not available for social care? Also, last week I saw an item on Calendar in which a Sheffield councillor was liaising with – and therefore spending money on – those Parkour dancers to see how they might fund these activities.

Beggars belief, really. Do any of these people know what the word “priority” means?

R Kimble, by email

Jayne Dawson

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