YEP Letters: January 24

Have your say

I write regarding the flurry of letters in the YEP recently on the issue of NGT and how Councillors voted in the last Council meeting and indeed why.

Whilst, as a Headingley Councillor, I fully understand and appreciate that NGT has raised many issues of concern for local residents in the area I also see the need to quickly address these issues and concerns via a Public Inquiry. The vote taken by members of Council, as reiterated by Cllr James Lewis in the YEP recently, was to do just 

I must say that enabling a Public Inquiry on the matter did indeed influence my vote. The people of Headingley with outstanding concerns certainly need it as an Inquiry is the only way many of the concerns around cost/benefit/impact will ever be properly, openly and fairly addressed.

My question to local people is this. Why didn’t my Liberal colleague, Martin Hamilton, follow Councillor Neil Walshaw and I in facilitating a Public Inquiry? One can assume he puts his personal desire to be re-elected above making a sensible and pragmatic ( but not necessarily popular) decision that those of us in political life are often faced with.

Councillor Janette Walker, Headingley Ward.

Lessons not learnt by MPs

WHAT IS it with Tory MPs and reality TV shows? First “I’m A Celebrity”, now “Splash”. I thought Cameron had had words with the previous incumbent on Celebrity 
about abandoning your constituents and so forth? Maybe lessons have not been learned? Or has someone realised the potential vote attraction in appearing on distinctly “lower order” TV shows when your political ratings are low?

Rather like obvious statements about benefit claimants and immigration as John Appleyard has recently pointed out.

Desperate indeed.

T MAUNDER, by email

Say no to false carbon taxation

DAVID CAMERON received a frosty response from the weather men for his comments on climate change. The Prime Minister said recently that he suspected that global warming was to blame for the recent storms that have battered the country. But the Met Office said the next day there was no evidence to support such assertions. I thought the term global warming had been dropped as it has lost all credibility, and has been replaced by climate change.

Is it global warming or climate change that caused the horrendous snow storms in America with the coldest temperatures for 60 years with winds coming from the Arctic, and the ship to be trapped in the ice in the Antarctic? The so called “save the planet taxes” are just a complete con. It’s time to put the fraudsters behind this massive swindle out of their misery once and for all. People everywhere must stand up and say no to false Carbon Taxation.

A Harvard university astrophysicist and geophysicist, Willie Soon, said he is embarrassed and puzzled by the shallow science that supports the proposition that the Earth faces a climate crisis caused by global warming. Professor Plimer, Professor of Geology and Earth Sciences at the University of Adelaide, stated that the idea of taking a single trace gas in the atmosphere, accusing it and finding it guilty of total responsibility for climate change is an absurdity.

Who do we believe, scientists with nothing to gain, or governments and their own paid scientists with everything to lose?

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” (George Orwell).


Interest rates are all wrong

SAVERS HAVE never had lower interest rates. Borrowers have never had higher interest rates. Why? I suppose it’s a manifestation of the Thatcher dream let the market decide.


Who deserves a knighthood ?

THERE SEEMS to be a lot of debate who does not deserve a knighthood, and tennis star Andy Murray’s name has come into the frame. Maybe we should set some facts about him alongside those relating to British soldiers.

Murray is very good at what he does; a British soldier is very good at what he does. Andy Murray competes against one man a short distance away from him; a British soldier competes against people he cannot see. When Murray steps onto his particular ”Field of Battle”, he wins or loses; when a British soldier steps onto the field of battle, he lives, loses limbs or dies.

When Andy Murray passes away, his legacy will be secured because he hit a ball in the right place; when a British soldier passes away his legacy will be secured 
by his family, his fellow soldiers and a pathetic Army pension.

Who would you give a knighthood to? A man who chooses to face tennis balls, or a man who chooses to face bullets? Andy Murray didn’t get a knighthood this time round, but maybe Alex Salmond will give him one of his own if Scotland achieves independence come September.


Taking action over pothole

I AM writing with regard to a pothole I hit in Guiseley on Saturday January 18. The pothole itself is possibly the biggest I have ever seen. At the time of writing it is 35” long, 20” wide and approximately 6-10” deep. It’s also located right next to an infant school so no doubt there will be considerably more accidents by Leeds City Council’s lack of maintenance.

My personal circumstances are that it’s going to cost me at least £250 for a new wheel, plus more than likely the cost of a new tyre (the current one was only three months old), tracking and wheel alignment which will take the repair cost to just short of £400.

I personally will be making a claim against the council for the damages to my car because it’s entirely unacceptable they can allow potholes to get this big and do nothing about it. I 
have been told that the council itself spends more money per year on traffic calming measures than actually maintaining the roads we drive. Drivers should be aware of this.

DAN HALL, by email

The day I saw Bobby in action

MANY YEARS ago I went to Yorkshire Amateurs to watch a charity match.

From London, and an Arsenal, fan I don’t think I 
had ever seen Bobby. “Which one’s Bobby Collins?” I asked some spectators. Deathly silence.

Suddenly in the middle 
of the field of mud, this 
small man got the ball, kept it on his toe end and 
slotted it into the net to the left.

A dozen heads turned to me and one said just casually “you just saw him”.

PETER KING, by email

Goal of century

EVERY letter published on Friday January 17 was dedicated to Bobby Collins. What a tribute to the wee general.

David Garbutt recalled the goal that Bobby scored from 35 yards, seeing the goalkeeper off his line. I was in the stand that day and I will never forget that goal.

Talk about goal of the month, this was goal of the century.

When Harry Secombe passed away Prince Charles said he was on of life’s “enhancers”.

You can add Bobby Collins and Roger Lloyd-Pack to the list.


I HAVE had my car smashed as it stood outside my house just before Christmas. Four lads had stolen a car, lost control, hit mine and both vehicles were write-offs. The lads ran off.

I lost £500 and had to buy another car, plus, my insurance cover will go up next time.

In the case of all the cars that are crushed because their owners don’t have the correct paperwork, why can’t they be given to people like me who are victims of car crime?

I am sure the insurance companies would not object.

Why is it that the innocent parties always have to pay?

MISS LINDA WOOD, King George Avenue, Leeds

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