YEP Letters: January 23

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I’d like to clarify some points in your article “Bin service shake-up planned across the city” (YEP, January 20) which is causing some confusion and consternation among residents.

We aren’t shaking up bin services – we’re merely formalising existing practice and ensuring our policies complement one another so residents understand how we collect their rubbish and recycling. We’re certainly not scrapping replacement bins or bins to new properties and damaged or broken bins will still be replaced.

We provide one bin to residents for each of the services they receive. If they need an extra bin, they will be provided if residents meet certain criteria. For example, if they are a large family. However it would undermine everyone’s efforts to reduce waste and recycle more if we were to simply deliver extra bins on demand.

Our crews can’t collect bins that are so heavy that they’ll cause them an injury or damage our vehicles. We tend to find that in these cases, bins are filled with rubble or soil, hazardous or contaminated materials. It’s not appropriate for these types of waste to be put in household bins. We provide other services for these types of waste to be disposed of properly and safely.

Missed bins are a great frustration for us and residents alike. Where crews can’t collect bins, for example due to access issues, we’ll identify resources needed to come back and collect bins within two days.

However, we won’t be able to return to collect one bin if it’s not been put out on time. Crews wouldn’t be able to complete their rounds if having to return to pick up individual bins out of the thousands they collect six days a week.

To make services run smoothly, we’d ask that people put their bins out by 7am on collection day and return it as soon as is practical once emptied, that the right materials are put in the correct bins and report bins if they are missed so we can take action.

Coun Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council executive member for the environment

Spending on immigrants

AS we get nearer to local elections and a very important general election I feel I must ask the questions many more like me are asking.

To start with when we go to live abroad what help do we get as foreign immigrants? When British people don’t work in this country they have numerous forms to fill in followed by many visits from various social workers, social security workers, and have to report for many interviews. This means spending a lot of money. Who provides this for immigrants?

As a born and bred Englishman I cannot understand how immigrants can travel to this country, spending a lot of money in the process, be provided with houses, weekly money and food, who provides?

Before you ask us to vote for you, please answer these questions, so we know you are not wasting our money and you are looking after us not strangers who have not put anything into this country.

LE Slack, Lingfield View, Leeds LS17

Soaps lacking in imagination

APROPOS THE letter about the “Hayley” story in Your Views (YEP, January 20). The actress has stated that this story is unique: it has already been done in Emmerdale.

No doubt the new cancer story in EastEnders will follow the same path as they all copy each other these days, so lacking in imagination are they.

Indeed, the Emmerdale story ended at about the time the actress announced she was leaving Corrie and the “Hayley” role (and the producers say a great deal of thought went into adopting this story!).

These stories are about viewing figures not awareness raising. So inaccurate are some of them that they do more harm than good.

R Kimble, by email

Bobby was a true gent

As a supporter since 1955 I will never forget going into the paper shop on my way to work, the headlines in big letters, “Leeds Snap Up Collins.”

I went to see you on Saturday against Swansea. What a great player Bobby, you scored on your debut. We will never see your like again, a true gent as well, not like today’s overpaid clowns. Thank you, Bobby, and god bless you.

And in reply to D Garbutt (YEP, January 17), Bobby Collins made his debut with Cliff Mitson and Ian Lawson.

Don Weston made his debut against Stoke on December 15th 1962. He scored a hat-trick.

John Scales, Shakespeare Lane, Leeds LS9

Talk of the Town name change

TO SETTLE an argument I am convinced that the former Moortown Corner House was called the Talk of the Town but was forced to change its name due to impending legal procedures.

Also I remember that at the height of fame of the Batley Variety Club, visiting performers (after performing) would carry out late variety performances at Moortown.

These included Cliff Richard, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones and Kathy Kirby.

Kathy Kirby’s boyfriend I believe used to live on Roundhay Road and she simply walked home after her performance.

Howard Mellor, Broomhill Drive, Leeds

School parking ordeal for locals

THE SUBJECT of inconsiderate/illegal parking near schools seems to be widespread.

The area of Ninelands Lane, Garforth, continues to be abused in spite of double and single lines and written signs. Ninelands Spur is an easy target, residents have access problems during term times.

The reversing onto pavements and onto driveways reached a climax on January 14 when a vehicle actually drove onto a neighbour’s lawn resulting in deep tyre tracks and flattened muddy tracks.

I hope the person responsible reads this; the resident of the bungalow is 89 years old.

E Fairbairn, Garforth

Clegg’s glib promises

AT LAST, West Yorkshire MPs and councils are highlighting the funding disparity between London and our region: most recently Barry Sheerman and George Mudie.

Right on cue, Mr Job Share himself has appeared several times, bringing glib promises and tinpot assurances from the ‘Big House’. This same Mr Clegg, remember, enacted a legal objection to our arena, yet was soon afterwards pictured enthusing about the Trinity Centre (why didn’t he object to this, as detracting from Meadowhall?) and through gritted teeth seeming to take credit for it!

I would rather have had Ronnie Biggs responsible for rail and postal services than this man as part-time Prime Minister.

Paul Kilroy, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds

Mum’s mincer

WITH REGARD to the letter from Denise Marsden (YEP, December 12) and the recipe for mincemeat, whilst I haven’t tried this yet – I may at some point if I can find the time – I do have my mother’s mincer.

This is just as Denise described, and we would screw it on to the big table in the scullery, and mum would mince up the remainder of the joint and make tasty rissoles with the addition of chopped onions, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and fried. I loved these.

So, if this lady would like the mincer it’s hers, although I rather think she will have to get something simpler and lighter –it weighs 2½ pounds so I won’t be posting it!

Mrs M Whitehead, Chapel Allerton

The Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth.

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