YEP Letters: January 22

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Surprise crash coincidence

M Myers, Selby

MY SON, a policeman in Plymouth, attended an accident involving two cars.

When asking one of the drivers his date of birth, my son discovered that the man was born on the same day as him, November 4, 1962.

When the other officer returned to the police car he told my son that he had the same birth date as the other driver, November 4, 1968.

All four had the same birthday. What are the odds of this happening?

Rail offer worth a pupils’ trip out

Olga Twist, Whinmoor

WHAT an opportunity the schools are missing out on.

The YEP is advertising train journeys for £10 (with the required vouchers), but not on certain dates. Presumably in the school holidays.

Some enterprising school could organise a class of 15 or 16 year-olds to go for a history or geography lesson. There are some lovely places to visit on the Northern Rail routes.

United at risk of steady slide down leagues

Nigel Heathcote, Leeds

IN response to Massimo Cellino’s disqualification from running Leeds United until April (YEP, January 20), my thoughts are that if it’s happened now it will happen again in the coming months.

Mr Cellino has stated he is here for the long term and that Leeds are a wealthy club.

If that’s the case, why no purchase of the ground? Why no experienced players signed? Why hasn’t the £11m from the sale of Ross McCormack been invested in players?

I seriously think he will sell players and will look to sell the club. And the only interested party will be GFH as nobody will invest while GFH hold a 25 per cent share.

I am dismayed at the lack of experienced signings, the lack of a man manager being appointed as our manager.

Massimo Cellino will not and cannot be our saviour and his two-year plan for Premiership football is a dream.

We are a one club city, the fourth largest in the UK. But instead of anticipating success we’re hanging on to our history in thinking we’re a good side.

My only hope is that a wealthy local supporter will buy us and install a good manager and buy the four quality, experienced players needed.

We have great away support but our home support is only average. Mr Cellino could give us a guaranteed lifeline in staying in the Championship by reducing ticket prices to £15 and filling the ground.

This will bring a mediocre atmosphere back to the level we used to have and attract players to us instead of joining our competitors.

Come on, Mr Cellino, give the fans the lift our club needs and we will get success again. But stay as you are and we will dwindle into the lower leagues.

Clarkson should run for mayor

Terry Allinson, Bardsey

WITH REFERENCE to the comments made by Jeremy Clarkson about the skyline of Leeds looking like New York (YEP, January 14), I read somewhere, not many years ago, that Jeremy thought he may go into politics.

I therefore suggest that he could be thinking of putting his name in the hat, if and when the chance came to become the Leeds mayor.

Furthermore, I think a loudmouth is the type required for the role and that we need a character such as ‘Clarkie’ to push London for our just desserts!

Kipling’s words worth recalling

A Stubbs, Bridlington

OLIVER CROSS rightly champions the writings of Rudyard Kipling with this year being the 150th anniversary of his birth (YEP, January 16).

Although remembered as a children’s writer, adults may recall that his poem If (a stirring call to manly virtue) was voted Britain’s favourite poem in 1995.

Through his poems Kipling accurately forecast the First World War, foretold the British Empire’s fall and exposed the roots of problems Britain suffers today.

Sadly, Kipling’s poems of warning were his least popular and were often rejected, mocked and ridiculed.

In the light of our current troubles we would do well to remember these extraordinary poems of insight.

Brassed off with nuisance calls

V Bedford, Pudsey

ERNEST LUNDY is fed up with cold callers (Your Feedback, January 15). Likewise, I got a call one evening.

I asked the caller where he had got my telephone number from. His answer was the electoral roll.

Since when have private telephone numbers been put on the electoral roll?

I am ex-directory and I am fed up with these calls.

Plea over gift of royal pictures

M Gilks, Guiseley and Harrogate Women’s Institute

A COUPLE of months ago a gentleman called at the Scout headquarters in Guiseley where we have our monthly meetings and handed two watercolour pictures to us.

These showed views of the local area and an inscription on the paintings referred to the wedding of HRH Princess Elizabeth in 1949.

Apparently, the gentleman who left the pictures had been clearing his mother’s house and came across the pictures and thought they would be of interest to Guiseley WI (which they are).

On the day of the meeting we did not get a proper chance to ask any details of the history of the pictures or thank him properly.

We would therefore be pleased if he could get in touch on 0113 250 1308.

Fond memories of school days

Mary Field, Cross Gates

Further to the letter about the flat at Coldcotes School (Your Feedback, January 15), the facts are quite true.

Children would be picked to stay in the flat, clean, cook and wash.

We had to pick a teacher for a meal, then another day you cooked for your parents.

I was one of 10 children and we were among the lucky ones because my mam taught us about that sort of thing.

We were also taught about saving money and I earned my money as a paper girl. They were good days, happy too.