YEP Letters: January 21

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COUNCILLOR J Lewis (YEP, January 8) should not be surprised that the Green group have u-turned and now oppose the trolleybus, as have most people, on learning details of the scheme.

We assumed it would provide reduction in congestion on the A660, and an effective park and ride service. How wrong we were! Even Labour councillors had to be ‘whipped’ to support this very costly but ineffective scheme.

The capacity of both the Bodington car park (850 spaces) and passengers carried per hour by the trolleybus (1,200 places, 800 of which are standing), are extremely low, since up to 3,000 cars come from outside the ring road via the A660, between 7am and 9am. The trolleybus starts at Holt Park, so in this peak time there would be little chance to board (full) vehicles further down the route, as required for students and Headingley residents. Moreover, the car park could be full by 8.15am making the service virtually redundant thereafter.

With only a few minutes potential time saving, in reality it will get few people out of their cars. Those returning at evening rush hour would have to fight for a place with a majority of passengers/students bound for stops before central Headingley, a further disincentive to use the service. Metro have publicly admitted that it is not a rapid transit system, it will make congestion worse and reduce and delay the bus services.

The trolleybus is an obsolete system with total inflexibility which, with the continued advance of bus and fuel technology, would never be extended to other links in the city. How can anyone, rationally, plan to spend vast sums of public money only to get further behind in technological progress?

Dr Sue Griffiths, Chair, Wood Lane Neighbourhood Residents’ Association, Headingley

Councillors should face cuts

Councils are forever cutting care homes, libraries etc and the cost of other things in our cities too but we never hear of councillors cutting their expenses or anything else.

If there are 30 councillors to a city you would think that in line with redundancies at local council offices that at least 10 councillors would have been made redundant. Plus, their expenses should be cut in line with the reduction in services that we are all having to endure.

Roger Watkinson, Oak Road, Leeds

Drag country out of the mire

I WRITE in reply to the letter from Mel Smart of Farsley (YEP, 15 January). He says George Osborne is going to cut pensioners’ bus passes and TV licences – fantastic! But let’s not forget the winter payments as well.

As far as bus passes go this should cut down on the lazy one-stop culture and speed up buses for those who pay top rate fares. If pensioners have to start paying again then 50p-£1 per journey would be a good start, with full fare remaining in the morning peak.

I honestly can’t wait for the next general election. My (X) will go straight into the Conservative candidate’s place. The sooner the Tories take full control of this weak and feeble country and drag it out of the mire Labour got it into the better! This country needs a strong government to lead it forward.

Nick Keer, Leeds

EU news not so impressive

HOW GOOD to hear another ‘good news bulletin’ from those Lib Dem MEPs, Mr McMillan-Scott and Ms Taylor, spreading the glad tidings on behalf of our unelected Euro bosses in Brussels.

Yes, I’m sure that now, with the threat of Dave’s ‘pledge’ of an in-out referendum having just a remote chance of happening, the EU propaganda machine can now be seen to be moving up a gear with, no doubt, plenty more to come. But thinking the numbers through, €2.3bn may sound impressive but when divided between 28 member states, the figure is a little less so. Also, if the UK didn’t have to pay the eye-watering sum of £53m per day to the EU, I’m pretty sure a UK government, of whatever hue, would be able to show the same largesse.

G Waite, by email

Water on tap

WHEN I read your “mouldy water” story (YEP, January 15th) I was left wondering why any business would pay someone to deliver water in bottles when perfectly wholesome water is available from a tap, and at a cost of just 1p for 5 litres, if you have a water meter.

It is dreadful to think how much energy is wasted delivering water in vans, when piped water is so readily available.

Alan Slomson, Grosvenor Park Gardens, Leeds

Fine time, apart from the fines

AWAKENING TO a fine morning with the sun streaming down on a very pleasant Beeston, there didn’t seem much wrong with the world other than my advancing years and the health problems that come with it, all manageable to date. That is to say until I turned on the radio. There to find that the motorist and car-hating barons of Leeds Council were bragging about the soon-to-be in operation new bus lanes and the millions they expect to make for council coffers from the poor beggars who happen to drive through them. The whole business smacks of feudal times when peasants were promised severe retribution and death or deportation for trespassing in the King’s game forests or taking a rabbit to feed the family.

This was followed by news that parents who had not had a family holiday for years have been fined nearly £1,000 for taking their children out of school in term time to have one. What a disgrace, as school records will inevitably reveal those who are consistent offenders, and those who are not. But as George Orwell’s Big Brother becomes more evident with each passing day, perhaps we should expect nothing different.

Then an announcement was made by the tax people who promise dire consequences to anyone that doesn’t send in their tax dossier, which is a bit like self-flagellation; and ends dramatically with a loud knocking on a door to indicate the arrival of the bailiffs. Would that they were as keen in dealing with those who avoid tax for any reason, including the employment of sharp lawyers and the use of overseas accounts. Which also leads one to wonder if and how much tax do the bonus-grabbing moguls of the banking industry pay on theirs?

But life still goes on and if by going about my daily chores, I can forget, if only for a while the things I and others disagree with, the sun still shines, and life will still be endurable. That is to say, unless Leeds United lose again on Saturday.

Ernest Lundy, by email

Lazy use of Americanisms

I KEEP hearing news and television presenters (including local programmes) using words like “incentivise” and “trialled”. These are Americanisms that lazy people use to avoid saying “provide an incentive to” or “a trial of this drug is taking place”, for example.

The other day I heard a head teacher say “staff will have to evidence me their progress” instead of “staff will have to provide me with evidence of their progress”. These shorthand words and phrases sound ugly and they are not necessary either.

Stop spoiling our language.

R Kimble, by email

Brave landlord

I AM writing to give my view on the ordeal of the Ship’s landlord Steve Lewis (YEP, January 9)

I think he did the right thing and he was very brave. The culprits deserved all they got and perhaps more, when they go out with the intention of harming good, hardworking people.

This landlord should not get into trouble at all for protecting himself and his property.

Jean Thornton, Church Street, Whitby