YEP Letters: January 2

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Hospitals’ A&E departments should be for Accident and Emergencies only but are being used by desperate patients who are unable to wait two or three weeks to see their own GP.

The present appointment system has been a disaster and should be scrapped.

Most of the alternatives to GP appointments are useless and dangerous with people trying to diagnose illnesses over the phone.

I heard a doctor on the radio say that he had scrapped the appointments at his GP practice and changed to open surgeries. Patients now turn up at the surgery, as we used to do in the sixties, and wait their turn in the waiting room and are all seen. He said it worked much better for everyone.

Some GP practices in Leeds are doing both open surgeries and appointments and are open five days a week and Saturday mornings.

Others open three days and two half-days and patients have to wait two to three weeks for an appointment.

Some even do home visits, while others insist if you are breathing, you can make it to the surgery if they are good enough to give you an appointment!

It’s time the Government stepped in and did something about it but they will be frightened it might cost them votes.

Terry Watson, Adel

Too many cops standing around

When I read of police chiefs complaining of cutbacks in their budgets I cannot help but ask why, in every investigation where someone is missing or abducted, we see dozens of police officers standing around or searching fields for the missing persons using a stick?

Why not have a volunteer force who would be on call to do something that only requires a minimum of training?

And while I’m at it, my blood boiled at the picture of 15 police and fire officers stood gazing at a lone sea lion who was 25 miles from the sea.

The Police Commissioners (whose jobs I hope vanish soon) could save lots of money by asking why we need huge numbers of personnel standing around or tramping over fields instead of chasing villains.

John Theobald, Garforth

Nowt left in the North

Paul Kilroy warns of a wasting of the North unless we secure guarantees for Leeds before the next election (Your Views, December 23).

I wouldn’t worry too much as there wouldn’t be many volunteers down south willing to pillage somewhere that’s got nowt.

No iron or steel foundries, tailoring, coal mining, brickworks or textiles, only empty offices and get rich quick luxury apartments.

Alex Gillies, Killingbeck