YEP Letters: January 2

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Best of Health Awards - Team of the Year 2013. Now that the dust has settled after the euphoria of the awards, I thought that you and perhaps Sovereign might like some feedback.

Winning their awards has meant so much to everyone in the team. Dr Sen in particular has used it to raise awareness of head and neck cancer and also in his strategic and committee roles to add weight to his urging that this team’s approach is the model to follow.

As if the award itself wasn’t enough, the judge’s special award is proving a real motivator for the winning team and also for staff we know in other areas.

New patients arriving to be given devastating news have the comfort and reassurance of knowing that they are in not only the best, but award-winning hands.

The benefits are spreading like ripples in a pond. You are doing so much good with these awards and I’m privileged to have had the opportunity to make a nomination.

Mrs Beryl Radford, Harecroft Road, Otley

We need a new model shop

I am writing to you on the behalf of all those who make plastic kits and those who build model railways. We have just lost our one and only model shop in Leeds city centre. The shop was in the Merrion Centre and was called The Model Zone. It was not a big shop.

In all the years we had five model shops. Bettus was our biggest which was in King Charles Street. Now they have all gone so I don’t know what the outcome will be.

Big city, big shops, but no model shops. So will somebody come in and help, who knows. Going Low is the nearest for me at Lofthouse Gate.

Liverpool has got a big shop, Hattons. Sheffield has got one called Rails of Sheffield, but we need one in Leeds to cater for us all.

Let’s hope by putting this letter in your paper somebody might just sit up and think.

John, Haigh Avenue, Rothwell

People can be inconsiderate

HAVING JUST walked from Lea Farm Drive, Leeds, LS5 to Broadway Co-op I would like to know where the sign is that says “Car Drivers Ignore All Pedestrians And Park Here” outside the Post Office/Chinese takeaway where there were five cars on the pavement this morning.

Having also counted 17 piles of dog mess along Lea Farm Row, across into Hawkswood Place and into Vesper Road, I would like to know where the sign is that says “Be A Threat To Children’s Health And Let Your Dog Defecate Here” as well.

A special mention should go to the dog lover who let his/her dog do this in the middle of the pavement by the bus stop opposite Lloyds Pharmacy.

Well done and a Happy 2014 to you Big Society members. Your lack of public spirit or conscience does you credit.

R Kimble, by email

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