YEP Letters: January 1

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The long running dispute between the Fire Brigade Union and the West Yorkshire Fire Authority should be quickly resolved in the New Year.

The protection of the pay and conditions of the fire workers proposed by the union are clearly those that will lead to the best protection of the public.

It is not in the public interest to have older and less fit fire workers involved in the frontline, nor is it in our interests for them to think that we will not properly look after them when they are older.

After all, they put their lives on the line and therefore deserve a generous settlement.

The fire authority should demand the Government gives them a larger grant to settle the dispute and if the Tories do not respond to ask the council tax payers to pay for a first class service.

John Frankland, Roundhay

Memories of Harry

I CAN easily recall my last visit to the ‘Mad House’ mentioned by H Ibbetson (Your Views, December 18).

It was a very cold day with snow on the ground, the time about 11.30am.

Sitting on a table bare footed with his feet on a radiator was Harry Bendon, a very popular character and entertainer around town.

Another time when on my way to Elland Road during the Revie era I called in the Peel Hotel on Boar Lane and there he was again, this time standing on a table and halfway through a song he broke off and when he saw me called out: “Get ‘em in son, a pint of bitter!” When I came back with it he said: “It’s a grand pint here!” to which I answered: “It always is when someone else gets ‘em in!”.

Jack Binns, Temple Newsam

Thanks Anita

I would like to thank Anita, Irene and the other volunteers from the Crossgates Good Neighbours Scheme who once again gave up their own Christmas Day to provide and serve Christmas dinner to members who would otherwise be on their own.

It is a pleasure to support them from the Members Improvements in the Community fund. The first year Anita’s family funded themselves. Wonderful people, thank you again.

Councillor Pauleen Grahame, Crossgates

Don’t take risks with river

THE River Aire is at flood level so think about what you are doing when you have had a few drinks.

No one would walk in the middle of the road but take stupid risks near the river. I fish it and it’s 100 per cent safe when you give it respect.

David Thornton, Gildersome