YEP Letters: February 8

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I’D LIKE to add my thoughts to some of those in the news over the past few months, about parents who take their children out of school in order to have holidays in term time.

Often those who comment are indignant about the holiday trade who, they allege, raise their prices during the school holiday period.

I see this subject from a more rational perspective and that is the prices charged during the summer peak are the realistic price for the holidays and the companies lower the price outside these periods to try to fill capacity off peak. It is the same as any other business in that prices are all down to supply and demand. We are going to see this soon with flowers over the Valentine’s Day period, seasonal food, off peak rail travel and many other trades.

If the holiday trade charged the same off peak prices all year round then many would go bust in a very short time. This peak time is where businesses make most of their profit and break even or make losses at periods off peak. These companies don’t owe the complainers a cheap holiday, so if the people who complain about the peak costs then they should accept life in the real world and choose holidays within their means.

I don’t have children to take on holiday, but know that many holidays I want are only available at peak times so accept the charged prices, whilst trying to find discounts on line. I have worked hard for over 40 years and am happy to see my taxes paying for the education of other children, however, I find it insulting to my hard work and taxes when parents remove children from schools and tuition that I pay for.

Ivan Kovacks, by email

Please get your facts right

I READ with great interest your article on the appointment of The First Bishop of Leeds (YEP, February 4) believing that I had been carried back in time to 1878 when in fact the 
first Bishop of Leeds was appointed, namely 
The Rt Revd Robert Cornthwaite.

Whilst I heartily congratulate The Rt Revd Nick Baines on his appointment, and wish him every blessing in it, his diocese is that of West Yorkshire and the Dales, not the Diocese of Leeds.

The Diocese of Leeds, with its Cathedral Church in Great George Street, currently awaits the appointment of its tenth bishop. For a number of years the YEP has spoken of the Anglican Bishop of Ripon and Leeds solely in the title of Bishop of Leeds; this is not 
only confusing but 

To some it may seem irrelevant or a minor detail yet were such incorrect reporting being made about, say, Starbucks and Costa Coffee, with names being interchanged, no doubt apologies would swiftly follow.

If you are going to report, please get the facts right.

Nicholas Hird BD MA (Revd Fr), Teddington Avenue, Dalton, Huddersfield

Security door needs fixing

AS A tenant in a block of high rise flats we receive letters from the council telling us to admit no one we don’t know into the flats.

Why then does it take the council two weeks to repair the security door which has been stuck in the open position for this length of time? Why haven’t the firm with the contract (who claim to have no parts) made the door operable manually?

Anyone can wander in off the street, including dogs and wildlife.

G Varley, Leeds

Bad manners on the phone

IT’S BAD enough getting phone calls from firms you don’t know, telling you that it’s about the accident in the car you know nothing about, but when you politely tell them they have phones the wrong person they don’t have the good manners to say ‘sorry to have disturbed you’.

They just put the phone down without saying a word.

Ignorant b’s.

Malcolm Shedlow, Moortown

A few words for Michael Gove

MICHAEL GOVE gave a speech today (February 3) about standards in education. I listened for five minutes. During that time he used the adjective “amazing” so many times I literally had to change channels. What breadth of vocabulary is that ?

R Kimble, Leeds

A poem all about Leeds


Oh Leeds United in trouble once again

The club that no one wants to buy

One of the most loyal supporters base

But who ever owns it wants to see it die.

My brother played football at school

But rugby was my game

He told me about John Charles

Who is now in the Hall of Fame.

He was the start of the revival

But the gentle giant left Elland Road

To further his career and wages

He plied his skills abroad.

Manny Cousins brought Don Revie

To play for us at the twilight of his days

It was the start of the glory team

And we still sing his praise.

First it was Bobby Collins

A little bundle of dynamite

Who ran all over the park

He was so proud to play for the Whites.

Then came the team to beat them all

Billy Bremner, John Giles, Mick Jones, Jack Charlton

Paul Reaney, Norman Hunter, Alan Clarke, Paul Madeley

Peter Lorrimer, Eddie Gray - they all stood tall.

I would like to think we could have another team like that

To bring some silverware to these loyal fans

History has a habit of recreating itself

We need to get a millionaire or two if we can!

Malcolm Cameron, Robin Hood

Is he living on another planet?

THE MORE I read from your reader Malcolm Nicholson the more I think he must be living on a different planet to me, either that or he’s myopic or rich.

If he is failing to see how this country is disintegrating under this disastrous Tory-led coalition then he’s myopic, if he just doesn’t care then he’s rich.

Honestly, after bringing this country to the point of economic collapse does Mr Nicholson really think bankers deserve their big bonuses? Does he think they’ve earned them through nervously chewing their pen as thousands were wiped off the stock exchange?

Or did they earn it when they picked up the telephone requesting the public to bail them out?

I also found his comments on being “curiously sentimental” about failed leaders interesting, what about how many of the Tory faithful emerged to honour the greatest scourge ever of Northern England, Margaret Thatcher.

Don’t bother pointing out all her good points, if there are any and to me there aren’t, because I’m not interested.

She devastated industry in this part of the country and threw thousands on the scrap heap, for me that’s enough to warrant the accolade “failed leader”.

Yes Mr Nicholson, envy is one of the seven deadly sins, so is greed.

M Haigh, Mowbray Court, Leeds

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