YEP Letters: February 7

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The YEP report (3rd February) into low levels of nursing staff in the Leeds Hospital Trust was both sad and hopeful.

Sad that the vulnerable, elderly and disabled people are being treated so appallingly but hopeful that the cash injection of £14m over the next three years may make improvements. That is if it is used properly or even materialises at all.

It also makes one grateful that the YEP is voicing the distress of many and making those responsible accountable for their failures.

Nursing understaffing and lack of care and compassion has been going on for a long time. There have been promises before so the one reported by the EP can be taken with some degree of cynicism.

It should not be used to swell the employment of more bureaucrats and administrators but to employ frontline nursing staff. Will it be ring fenced for this specific purpose? Please can the EP investigate and report?

Additional nursing staff should not come from agencies paid at inflated rates. Improved communication and coordination would also fund further front line staff. In spite of all the technology and record keeping the lack of coordination and communication is a major factor to poor care, unnecessary extended hospital stays, re-admissions and increased costs.

So thank you again EP and please make this issue one that does not go away and keep the Trust managers on their toes.

Malcolm Naylor, Grange View, Otley

Tackle nuisance neighbours

AFTER A lot of talk about cutting benefits, one area I have never heard mentioned is the nuisance neighbour who is claiming benefits.

Twice I have had problems in the Leeds area when two lots of neighbours who were on benefits, one on disability allowance, had all night parties. I contacted the authorities several times, but on both occasions Leeds City Council failed to sort out the problem. What is the point in writing to these people and the complainant (who is working and therefore subsidising their benefits), keeping a diary of events?

After months of going to work bleary-eyed after a few hours sleep you may have lost your job by the time the problem is sorted out.

Leeds City Council are good at enforcing things when money is involved but are not quite as focused when money is taken out of the equation. In my opinion the solution is to give these people one warning only and if the noise or whatever persists they should lose their entitlement to benefits.

It is no good stopping for a few weeks - it must stop permanently. Britain needs to lose its soft touch image and people who claim benefits should never be allowed to stop the working person from getting a good night’s sleep.

I am not having a go at people on benefits at all - just those who are a nuisance.

Peter Haddington, Eccleshill, Bradford

Taking jobs from honest people

REGARDING THE proposed scheme to have felons working as binmen, has Leeds Council lost its collective mind?

Either that, or the governor at Armley jail feels the need for more guests!

Just look at the results of such a scheme being approved.

They will take jobs from honest folk; convicted criminals will be given the opportunity to openly survey possible sites for future burglaries, rapes etc and those few offenders wishing to go straight will fall victim to the many temptations encountered on their rounds.

R Bates, Elmhurst Close, Leeds

Let family get on with their lives

I HAVE just been reading about Mr and Mrs Coulson and their three children.

Mr Coulson, who has given 22 years of his life for the country in the Army and just happened to marry a Canadian lady. They are a married couple setting up home with three children. Both are working. I cannot believe that Mrs Coulson and the children have been told they cannot stop in England.

Just look at all the immigrants coming over here from all over the world and being welcomed with open arms - homes, money, health services etc. But as Mrs Coulson is Canadian there is a problem?

I think the powers that be should forget the red tape and let this family get on with their lives. They are not taking from the country, they are working and paying taxes.

I wish Mr and Mrs Coulson good luck with the appeal.

Mr C W Allman, Wadlands Rise, Farsley

‘Letter boxing’ experience

THE LETTER from B Edwards (YEP, January 30) reminded me of my “letter boxing” experience on Dartmoor in 1973.

I was visiting friends in the area and we walked to the letter box at Duck’s Pool.

I had taken with me a stamped, self-addressed card. I put a short message on the card, used the postbox identification stamp and 
left the card in the box, 
hoping the next person to arrive at the box would take it home with them and post it back to me.

Six weeks later I received the card, which had been posted in Stevenage.

R Holder, Woodhill Crescent, Leeds

Where should the anglers go ?

WITH REFERENCE to Dennis Lemmon’s angling article (YEP, January 28) he says that rowers would be better off in the canal and canoeists would be better off on the river. So where do we anglers go?

In 40 odd years of fishing both the canal and river Aire between Kirkstall Abbey and Newlay I have only ever seen one person in a canoe on either. He was defeated trying to get up the weir at Newlay.

N M Duffy, Hawkswood Avenue, Kirkstall

Please support jump jet petition

READERS PLEASE support a new petition to bring back the Harrier Jump Jets as it is a disgrace seeing a British Aircraft Carrier sailing with no planes on its flight decks.

Please go to the Government’s e petitions web site then enter under petition search Harrier Jump Jets 2014 to view and sign the petition.

If you do not have internet access please try your local library.

Please spread the word.

F E Sharpe, Plymouth

I’m not envious of the bankers

WITH REGARD to Malcolm Nicholson’s latest contribution, I can understand why he votes for the Conservative Party if he does not think that rampant greed is wrong. No, I am not envious of bankers or anyone else for that matter.

Walt Emsley, Leeds 8

Cellino’s actions speak louder

THERE IS no need for Massimo Cellino to ask the Football League for approval under the fit and proper person’s test for football club ownership. His despicable actions over the past week have proved equivocally that he isn’t.

John Davey, Cross Gates

Had enough of the coalition?

WHO DOES Mr Nicholson think he is kidding in his latest letter?

He has the cheek to offer advice to Labour on how to win the 2015 general election, and comes out with the same old chestnuts criticising Ed Miliband.

It sounds to me as though even Mr Nicholson has had enough of this dreadful Tory-Lib Dem coalition but is afraid to admit it.

Kevin Jones, Hetton Road

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