YEP Letters: February 6

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Regarding the item on bin replacement by Aisha Iqbal and paragraph 3 encouraging people to reduce their household rubbish, I am an OAP and produce very little for the black bin. In fact, it would probably take me five or six months to fill it.

However, I get that much rubbish in the post to be able to fill my green bin every month. As the green bin gets so full and heavy I can’t push this bin up the drive. The bulk is paper – charity letters, catalogues and newspapers etc. The first two are the main problem.

Send a donation to a charity and they sell your address to other charities and then it means more letters. For example, last year at the end of April I received, in one week, 12 letters from different cancer charities and they all continue to send letters. Lots of charities send masses of address stick-ons, envelopes to use and Christmas cards – all good for the print companies and envelope makers. If you buy anything from a catalogue which I have to do because it’s hard for me to go shopping, it means more and more catalogues arriving. If you think I am exaggerating, the postal delivery people at Ireland Wood will tell you I really am a good postal customer.

The bin not mentioned in the article was the brown bin for garden waste. The contents must be the easiest to dispose of and if made into fertiliser, it makes good money. Yet they stop the brown bin for the winter months. The council must know the areas where this bin is used regularly so it is limited to collect, which it should be. As a city we really need the large waste disposal units that in turn could make a lot of money and lower costs to the taxpayer and benefit the city. The council should be firmer with the people who oppose these units and stop worrying about votes.

D Birch, Smithy Lane, Cookridge

I abstained on trolleybus votes

I must respond to the accusation from Councillor Janette Walker (Yorkshire Evening Post, Letters, January 24) that I don’t support a public enquiry into the trolleybus scheme.

For the record I have abstained on both votes put before the Council on the trolleybus issue (incidentally Coun Walker also abstained in the earlier vote in the summer but clearly has changed her position now). I abstained because as a member of the Plans Panel dealing with the scheme I have a quasi judicial role.

Panel members are expected to have an open mind and this becomes difficult if views are expressed in public, much like a court jury does not comment in a court case. Councillor Walker understands this because she has taken precisely the same position on planning applications that have come to the panel she serves on that relate to Headingley Ward. I have not criticised her for doing this.

The vote in Council in November was not a vote to call for a public inquiry which only the Government can call for and in any case was always going to happen for a scheme of this scale. For a scheme as controversial as this, of course I support a public inquiry, but the decision to hold one was one for the Government and not Leeds City Council.

The vote in Council was in fact a vote to progress the scheme by submitting it to Government. Had Coun Walker and a majority of her fellow councillors voted no (and the Labour Group hold the majority), the scheme would have been stopped there and then. They voted in favour and the scheme progresses. Put simply, Coun Walker voted for the scheme to progress.

Coun Martin Hamilton, Lib Dem, Headingley ward

Tories’ lack of compassion

THANK you Max Nottingham (Yorkshire Evening Post, Your views, January 25) for drawing attention to the Tory Party’s lack of compassion and common courtesy.

Because they have no personal experience of poverty and unemployment they insult people who are undergoing hardship and struggling to find work. Life is difficult enough – not everyone has a privileged background, inherited wealth and job security. Roll on 2015!

Pauline Brearley, Leeds

Listening to analogue radio

I WAS very pleased to read that the digital radio switchover has been postponed indefinitely, and that we will be able to listen to analogue radio for the long term future.

As well as enjoying listening to the analogue receivers, I also enjoy repairing/restoring them. This applies to the old valve radios as well as transistor types, a skill that I am very proud of. My late father once did this as an engineer, working for Marshall H Haywood at Headingley (now the MIND charity shop in St Michael’s Road) in the 1950s.

Mike Horne, Cockshott Lane, Leeds

Prostitution is essential

A RECENT letter condemned prostitution, the oldest profession in the world. For God’s sake, leave the girls alone. They provide an essential service.

It’s a pity the police have nothing better to do than ride around stopping people having their basic human right of sex. How is a man, perhaps old and unattractive, going to fulfil his needs? Do the anti-brigade think only young, handsome men are allowed? Or the rich man who can afford to pay big money?

Yes, sex is the most basic human right and what the current clampdown is doing is denying thousands of men theirs.

Leave the girls alone. Contrary to the myth that they are forced into prostitution or are all drug addicts, I have known lot of girls who do it because it is a damn good job, well paid and hours to suit!

Name and address withheld

Family hols in term time

REgarding YOUR full two page Deal Monster advert for holiday breaks (YEP, February 1), it is very eye catching until you check available dates for family breaks – no school holiday dates, yet your picture clearly shows two school age children.

Now I am sure I have read somewhere that the education authorities can fine parents if they take their children out of school during term time.

It seems so unfair that holiday companies can increase their prices during school holidays.

This really does need looking into.

Mrs J A Rayner, Westbourne Avenue, Garforth

Don’t deport the workers

I AM disgusted reading about the Coulson family. What’s wrong with this idiotic government?

Both these people are working and paying taxes and yet the powers that be have decided Mrs Coulson and her three children must be deported back to Canada.

But we are pleased in this country to welcome murderers, rapists, muggers and scroungers, give them houses to live in, money, free healthcare and anything else they think they may need.

Let’s get rid of and deport all the working people who help this country by paying in to the pot. This Government is a real joke.

It is about time the people of this country stood up for themselves. Enough is enough.

Let us welcome into this country good, honest, working people.

I wish the Coulsons the very best of luck with their appeal.

Mrs B Gillatt, Fearnville Close, Leeds

Not my letter

Please note I did not write the letter published entitled ‘Anger at loss of parking amid war on motorists’ dated January 29. I would appreciate it if you would print a retraction.

Chris Sharp, The Garth, Leeds