YEP Letters: February 26

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IT’S diabolical that Royal Park School is to be demolished when the Royal Park area are in desperate need of a community centre, especially with the influx of people coming into this country from abroad not able to speak our language.

Royal Park School is an ideal location to use for various classes - bringing unity into the Royal Park area.

I worked there for six years and it was so useful with classes being held there. Yes, a lot of repairs are needed to bring it up to standard. The council have been in consultations with people willing to take that in hand and make Royal Park School into a building properly repaired and up to a standard that will be so useful in the Royal Park area.

The council doesn’t need to demolish such a beautiful building - they are also not in need of the money that it would bring them of the size of the area the building takes up. To so many fighting for the building to be saved is and has been a terrible battle - the council are good at playing games and not taking any notice of what those living in that area want. They want the building saved for community projects, a place children can have a place to go to instead of causing problems on the streets.You just need to ask the police, that is the case.

Lyndis Stuttard, Cookridge

TV coverage was confusing

THE BBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics has been a joke. They have spread the various sports out over three TV channels but what they actually show bears no resemblance to the schedule shown in the listing magazines like the Radio Times.

More often than not they will be showing the exact same thing on two of the three channels.

Surely the point of having three channels is to show three different sports.

While the sports they fail to show on TV can be viewed on the Internet, what is the point is splashing out on a television if you have to view an inferior picture on a computer screen? The BBC is also obsessed with curling: yesterday I recorded the Mens’ 4x10km Cross Country skiing relay but half way through they switched to a womens’ curling match between Russia and Sweden so I didn’t get to see the outcome of the skiing. I’m starting to agree with the people who say we should bring back hanging!

Martin J Phillips, Tinshill Lane, Cookridge

Speaking up for the homeless

REGARDING the letter sent in about homeless people, I agree with every word Mr J Shedlow has said (Yorkshire Evening Post, February 11).

My son has been homeless for over six months through no fault of his own (marriage breakdown). He’s been sleeping rough in the car I bought to get him back to work. He lost his home, his job, his family, in fact he’s lost everything he worked for over 30 years as a beef boner with years of experience, but still no job.

Leeds City Council has done nothing to help after many visits, phone calls, etc. Plus this stupid way of bidding for a house, does a computer make a decision who gets a home?

My son has four sons plus a baby daughter. Some will move in with him when, if ever, he gets a house. It’s heart breaking to see a grown man crying. He needs help and support, his doctor is backing his case, what must he do to get a home for his son.

I am nearly 70 years of age and I’m still having to work to help pay off what my son owes me, it will be worth it if he finally gets a house. I’m disgusted with Leeds Council leaving this man out in the cold when there are council homes left stood empty. Why are they reserved for?

Name and Address Supplied

The long and short of it all

WELL, Max Webster, aren’t you the lucky one? Not only do you get a critical letter printed, you had it published twice in what looked like its entirety.

When I wrote about my mother’s vintage mincing machine in response to Denise Marsden’s letter (Yorkshire Evening Post, December 12), it was cut short very bluntly and I can’t understand why. Mrs Marsden must have thought me a very unpleasant person.

Marjorie Whitehead, Norfolk Mount, Chapel Allerton

Government curb on freedom

I WAS surprised to read Mrs J Thornton’s letter (YEP, February 21) regarding smoking in cars. Smoking in your own car is the same as smoking in your own home. It’s your choice.

I believe it’s just another way this government wants to take away your freedom of choice. In no way is someone smoking in their own vehicle going to affect you!

Robert Vollans, Winrose Drive, Leeds

Outrage over electioneering

SPEAKING AS an interested follower and occasional contributor to Your Views, I must say that I always thought that the subject matter of said column should be of local and national interest, anecdotal, amusing and thoughtful.

Imagine my disappointment on reading the blatant piece of electioneering from those two Lib/Dem Euro-desparados, McMillan-Smith and Taylor, telling us how we should vote in the May local elections.

I’m sure that their concerns of impending doom in the jobs market relate more to their own personal employment prospects than the rest of us.

G Waite, Leeds 11

Bankruptcy fear for EU

THE RECENT letter from the two Lib Dem MEPs headed “Stay in Europe, and stay in work” should have said Stay in Europe and stay bankrupt.

What these Europhiles conveniently forget is that being a member of the EU has been a one- way street for Britain. Not once in 32 years has Britain received more than it paid in. In total since 1979, Britain has paid about £229 billion.

It has received in benefits £143bn. The difference of £85bn at today’s exchange rate has been Britain’s subsidy to the ill thought out European project.

Gross interference from the dinosaurs in Brussels has made Europe the sick man of the world.

The red tape and pointless rules and regulations have ruined not just Britain’s economy but the rest of Europe’s as well.

British politicians have supported the EU, lied and deceived the British voters and signed away rights and freedoms and they have claimed that they wanted Britain to have influence in Europe.

This is nonsense. Britain has far less influence than it did 20 or 30 years ago.

Britain and the British have gained nothing from membership of the EU but it has cost us a great deal.

The truth is that the EU needs Britain far more than we need the EU.

We have had a trade deficit with EU countries ever since we joined.

We have an annual deficit with Germany of £3bn. We did more trade with the EU before we joined! We are doing far more business with countries outside Europe because gross meddling and interference from the Brussels Bonkers Brigade has ruined the economies of most of the EU countries. Britain would be much richer if we left the EU.

We would save a fortune and be free of thousands of pointless rules and regulations which only Britain adhere to anyway.

The only people who would lose would be the politicians for whom the British stage is too small and of course the passengers on the EU gravy train.

Terry Watson, Adel

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