YEP Letters: February 24

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FINALLY LEEDS Council decide to announce that Opera in the Park and the Party in the Park will probably have to be cancelled because of the expense of putting them on.

In 2011 when they decided to charge for the Opera in the Park, I, amongst many others suggested a straight fee of £5.00 across the board. There had been crowds of 50,000 attending regularly each year and even if only 40,000 came then that would realise £200,000 just for the Saturday.

Many people agreed readily that charging just a fiver would be very acceptable. But no, the council had to put a higher price on it and the attendances dropped very steeply. Once lost the people don’t come back.

Just think what sort of revenue could have been realised if the £5.00 entry fee had been introduced for both the Party in the Park and the Opera in the Park. Something like £400,000!

Those responsible should hang their heads in shame.

Bill Moore, Stanley, Wakefield

Wrong place for kids’ play area

I WAS very greatly saddened and so disappointed to hear that the campaigners who have worked with all their might to save the former Royal Park Primary School in Hyde Park, Leeds, have been greatly let down to have the building for good uses. I was a member of the South Headingley Community Association.

The campaigners should have been encouraged more by the Council and helped financially. These councils are too eager to pull good buildings down.

I certainly don’t think this area is the right place at all for a children’s play area, it is by a busy road and a pub.

This area had a school crossing warden because it was not safe. I think it would be better if the council helped with a new community building so plays, concerts, games and many other events could be enjoyed by all.

Shame on Leeds Council.

Mrs Jean Thornton, Church Street, Whitby

Too idle to pick litter off streets

HOW DO you know if the bin men have been if the streets are covered in litter? They never bend down to pick anything up that they drop because most of them are too fat, too old or too idle. Take note, LCC.

F Lennon, Heathcroft Vale, Leeds

It’s time to cut overseas aid

YOU WOULD think in these times of austerity the Government would divert some of the ridiculous amounts of money we send to overseas countries as aid and give to these people in the South West, who have been devastated with flooding.

Goodness knows, they need the money now and not in three months time. So come on Mr Cameron, put your money where your mouth is.

T Valentine, by email

Aid concert for storm victims

I HAVEN’T noticed any signs of pop stars or celebrities organising aid concerts for the flood and storm victims of Britain. Why?

If it had been certain foreign countries millions would have already been collected. Come on Elton, Adele, Lady Ga Ga, Rihanna and many others - get concerts arranged for the poor souls of this country.

Are you listening?

J Shedlow, Fir Tree Vale, Moortown

Store’s PCSO a waste of money

IT IS interesting to follow events in the YEP with regard to crime and Mr Burns-Williamson’s need for an extra 2.5 per cent to fund PCSO’s and the like.

I have long standing correspondence with West Yorkshire Police, asking why my, and the rest of Leeds Council taxpayers’ monies are “wasted” on the deployment of a PCSO who, it appears is permanently stationed in the foyer of ASDA at Owlcotes, Pudsey. Then, in a recent issue which made the front page of your paper, the report stated that Owlcotes was the biggest cause of shoplifting and theft from this particular centre.

Any attempts to ask West Yorkshire Police to justify these actions are met with bland excuses, and even ignoring one when you have the audacity to pose pertinent questions as to how your Council Tax is spent.

I do not mind paying for a service that provides me with some value, but why should I pay for what is tantamount to private security at a retail outlet, and then see how ineffective this “Officer” is when their presence obviously does nothing to reduce crime at the store?

Mark Hall, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey

St Aidan’s site a new washland

YOUR ARTICLE ‘Leeds villagers ‘sacrificed’ for £50m flood scheme’ (YEP, February 11), says plans for St Aidan’s to take flood water during heavy rainfall had never materialised; this is incorrect. In fact, the whole site is a new washland, specifically designed as a flood water storage system.

St Aidan’s receives flood water from the River Aire when water levels are high in the river. It has an engineered spillway, constructed in October 2012, which allows the river to flow onto the site when it reaches the height of the spillway. A sluice gate then lets water back into the river when flood levels have subsided.

In effect, the site acts as a big green sponge; thanks to its wet grassland, reed beds and lakes, it can hold six million cubic metres of water which, it has been suggested, could reduce the level of the river downstream by 400mm.

Darren Starkey, site manager, RSPB Aire Valley Reserves

Recession far from at an end

THE FORTHRIGHT statement made by the Archbishop of Westminster in respect of the plight of the poor in our nation under the present coalition regime has come at a very critical time.

It is only a few months since Pope Francis, in his inaugural Papal exhortation, also made a very telling point; in that if the rich do not share their wealth with the poor they are then in effect stealing from the poor.

There is no doubt that the worst economic recession of the last 100 years - triggered by the Banking crisis 2007/08 - is very far from even beginning to come to an end. The 28 member states of the moribund European Union, officially record over 27 million unemployed across the continent. Outside the EU, such as in Bosnia and Ukraine, widespread and violent civil disorder is seeing cities in flames. How much longer our own mass unemployment and brutalising austerity will go unchallenged is probably a matter of months than years.

Louis Kasatkin, by email

Calling foul on handbag thief

I THOUGHT I would write and tell you about our recent ordeal in Leeds. I regularly visit to watch Leeds United and last November I had booked flights and two nights at the Premier Inn, Claypit Lane to coincide with the Charlton game On Saturday February 15. I was obviously disappointed when the game was called off. We decided to fly over anyhow and enjoy a few relaxing days. On Monday morning we went for a late breakfast at the Stick and Twist Wetherspoons near the hotel. Whilst I was up at the bar ordering our food some kind person briefly sat behind my wife and helped themselves to the contents of her bag. A purse with some money and her mobile phone and driving license were stolen. Very sickening and frustrating that this is happening to visitors to Leeds and pub customers in broad daylight. Police are investigating but the feeling of being violated has caused my wife a lot of stress and ourselves a lot of inconvenience

Brian Stewart, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland

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