YEP Letters: February 18

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I was delighted to read the headlines “New bus move to replace trolley” (Yorkshire Evening Post, February 11).

First’s offer of state of the art eco-friendly buses are great news and ideal for Leeds.

It would bring us into the 21st century alongside London, a far better idea than the trolleybuses.

NGT should be called OGT – you have to be a certain age to remember trolleybuses and trams in England. Dave Alexander is right – it is old technology.

How would the wires have coped with the gales on Wednesday night?

Buses need to be reliable. How would buses run alongside the trolleybuses in Park Row or Boar Lane? There isn’t room. The roads are too narrow.

I hope that Metro accept the offer. It would be the ideal solution to Leeds’s traffic problems.

It will cost less than trolleybuses or the supertram. We mustn’t let this golden opportunity of an improved bus service for everybody pass us by.

If only Metro had held a full and proper consultation and listened to people instead of numerous promotions at our expense.

Miss P Johnson, Beeston

Navy’s battle to stay credible

THE RECENT letter regarding signing a petition to bring back the Harrier jump jet is puzzling.

These wonderful aircraft were sold to America for £112m after having a £600m refit!

Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich, chief of the US Navy’s supply corps embarrassed ministers who tried to cover up the sale by giving an interview in which he said the deal made sense because the aircraft had recently undergone a £600m refit at British taxpayers’ expense.

We also have warships lined up waiting to be turned into cans and razor blades although they have still years of life left after having millions spent on recent refits.

The scrapping of Ark Royal was irresponsible to say the least and we had the embarrassment of going to a Turkish scrapyard to scavenge a part for our only existing carrier Illustrious.

The head of the Royal Navy, Admiral Sir George Zambella, said the Navy faced the fight of our generation to stay credible.

He wants warships, submarines, fighter jets and Royal Marine boats.

In a private speech the First Sea Lord said: “Make the Royal Navy uncredible and we cease to be a first division player.”

If cuts have to be made, cut overseas aid and scrap 75 percent of the MOD, another bloated overstaffed quango and save billions.

Our problem is we are ruled by incompetent inexperienced career politicians who haven’t a clue about anything.

Terry Watson, Adel

‘Accountability’ over flooding

SMITH has pulled out of interviews today (February 9) about the flooding: is this what is known as “transparent accountability”?

When is someone going to act on behalf of those people in Somerset and get rid of him? After all, he could still pursue a lucrative career in The Simpsons.

We all know Pickles’ apology is more to do with the general election next year than being sorry – only a few days ago he was displaying supreme indifference after all.

He’s been told to apologise and also displace any government accountability onto Smith.

They are all accountable, pitiable and distasteful – then they wonder why nobody has any respect for them (particularly the cowardly Smith – no better than I remember him when I lived in Islington).

Dr Richard Kimble, by email

Lack of respect at cemetery

ON Tuesday February 4 2004 I visited my parents and my wife’s memorial plates at Lawnswood Cemetery, that’s what I had hoped to do, only to find my way blocked by a large car (nearly all nearby plates suffering the same fate).

On going to the remembrance/waiting room I noticed there were notices asking drivers to park in the car park across Otley Road, why weren’t notices placed at the entrance to the cemetery as well?

I returned the following day to be confronted by the same type of obstruction thus having to wait for the church service to finish before I could attend to my plates, whereupon I found the previous week’s flowers scattered and broken.

Surely some sort of guidance to visitors should have been in place to respect people’s places and feelings!

On trying to phone the council I was told electronically the number wasn’t recognised.

The council switchboard directed call resulted in the phone being disengaged after waiting a period of time. So much for caring people.

Peter M Lee, Carlton Rise, Pudsey

Reinstate NHS ‘Pop-In’ centres

IS IT just me, or do other readers find the announcements by the NHS highly irritating? I realise that you do get “time-wasters” clogging up A&E with minor problems, but the NHS are a source of money wasters too!

I was very satisfied with the help that the “Pop-In” centres gave me, especially the one on The Headrow, Leeds. After working overtime a few years ago, I felt quite poorly. So, when my shift finished I went straight to the clinic at The Light building.

They diagnosed me with a chest complaint, prescribed me with some antibiotics, and within a week or so I was fully recovered!

At that time it was imperative that I received treatment very quickly, as my local GP could not be contacted at that time.

In other words, these centres should not have closed, as they provided a useful service.

The NHS must have loads of money to waste on putting out condescending announcements, when that could be utilised on re-instating the “Pop-In” centres.

The other money wasters that put out stupid announcements/commercials include the DVLA (on occasions), HMRC & TV Licensing.

These people must be absolutely loaded with money, and yet they waste it on silly, making hidden threats. There should be an annual award to “Public Menace of the Year” to see who qualifies for it out of these organisations! They seem to be akin to that of the activities of the Witchfinder General (if you get what I mean?)

If someone owes these organisations tax, then why not contact them discreetly from the above establishment?

Mike Horne, Cockshott Lane, Leeds 12

We’ve missed Bill Roache

THE NEWS that Bill Roache has been found not guilty of all charges, and that he can now try to get his life back together after the trauma of this trial is fantastic.

And what of his accusers, do they just walk away without any charges brought against them for putting him through hell?

Best wishes Bill, and welcome back to Corrie, we have missed you.

M Meeson, Leeds

Council homes for the homeless

LEEDS CITY Council are complaining that they have two, three and four bedroom houses or flats available but can’t find takers. Probably due to high rents.

Why not put homeless people in and they will find this will give them confidence to get some work as they are settled with a roof over their heads.

It would be totally unacceptable to put immigrants in these properties as they would have to go on benefits.

Better the devil you know.

J Shedlow, Fir Tree Vale, Moortown

Kirkgate Market, Leeds

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