YEP Letters: February 14

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After years of treating Leeds people like second class citizens, providing them with unreliable, unpunctual and frequently changing bus services and repeated fare rises, whether the worldwide price of oil was rising or falling, First have now come up with a proposal for new super buses as an alternative to NGT.

Is it just me that thinks the only reason First has come up with this plan is because they see their monopoly over bus services in Leeds threatened?

The last time we saw such ‘big thinking’ from First was when they came up with FTRs - or Purple Slugs as they became known (not a compliment) - which they used to help undermine the planned Leeds Supertram scheme and get it cancelled.

FTR was, First suggested, text-speak for future and that it was the vehicle for tomorrow but your readers will probably remember FTR as a thing of the past often seen broken-down on the city’s streets, waiting for a tow. People who travelled on them will recall uncomfortable and tatty surroundings and slow and unreliable services.

The only consolation to this news is that given their concerns about NGT, if it does go ahead they presumably won’t be bidding to run it.

Maxine Watt, Beeston

Routemasters for the people

THE TRANSPORT firm First has come up with a proposal to replace the trolleybus scheme by introducing, amongst other ideas, the purchase of new Routemaster buses.

Leeds City Council received a large grant from government which was given because trolleybuses emit less city centre pollution than diesel buses. I believe the majority of the Leeds population would prefer Routemasters but the council would favour the trolleybuses. That’s democracy.

B R Perkins, by email

Too unreliable to run scheme

WHILE THE First Bus alternative to the Trolleybus scheme is an improvement, First Bus is the wrong company to operate such a scheme as they are unreliable when it comes to providing regular buses.

For example, one of the services along the Headingley corridor - the Number 6 - is supposed to run every 10 minutes but very often passengers are left standing at bus stops for up to half-an-hour then three buses come at once. At night it is even worse with buses regularly not turning up.

Martin J Phillips, Tinshill Lane, Cookridge

Council turns a blind eye again

I HAVE just read the headline regarding the proposed 70,000 houses to be built in Leeds.

To this I would also ask where is the employment being created?

I would like to point out that Leeds has over 20,000 outstanding planning applications not yet started. Add to this the 7,000 houses that are empty across this city many, in council ownership, which I find a disgrace.

We have heard the council complaining about not having the money to repair these houses but who was responsible for their decline in the first place and why has no action been taken before to remedy this situation?

While some regeneration has started why was this allowed to happen in the first place?

Added to this problem this council grants planning to any developer on any green sites they ask for without making the developers reclaim brown sites first.

The time has come to face the facts this is a problem which will come back and haunt this city for years to come: not enough school places, total gridlock in certain areas and a total lack of health cover.

This council has turned a blind eye to these problems instead of being proactive. It will wait until the problem has turned serious and then bleat we don’t have any money and it is we, the council taxpayers, who will have to put up with the ensuing chaos.

This council needs to get a spine and respect the council taxpayers.

Dave Paul, by email

Machine seen off motorway

WITH RESPECT I beg to differ with M J Phillips (YEP, February 11) when he says the British Channel tunnelling machine was buried within the completed tunnel somewhere under the Channel.

For many years as I travelled to the cross channel ferries, the machine he speaks of was situated off the M20 near the Folkestone rail terminal, with an amusing sign on it which read: “For Sale surplus to requirement, little used”.

Ernest Lundy, by email

Homes bring traffic chaos

I WAS both surprised and disappointed to see yet another planning application for the Calverley Lane area of Horsforth ie, the demolition and re-development of The Manor - this application seems to have been slipped in very quietly!

Although only a small proposal (10 houses) these in addition to the 400/500 on the former Sandoz site would just contribute further to the traffic chaos that will inevitably ensue and put further pressure on education and local services as any development will, of course, come with children and vehicles. Also this site is very close to the railway line. The Manor (formerly Stanhope) is a fine old Horsforth building which surely should be preserved.

Tricia Bartlett, Calverley

Brilliant NHS after collapse

ON TUESDAY morning at 8.30am I collapsed in the bathroom. My wife phoned 999 and the ambulance arrived very quickly.

I apparently collapsed again at home and in the ambulance but the paramedics got me to the LGI.

I needed further resuscitation there and had a pacemaker fitted and was in a bed on ward 18 by lunchtime feeling pretty normal.

Brilliant NHS!

Allan Ramsden, by email

Far too many city councillors

LEEDS City Council say we need to cut this, we need to cut that. Now we have council rent rises and council tax rises, but when are we going to hear the council has cut expenses and is to make some councillors redundant?

I am sure we do not need all the councillors in this city. I am sure we have too many. Like the Government does not need 600 plus MPs. The amount of the Government’s MPs is ridiculous. Leeds City Council has far too many councillors.

Roger Watkinson, Oak Road, Leeds

Prostitutes a pain in our area

I agree with the letter (YEP, February 6), sex is a basic human right for all. I also agree that some ‘girls’ do this because it is a well paid ‘job’.

But I do not agree that women such as myself should be the subject of disgusting comments and remarks because the said prostitutes choose to operate where we live. It would be interesting to know if the writer lives in an area where prostitution and all that goes with it occurs. We have a human right to be able to go about our daily lives without this kind of abuse.

Liz Goodwill, by email

Indifference was a disgrace

NEVER have I seem such an indifferent, sarcastic, uncaring, self-centred, denying piece of behaviour as Eric Pickles (and Chris Smith) displayed on ITV News on Thursday February 6 (6pm) when challenged about the dilatory nature of the Government towards the Somerset Levels and the people who live there. Disgraceful.

Dr Richard Kimble, Leeds

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